Adding an extra layer of embarrassment from the Manchester United side of things, Louis Van Gaal has now claimed that Jonny Evans was just doing what comes naturally, when he spat at Papiss Cisse on Wednesday night.

After the pair got into a tangle, Cisse ended up on the floor and with Evan’s twisty face only a couple of feet above him, the Manchester Unite dplayer clearly spat at the Newcastle striker.

Yet amazingly, the Dutch manager has stated that his player didn’t realise he was spitting and it’s just a ‘natural’ thing for him to do.

Maybe in Holland this is the norm but in the UK this type of Tourettes isn’t very common.

So maybe when Jonny Evans gets the ban that is coming to him, he can use the time to get some therapy for his problem…

“As I’ve said in last night’s press conference, Jonny was not aware that he was spitting.

“It is a natural thing for a human being, it wasn’t his intention.”

Jonny would never do that…:

“I cannot imagine that Jonny Evans could do something like that and he has also said that.

“I believe him and so the matter is done. I think the FA  are very wise.”