Jonny Evans has further disgraced himself and Manchester United.

Despite being found guilty after damning TV footage left nobody in anybody doubt as to his guilt, Jonny Evans still refuses to admit he did anything wrong.

Despite producing a load of meaningless character witnesses including his wife, former teammates and Manchester United club officials, the FA’s disciplinary panel slated Evans for his behaviour, which was reprehensive when he spat at Papiss Cisse.

The Newcastle striker was equally guilty for the spitting incident but at least showed some backbone by admitting he’d done worng, however Jonny Evans has continued to bring shame on himself and his club by continuing the pretence of innocence.

In his latest comments, Evans has dragged his parents into the debate, insisting if he’d been guilty of something he himself describes as ‘disgusting’ and ‘low and cheap’, he wouldn’t be able to face them.

You get the feeling that Evans must have been one of those annoying kids who when he misbehaved at school, would have his parents straight there claiming that their son would never do something like that, backing up their kid no matter what the teachers said.

Jonny Evans speaking to The Times:

“I did not have the intent to spit at an opponent, so when the FA charged me with that I could never accept it.

“To spit at anyone is one of the most disgusting things you can do, it is low and cheap. I would never think to spit at someone. You just look like an idiot.”

Meet the parents:

“I can totally understand there is an image around that, and in the British game and our society it’s not something that is accepted, and rightly so.

“But I was able to go home and look my mum and dad in the eye because if I’d genuinely spat at someone I think they would have been disgusted in me.”

Working on his problem:

“It’s not the background I come from in Northern Ireland. My mum and dad would have given me a rollicking if I had done that.

“In training this week I turned to spit and thought, ‘No, I can’t spit’ and tried to stop myself. So that’s something I’m trying to work on.”

  • philrenner09

    Wan-er an Shi-e club for not controlling there player

  • Larry Adler

    Just wished the FA had banned him for longer for not admitting it. He’s a total bell end.

  • Jarra MIck

    Epitomises the modern footballer, he has been told from being a child that everything he does is right and no matter what he does there will be a queue of people ready to defend him. Reminds me of Gerard beating that bloke up while his mates held him down. Damning cctv yet even the Scouse judge agreed he had done nothing wrong. So you can understand why these people can’t and wont accept the evidence of their own eyes. Football is a horrible horrible business populated by greedy greedy people who have no morals or thoughts for anyone but themselves followed by a multitude of idiots like us who are ready to believe whatever it is they tell us to believe. Good to get that off my chest!

  • Says a lot about his upbringing if his parents are backing him on this !

  • StephenBear

    Actually, I believe him.
    If you look at his reaction just
    after he spits, there is no move to defend himself as there would be from someone
    who had thrown a punch or deliberately spat at a person.Some players have the unfortunate habit of
    spitting with almost every other breath, and I think he was just having his
    regular spit which, understandably, was badly received by Cisse, as he happened
    to be in the line of fire.

  • Polarboy

    StephenBear No actually he does flinch and after having done something so sly and disgusting it could be argued that the ultimate goal thereafter was to get a reaction from Cisse to get him sent off and to not look guilty himself by preemptively guarding himself. I really don’t know how anyone who isn’t completely biased could watch the evidence and think he wasn’t guilty.

  • toon tony

    His parents should have slapped him harder. !!!

  • Greggy164

    StephenBear  Yeah I can understand what you say. At the time I could see two sides of the story. Of course he spat but only he knows what his intentions were. I posted that on here and was given a hard time of it. I was called an imbecile.

    I could see an arguement for Cisse’s case being worse. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. His intentions were clear. It wasn’t spontanious. Theres a couple of seconds between Evans spitting and then Cisses spit. If Cisses response was instinctive the very moment Evans spat Cisse would have reacted. Try and grab Evans or threw a punch. He doesnt. He let himself down the way he reacted.

    I also believe that these guys know when they are on the pitch they have numerous cameras watching them. They know that they can get away with nothing. Cisse could have let it be known Evans had spat. Let ref know, let the other players know and let his bench know.

    For me spitting is the most disrespectful thing that could happen on a pitch.

  • partworntyres

    filthy manc scumbag

  • Peaco

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much

  • pissed off mag

    hes got a father ?