The Match of The Day running order for tonight has just been announced, so where does Newcastle v Arsenal feature?

An uplifting second half at St. James’ Park makes many fans question why the team didn’t have a go from the start, instead of the same old negative formation.

See for yourself as kicking off at 10.30pm on BBC1 later this Saturday night, there are seven matches in total.

The running order of matches as follows;

Tottenham v Leicester

Newcastle v Arsenal

Manchester City v West Brom

Southampton v Burnley

Stoke v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Sunderland

Aston Villa v Swansea

  • mick57

    Beaten again. Where’s the next point coming from?

  • Andy Wardle

    Look at that bloody coat man….

  • Double Carpet

    You must have been watching a different game. We had a go from the start, Arsenal then took control and we hgve two awful goals away through the usual horrific defending. Guess what, they’re a better team than us and in the first half we just played badly.
    In the 2nd half we played well, scored an excellent goal and could have had another, possibly a couple.
    But hey, let’s not give Carver any credit for the turn-round. That would be admitting weakness.
    If we’d been 2 up at HT, and then played like drains in the2nd half you’d have blamed him. So give him credit when the team plays better.
    No one is happy with the way things are, but the infantile need to continually blame Carver is pathetic. The best manager or coach in the world would struggle to do better with the sh!te he’s given to work with. 13 fit senior players, it’s a disgrace and there’s only one person to blame. Ashley and his twisted and flawed business model
    Previously Pardew was the easy scapegoat. He was apparently the worst manager we’ve ever had. Looks like he’s actually not that bad after all.

  • Double Carpet

    Mackems in a fortnight. They’re sh!te.

  • SGM

    “The same old negative formation” [email protected]
    Its one I’ve never seen before. 
    and its the only one available.

  • Jimmywayhay

    This is a defeat I can handle ,ok two poor goals to concede. Self inflicted errors , but you can’t fault the effort put in for the second half ,it proves average players can do ok ,if they play as a team and try 100% .That attitude shown in the second half will see us home to safety ,so come on lads keep it up.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM Oh, and why’s that, exactly – you [email protected]?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Double Carpet I give credit to 5 players who came out 2nd half and played like they could and wanted to. Once JC’s first half ‘tactics’ went out the window, we had a competitive display.
    Wasn’t he the bloke )Coach) who said he had something ‘up his sleeve’?  
    JC is PART of the problem, like it or not. And if you do believe the Ashley regime is to blame then what are you prepared to do about it?