Jonas Gutierrez has given an in-depth interview to Canal+ over in France, detailing just how badly he was dealt with by Newcastle United as he was fighhting testicular cancer.

Whilst he would clearly love to stay longer at St. James’ Park, it appears that Jonas accepts that he won’t get another contract from Mike Ashley, whether he is good enough or not for the first team squad.

Hence the big interview detailing exactly what went on in his dealings with Newcastle, exposing a total lack of empathy/sympathy from the Mike Ashley run club and minions such as Alan Pardew.

Here are a few snippets from a full translation that Neil Cameron at the Chronicle has had done from the Canal+ piece, you can read his full piece here.

Jonas Gutierrez:

“The post-surgery studies were good and well, I went back to England after being discharged.”

“I returned mid-November and at the beginning to mid-December the manager (Alan Pardew) said I should find myself another club, that it was best… I understand a lot of things about football that, well, that for the directors it is a business, no?

“It is clear that they look after the club’s interests, but I think in a situation like that, you need to consider other things, even more if you see I had been playing for five years before having this problem, I was always playing.”

Medical bills:

 “I never asked for anything. I paid for it (medical bills) because for me, the most important thing, as I told you, was my health.

“If they thought it was OK to do it that way, then it’s OK. I never asked for anything and that’s it. I wasn’t interested.”

The fans:

 “The people from Newcastle, the fans have behaved amazingly, when I go around the city they congratulate me and say I’m looking very well.

“Very emotive words that make you very proud when you hear them. People have been so concerned for me and they’ve sent me those messages.”

What next?:

“I know the situation here (at Newcastle) isn’t the easiest but I’m going to fight to remain here. Time will tell, what I can do, to give the best of me and see how far I can get.”

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  • Demented_Man

    I expect nothing better from this Scum Direct organisation masquerading as Newcastle Utd.

  • DownUnderMag

    Pretty disgraceful, but what more can you expect from the man who brought the country 0-hour contracts for his slave-labour workforce in his sweat-shop merchandise peddling high-street stores?!?!?!

  • MilitantGeordie

    By the looks of things Jonas wont be getting a new contract since he’s speaking out against the regime. A proper professional club would have stood by him every step of the way and give him all the support them possibly can. Our club sort of said ” oh you’ve got Cancer eh? well you’re no good to us like that.. on your bike son” It’s really f**king disgusting!

  • wor monga

    It looks like by speaking out…Jonas knows he isn’t going to
    be getting another contract, and just leaving any of the emotional health issues
    aside…what would be the sense in giving a lengthy contract to him when he’ll be
    over 32 (July this year), when he starts it…

    …He really looked in excellent shape when he came on, and it was
    great to see his recovery has turned out so well for him, but the club really
    needs to be building its attacking future by securing the likes of Aarons, Ayoze, Cabella
    , Sissoko, Armstrong (even Vuckic) and new young signings…not players over 32 …

    will very likely spend most of the next few years sitting on the bench.

  • v0ices

    wor monga lots of players have been excellent in the premier league even older than 32,  but even if Jonas was past it then the club should have been more concerned for him. Delighted the bloke seems to be in the clear.

  • Brown Bottle

    Yet more evidence of this disgraceful owner’s and his lickspittles’ ( Pardew/Charnley )callous disregard for fairness and decency to anyone threatening their ability to make a quid or two.

    Ball cancer you say….do one ! If there are more odious examples of people out there who are involved in the nation’s national sport I’ve yet to hear about it. All the smokescreen platitudes about respecting Gutierrez’s privacy was just another in a long,long string of lies these sub-humans seem to trot out with nauseating regularity. 

    50,000 + seem to like what’s going on though but. Depressing.

  • Hughie

    More evidence of the rank amateurism of NUFC, and the inability to manage people with competence. The player paid for his own treatment?– what about medical insurance, surely the club or Jonas had something? What about an employment tribunal Jonas– after Pardew’s alleged comments?  
    He has already shown since returning that he is light years ahead of the Anitas and Gouffrans at the club, even if 90 minutes might be a struggle in terms of current fitness.  Well worth another year at least, particularly in view of the paucity of playing resources at the club. If not then give him a testimonial and watch 50,000 turn up to give the buffoons in charge a clear message. This is where Carver should be stepping in if he is capable of recognising talent/experience–just what they need……………..

