Manchester United player Jonny Evans’ behaviour has been slated by an FA regulatory commission as ‘simply disgusting’.

Referring to the damning video evidence, the commission were clearly bemused that Manchester United and the player himself, were trying to defend Evans against the charge of spitting towards Papiss Cisse.

Many neutrals will believe that the actions of Manchester United were also simply disgusting in attempting to get the player off the charge, further bringing the game into disrepute.

Papiss Cisse was just as guilty when it comes to what he did nine days ago, but Jonny Evans has simply added to the blackening of his name, by not having the integrity to own up to doing something wrong.

Part of the FA Regulatory Commission statement read:

“The video evidence is crucial as without doubt it clearly shows what happened.

“The Regulatory Commission has been referred to Mr. Evans’ “intent” which in the opinion of Manchester United was not to spit at Mr. Cisse.

“Only one person knows his intent and that is Mr. Evans. The Regulatory Commission, with the best will in the world cannot, and certainly should not, guess at his intent.

“What is clear from the video clips is what actually happened.

“Mr. Evans had (and has) a duty of care, if spitting for whatever reason, not to direct the same in the general direction of an opponent, or indeed anyone else. The video clips clearly show that he failed in his duty of care.

“There may, in some quarters, be substantial sympathy for Mr. Evans, but the video evidence shows that he did what he did, and the ordinary man in the street will find his action to be simply disgusting and should not be allowed in any walk of life, let alone on any football field.

  • wor monga

    Definitely a little sly unseen action by Evans intended to incite
    Cisse into an angry reaction that would be seen by the referee…and end up with
    Cisse being sent off…that’s been the Man U style since way back, and usually
    ends up with them gaining an unfair advantage…

    that’s why his cronies all jumped in to his defence…they don’t
    see anything wrong in gaining the upper hand by fair means or foul…

    Unfortunately for all the noise made by the Manchester lobby…the
    FA could not simply bend over for them on this issue … because the cameras
    clearly showed the white player spitting first in the direction of the black
    one, and then assuming total innocence…

    …Meaning that anything less than a similar ban for Evans
    would have looked bad for football which is trying to show the world it’s attitude is to totally stamp out racism.

  • PeterRobson

    For the first time in a very long time, someone in a F.A. disciplinary position is actually telling it like it is !!

    All those who defended Evans´ actions can hang their heads in shame.

    Papisse Cisse was guilty of spitting, but at least he had the courage to own up to it and avoid the humiliation of being found out as a liar !!

    It might only be a moral victory, but a victory nonetheless !!!

    Perhaps in future people (pundits and inside the F.A.) will see just how much some clubs try to get away with !!!

    We normal people call it “Cheating” but I´m sure they have another word for it at Old Trafford !!!

  • toon tony

    Cisse should have punched the little mancuian [email protected] He might have got a shorter ban .!!!

  • jimblag

    Here here. I hope which ever teams supporters he returns against give him a hard time. He needs to be shown up for the squirmy, disgraceful liar that he is.

  • jimblag

    toon tony Don’t you know he’s irish? I think he’s from the same village as Andy Townsend and Leon Best.

  • toon tony

    If he wears that shirt he’s a mancuian. Ireland, the moon wherever.