John Carver has revealed that Mike Ashley visited the dressing room on Saturday and told him he’s ‘delighted’ with the job he’s doing.

The Newcastle Head Coach also claimed that he Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley are the same type of people – winners!

It is becoming painful to see just what lengths John Carver will go to as he tries to get the job long-term, for him the end totally justifies the means to get there.

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What he doesn’t seem to understand though is that sometimes by the time you get to where you want to be, you then find that the prize has become so tarnished by what has happened before, that what you’ve been prepared to do to ‘win’ was never worth it.

Mike Ashley doesn’t care that most Newcastle fans think he acting in a despicable way in his running of Newcastle United (never mind his dealings with other football clubs and 90% of his workers in the Ashley business empire…).

If John Carver continues in the way he is acting, when Mike Ashley sooner or later spits him out then the Newcastle Head Coach looks likely to find that many fans will find it hard to accept his grovelling behaviour to the person who is making mugs of us all, but especially Carver at the minute.

Yesterday brought quotes from Carver saying that Alan Shearer was totally wrong about Mike Ashley (which you can read HERE) and now we get this dressing room love-in below:

John Carver describes a visit by Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley to the dressing room after the Villa match:

“He (Ashley) came down with Lee (Charnley) and we had a discussion, which was good. He’s delighted with the way things are going.

“Without going into details it was a nice conversation, he was pleased and still feels like everybody else does that we needed to win that game.”

Carver, Charnley and Ashley are all ‘winners’:

“He understood what it meant, there was so much pressure  and he felt the pressure himself. We all did. That’s the type of people we (Carver, Charnley, Ashley) are. We’re winners – we want to win.

“To come down there and have a real nice positive conversation was great. I haven’t had many conversations with him, because he’s the owner and my job is the head coach, but when you do have such a conversation, and it is a nice conversation, it is pleasurable.”

Ashley has never lost it:

“He is kicking every ball and you can see that. When he came to the football club I saw that. When you get involved in football and you like football, then you have this drive and enthusiasm and he’s still got all that.”

Interesting that John Carver talks about what Mike Ashley was like when he arrived in 2007, seen as Carver left Newcastle in 2004 and didn’t return until 2011.

Never mind, at least we can rest assured that Mike Ashley is a great bloke now…


  • philrenner09

    FFs Carver shut it you spout more shite than Pardew ever did ! Take the rest of your useless staff and do one.

  • LeazesEnder

    To come out with that tosh he must have been threatened with a new Zero Hours Contract!…. What bloody planet is Carver on?

  • A lex

    Not exactly what I wanted to read over breakfast – feeling bilious already.

  • How can he describe Ashley as a winner!?  Ashley will never be a winner at anything he does, because he’s not interested in winning.
    Look at Sports Direct and the target audience its marketed at.  Look at the way he runs Newcastle.  Look at everything he does.  Ashley isn’t interested in winning.  He’s just interested in the path which offers the greatest financial return.  If that means selling cheaply made budget sports stuff to a non-discerning target audience, then he’s fine with that.  If that means playing it safe and settling for the massive profits of mid-table, rather than taking a risk and achieving the potentially ultra-massive profits of top four and Europe, then he’ll bottle it and go for mid-table.
    Ashley will never be a winner at anything because that’s not what he’s interested in.  All he’s interested in is numbers, and sadly not the important numbers that actually matter like winning enough points to finish top of the table.
    He doesn’t understand what life is actually about.  He’ll never experience the emotion of being a winner.  Just the ‘satisfaction’ of achieving the highest possible financial return.

  • A lex

    NUFC Tips I wish he’d get more interested in the number ‘6’ – as in, 6ft under.

  • Brownale69

    Brown nose crawler. Why doesnt anyone have some balls and tell the truth.

  • Demented_Man

    With brown-nosing like that, Carver will be absolutely gutted if he doesn’t get the job permanently.  I would add something about Ashley being a more genuine fan than any of us, though.

  • I say John old boy , I’m delighted ….. If only The Mag had a joke section.

  • Nice one 1957, another new word, Pardewitis  = A spoiled child dropping heavy hints over the new toy it wants.

  • jimblag

    devonbay On the subject of Pardew, it did make me smile when Southampton scored last night while the Palace fans were singing “There’s only one Alan Pardew”. That sentiment isn’t even true, we have the other Pardew as our current head coach.

  • jimblag

    Demented_Man Ashley bleeds black and White don’t you know, he used to turn up at SJP with Tony Blair to watch Jackie Milburn.

  • jimblag

    NUFC Tips He’s a numbers man so he probably does think of himself as a winner. He’s losing in terms of being a pleasant human who has good will to his fellow man, but I doubt he cares about that.
    John Carver on the other hand, how could he possibly qualify as a winner? Although being the head coach of Newcastle with barely any experience or qualifications is a bit of a win I guess.
    Bad times.

  • jimblag

    philrenner09 He’s a combo of Pardew and Kinnear in his interviews, I don’t understand why the fans haven’t taken to him???

  • toastman77

    My god this grovelling is getting embarrassing

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Regardless of whether or not you think Carver should keep his trap shut on stuff like this – and I for one think he should – the issue I want to raise here is the shameless slant of the journalism serving only to mislead and incite. The piece blatantly suggests that Ashley singled out Carver to inform him that he was delighted with the job Carver in particular was doing, when the actual quote indicates that Ashley was delighted with what the collective were doing, not anyone individually. That’s a huge difference in language and meaning.

  • howaymebonnylads

    brain washed…if he has a brain of course as I think the jury is still out on that one!!!