Quite clearly Jonny Evans has been brought up the ‘Manchester United way’.

Deny everything, admit nothing.

Last night’s spitting incident was seen by hundreds of millions of football fans around the world.

With Jonny Evans getting into a tangle with Papiss Cisse and quite clearly spitting at the Newcastle striker, with Cisse responding in kind.

The incident is bad enough in itself and neither player comes out of it well.

However, then comes the next stage where the players, and clubs, have to deal with the consequences.

To his credit Papiss Cisse has instantly held his hands up and apologised for what he’s done, his admission ensuring a ban which is reported to be going to be as high as seven matches.

In his statement which you can read HERE, Cisse apologies to everybody, including to Jonny Evans for retaliating to the provocation. The Newcastle forward making special mention of watching kids, telling them what he did was wrong and that they shouldn’t copy him.

In contrast, Jonny Evans has made his own statement on the Official Manchester United website and which you can read below.

Evens denies everything and says he was shocked by the media coverage this morning. Obviously the tactic for player and club is what is the point of admitting it because once you do then a ban will be guaranteed. Instead the Manchester United defender thinks that even if there is only a minute chance he will get off with it, then it is worthwhile denying everything, no matter how ridiculous it makes himself and his club look.

No wonder people get sick of what they see as as the stereotypical Premier League football player and club, even when caught bang to rights on camera they still deny any wrongdoing. Plus able to rely on mates like Paul Scholes to say they are ‘not that type of person’, surely the most ridiculous defence of all when those watching on TV have just seen what Jonny Evans has done.

You would hope that any punishment for Evans would be double what Cisse gets for not coming clean after the fact, but no doubt with our luck and Manchester United’s sway, you wouldn’t be surprised to see him get away with it.

Jonny Evans:

“Having woken up this morning I am shocked to have seen the media coverage from last night’s match. I would like to make it clear that I did not spit at Papiss Cisse.

“I was totally unaware of any spitting incident and had assumed that the issue at the time was with the challenge and his attempted retaliation to the tackle from the floor. During the game Papiss Cisse and I spoke about the incident and it is clear by my reaction in the television footage that I was totally surprised by any suggestion of spitting.

“It is not in my character or in my nature to spit at anybody nor is it something I have ever done or would ever do. It is certainly not something that I did last night.”


  • Paul Patterson

    He’s an idiot!

  • tino o

    Both players a disgrace! Cisse a total idiot for retaliating in the way he did like we need our squad reduced again. They both deserve everything they get hopefully they will both get punished equally but I can’t see it fa will side with man utd it just gets worse every week for toon roll on the end of the season! !!

  • tonyshaw

    Typical Man U player. Whole team are brought up that way, disgraceful.

  • Brown Bottle

    Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes ?

  • Giimps

    Cisse only admits to retaliation and apologises for that, never mentions either him or Evans spitting, he could deny spitting at Evans in the same way Evans has denied it too……..it just hows how the Man ure players are taught that every other team and players are below them…..unfortunately though…..both Cisse and Evans will be banned for 6 games + , they have hundreds of millions worth of players to come on……we have ……Adam Armstrong  …..Thanks Mike

  • lupamac
  • lupamac

    the 22% who say only saw Cisse spit came from the home counties

  • prestondave

    tino o -roll on the end of the season so we can look forward to more of the same next season. Hooray.

  • tino o

    Agreed but the rest from it all and having to watch them is worth looking forward to