  • shadsdad

    At times like this you start to wonder -can things get any worse? At the end of the day the guys an employee and, surely, a club, company or any employer worth their salt would do all they reasonably could to look after him.
    After 60 years of supporting Newcastle through thin and thinner I see the exit gate looming larger by the minute.Perhaps the time has come to take a leaf out of .F.C. Uniteds or Wimbledons book and form a breakaway club run by genuine fans and upholding decent values.
      With our support, finance and rapid promotion through the leagues should be a shoo in.

  • magpie9

    Hughie  Testimonial a great idea even if he wouldn’t ask for proceeds give them to cancer research

  • magpie9

    wor monga  You sound like Ashley  Believe it or not there is more in the world than money & profit? Have you never heard of compassion & doing the right thing?

  • magpie9

    DownUnderMag  Also bought the club at a hospital bedside

  • toon tony

    Isaid it at the time, reading between the lines it showed the CLUB up for what they are Ashley, Pardew you’re scumbags, I don’t know how you can sleep at night.

  • Maximus Moose


  • Chemical Dave

    ……WOR monga…….

  • jimblag

    To be honest I wasn’t sure whether he could still cut it, but since he’s come back I think he’s been great and has shown class on the ball.
    When you have a top pro who wants to fight for his place, it should be rewarded if he can still perform on the pitch.
    This is up there with the most scandalous and cold hearted things Ashley has done and there have been a few.
    Ashley is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with football these days.
    Anyway, Jonas you’re a legend and I’m proud you play for Newcastle.

  • jimblag

    32 isn’t too old, There are plenty of players that continue past that age. It’s about quality, he still has it, at the very least as a squady.
    A dressing room needs experience too, he was with us in the Championship and knows what it takes to graft out results in England, he also knows about the ins and outs of our club and understands it, maybe he understands it too well and Ashley doesn’t like that.
    He should at least be offered some form of role at the club if his heart is still here.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    And once again, our very own city/regional newspaper has avoided this story like the plague.
    If ever confirmation was needed that the Chron has sold it’s soul then this has to be it.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Garbage. Aarons isn’t playing because of a never ending injury – all while he has publicly reported contract issues.
    Armstrong is never going to be PL standard. Vukic neither and that’s why he got punted up North.
    Ayoze, Sissoko and even Cabella will be shown the door if anyone offers decent money for them this Summer.

    Building is not, has never been, and will never be an Ashley strategy. You cannot build anything if everyone is up for sale at any given time.

    Jonas is worth another season even if just for his experience. As for the morality – that’s a given to most other human beings, other than people like you and Ashley.

    I despair at what that man is turning this Club into, and those who follow and support him.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    jimblag If you’ve survived Cancer, then a greedy megalomaniac football club owner isn’t going to keep you quiet.
    Jonas is simply stating what all right people know of this regime. JC and everyone else toeing the Ashley line ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Philippines

    Why did he chose to go to Argentina for treatment? Surely the NHS would have treated? I cannot believe that NUFC did not have medical insurance. In any case, the costs to Jonas would have been pennies. It would seem to be that he made the choice to go to argentina and pay the bills himself and as HE said, ‘I wasn’t interested’. i.e. in the money aspect.

    Regarding ‘told to leave’ there are thousands of players who have heard this at one time or another. It’s a man’s game, supposedly.

    By the way ‘minion’ means loyal servant. Why should Pardew be criticised for that? 

    This article is another example of the distorted crap that journalists love to turn out.

  • v0ices

    Philippines I imagine he went to Argentina to be close to his family, the cost to him is not the issue its the lack of compassion for a fellow human that shows how sick Ashley and his cronies are I include his PR supporters in that, anything for a penny.