John Carver has said he intends to stay at Newcastle even if the club don’t give him the Head Coach job next season.

Pardew’s former assistant says that while his Head Coach contract runs out in the summer, if it is not renewed then he envisages staying on as assistant to any new appointment.

Talking to the Chronicle, John Carver:

“I have got a contract until the end of the season and then my assistant manager contract kicks in, if they don’t want me to take over for next season, or the following season.”

Giving it everything:

“I will just do this job as long as I need to. The one thing that I can assure people out there, is that I am giving it everything, as you have seen.

“The players are giving everything and that is important to me.”

Exactly for whose ears John Carver is sending out this message, at this stage of the season, we can only guess.

Is it telling the Newcastle hierarchy that he won’t go quietly or is it for somebody else’s attention?

Pretty much any credible new manager/head coach usually wants to bring in their own people to help them do the job.

If things don’t change substantially in the next eight matches, having John Carver stay at the club under a new person in charge would be an ‘interesting’ situation.

For many supporters, Carver has painted himself into a corner with his wholehearted endorsement of what is happening at the club under Mike Ashley.

For those fans it would look a big negative for any new manager/head coach if they came in and had John Carver as their assistant.

Rightly or wrongly, supporters would assume that this would have been imposed as a penny pinching exercise and also suggest weakness in the new bloke for not demanding he gets the right tools for the job.

  • Jarra MIck

    Sorry but it’s hard to see how anyone who will work for Ashley isn’t immediately tainted by association. No self respecting manager would accept his conditions. So if he doesn’t stick with Charver we will get, either an out of work has been, someone from the lower divisions or probably our best hope a half decent Johnny foreigner who hasn’t done his homework and doesn’t realise what he is letting himself in for.

  • bill black

    Ashley does not think like a fan thinks, he knows we can stay up with luck with Carver or another out of work Pardew. As long as we have a little bit better group of players than the 3 teams that will come up next season. Then if where near the bottom come January he will buy more players. That is not worth the season ticket. But I cannot stop if you have money to waste carry on.

  • No Brainer

    Great speech from a manager, instead of thinking of himself he should be thinking of the team.
    Nothing to say he can’t coach but he clearly isn’t a manager.

    Sherwood is a muppet who talks pap constantly and is completely deluded at time when talking of his own ability, however, what he does do well is positivity, since he took over he’s used it to bolster the team a really S**t team,
    “my players are PL players there is no doubt that we can stay up”
    “I have been amazed by the standard the players are showing on the training ground there is real quality throughout the squad”
    “all we need to do is to be a bit more aggressive”
    “if we are further up the pitch we’ll make the other teams make the mistakes we have been”.

    This gives the team two things competition amongst each other and self belief key components for successful teams.

    John isn’t able to do that.

  • Phildene

    No Brainer ‘John’ isn’t able to do anything as he hasn’t a clue. Carvers got to be THE worst liar and crawler ever-and we thought Pardew was bad! Coach?? Manager??? you must be joking! !!  and we called Pulis for being a ‘tramp in a tracksuit’!!??  Carver is bloody awful.