John Carver claims his positivity will rub off on players but also talks of doing the Newcastle Head Coach job ‘until told otherwise’.

Speaking after the latest disaster at Goodison Park, the United boss says that the players are still trying their best but that sometimes that best isn’t good enough.

Considering Everton went into this match only three points above the relegation zone and then proceeded to outclass Newcastle and win far too easily, it is hard to see many games where United’s best will be good enough.

It is maybe telling that the home side’s onoly two previous wins this season following Europa League matches, were against sides currently in that bottom three.

It is very hard not to draw the conclusion that this is where Newcastle are heading, sooner or later, with or wothout John Carver. Unless there are dramatic changes in the way the club is run.

John Carver:

“I know the situation I am in and I can’t do anything about it, I just get on with it and continue to work with it until I’m told otherwise.

“That’s important, because if I start throwing the towel in –  I am the leader of the group in that dressing room and they haven’t thrown the towel in, that is for sure.”

Best not good enough:

“Sometimes your best is not good enough but at least they are having a go.

“I’ll make sure that by me not being negative it rubs off on them and hopefully we will pick up some results.”

  • Tadger

    Really John you are as delusional as the last Muppet in the job. Both of you have made bold statements to the tune that the squad is good enough. No its not, never mind the injuries suspensions even when they are all there the football is dross, negative at best.
    I live in Australia so cannot give up a seat (would have done years ago) but people in Newcastle FFS stop going you are only legitimising a totally inept regime. Remember when we threw money at Mc Keag at least him and Westwood were broke chancers, compared to the current owner who should be throwing money at United. Do not insult businessmen with this barrow boys tactics.

  • mrkgw

    Lets just hope that he is told otherwise.

  • BillyfromConsett

    mrkgw  But what would that achieve? Which Ashley apologist do you want to see come in and work with an uttlerly threadbare squad, who know that they’ve zip all to play for?

  • BillyfromConsett

    Tadger  I agree with your latter point whole heartedly. As for JC, he really is on a hiding to nothing with what he’s been asked to do. To be offered a major NUFC role at this present terrible time, with the actual football being so low on the to do list from the owner, must be soul destroying for the man. He’s reaping the worst possible accolades, despite being Sir Bobby’s close and valued support..
    I think JC needs to think carefully about his future, and even consider doing the honourable thing – for his own piece of mind. For what it’s worth I don’t believe he’s a bad coach. But he hasn’t got a chance in hell without enough playing staff.

  • toon tony

    “The players are trying their best but sometimes that best isn’t good enough ” surely translated that means our players are $h!tell. …..

  • No Brainer

    BillyfromConsett mrkgw Okay, I’ll do it.

  • No Brainer

    1957 The team is better than this and his management, set up of the team is woeful a better team would have got 7 yesterday thankfully we have ars…..