Despite being found guilty and banned for six matches, the Jonny Evans’ list of apologists continues to grow.

We’d already heard from Louis Van Gaal and Paul Scholes amongst others, claiming Evans was a great bloke, definitely didn’t do it, would never do it blah blah blah.

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How Helen Evans, his wife, has had her say and amazingly she also thinks her husband is a great bloke, who definitely didn’t do it, would never do it blah blah blah.

Helen Evans is also a presenter on MUTY (Manchester United TV) and this is what she had to say on air:

“Jonny didn’t even know he’d been spat back at until after the game when he watched the footage. People can believe what they want but that’s the truth.

“He spat on the floor and it was obviously near Cisse but unfortunately, that is just the way the camera angle saw it.

“It is a tricky situation but I have to say it, so it’s definitely not in his nature.”

Yes it is very unfortunate that the cameras were facing the pitch and saw Jonny Evan clearly spit on Papiss Cisse.

Evans was also very lucky he wasn’t found guilty of being a serial offender in just this one match.

The FA also reviewed footage of an earlier incident where Chris Smalling was very lucky to get away with a clear penalty incident as he sent Emmanuel Riviere tumbling to the ground.

An incident that didn’t involve Jonny Evans whatsoever, yet he felt obliged to go over and spit towards Riviere, though on this occasion it just missed the Newcastle player.

It is of course a load of nonsense when those with something to lose (his manager, wife, mates) come out and say Evans isn’t the ‘type’ of person to do this.

Neither those of us watching on TV or the FA when reviewing footage, need to hear from ‘character’ witnesses as to his innocence.

We can clearly see what happened and  in most decent people’s opinion, Jonny Evans was in fact very lucky.

Firstly, for not being also found guilty of the incident with Riviere, where to me the intention was there once again but he was lucky his spit missed the target.

Secondly, that Evans got a lesser punishment than Cisse, despite having the cheek to repeatedly deny what he’d done despite overwhelming evidence, this further bringing the game into disrepute.

Arsene Wenger has also been having his say on the spitting debate and you can read that HERE.

  • Kev82

    The whole situation stinks. How can Evans effectively get the same punishment as Cisse? 1 – he instigated the incident and Cisse just retaliated. 2 – Cisse has took responsibility for his actions, whilst Evans and anyone associated with him still deny it despite all the evidence.
    I also find that 6 games is stupid, spitting at someone is disgusting but is it worse than a horrific tackle that seriously injured someone which would see 3 games, or is it worse than racial abuse or biting somebody which seen lesser punishment handed out to Terry & Suarez by the Premier League.

  • philrenner09

    So why did he also spit at Riviere when he was fouled and knocked down for the blatant penalty that was not given ? Liars

  • Smalley75

    Key quote here is the unbiased Mrs Evans saying ‘Jonny didn’t even know he’d been spat BACK at…’. Surely this is admission that he spat first? Aside from the 200 cameras in the ground showing it of course.

  • No Brainer

    Aren’y man u employees bringing the game into disrepute?

  • Munich Mag

    I wouldn’t like to be sitting at the same breakfast table as Evans and his missus, they must have some really strange eating habits.

    I reckon they took a look at the Hocklegate incident between Evans and Riviere too and took this into account when finding him guilty.

    2 spitting incidents in the same game involving the same player, is really somewhat bizarre ?

  • Munich Mag

    Smalley75 maybe the bloke goes into a trance of some sort when he enters the pitch, because I tell you one thing I would have noticed when Cisse is standing 40cm’s away from me and gives it what for. How can ANYONE not notice that ?
    Maybe the FA needed to ask Fellini about it too because Cisse was telling him why he was going radgy and Fellini didn’t look like he was diswaiding Cisse of anything…and they boke talk French ….

  • wontbemissed

    Question should be does mrs evans spit or swallow or is she bot that type of woman.

  • Toonbadger

    Up Your`s Biatch

  • alreet

    So next time she gets slapped itll be because there was a fly near her face.
    Get a grip love. He spat near cisse. Puleese

  • Svein Ringvall

    Ja,ja. Nå går kona ut og forsvarer Evansgutten. Komikveld. Det verste er at han slapp unna med ei klyse tidligere i kampen..