John Carver says that he simply said to the Newcastle players before the Arsenal game, to be proud to wear the balck and white shirt.

A poor first half and a much better seond one, suggests that Carver had to give them a reminder about the pride bit during the break.

The Newcastle Head Coach was gutted about the nature of the goals conceded and I must admit I was amazed that Arsenal didn’t score one of their typical goals in the ninety minutes.

Ironically it was Newcastle who scored an Arsenal-type goal, whilst instead the visitors scored two soft goals from set-plays.

Both Mike Williamson and Vurnon Anita guilty of some third-rate defending.

John Carver:

“I said to them just be proud of wearing the shirt, give the fans something to shout about, because that’s all that they are asking for.

“It’s amazing, once we got on the front foot and all of a sudden the team came alive, the stadium comes alive – nice to see.

Kicking every ball:

“I am exhausted to be honest as I think I have kicked every ball.

“What I will say is it was a fantastic performance by the eleven boys, plus Jonas Gutierrez coming on, then giving a performance like that, I am so proud of them.

What a finish:

“We scored an Arsenal-type goal, great build-up play down the right-hand side, then a cut back and what a finish by Moussa Sissoko.

“What’s disappointing is the type of goals that we have conceded – two from set plays, they haven’t opened us up.”


  • grahame49

    Great 2nd half, block u and v had a good few gunner fans in. A couple with their 2 daughters asked me to take a photo of them. He had a arsenal season ticket and said during the game the banter and the atmosphere in the gallowgate amazed him. He also said the whole match day experience in the town and going to the game was the best he has had, also the lads behind me from Hamilton were saying how much they enjoyed it, this is why people fall in love with our club from all over the world. The clincher that a Geordie will understand is à 6 foot black arsenal fan saying his 10 year old daughter now wants a black and white scarf. Thats what a day at the toon can do

  • mrkgw

    Carver should go. He is just full of it. We are on an appalling run of form and anyone else would probably have been sacked for similar. But still, this bloke rattles on as though he has achieved it all.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    grahame49 Having a good day out? 
    Well, that should make us all proud of what happens on the pitch and at the Club, eh?

  • Sean Kelly

    should they not be proud already?

  • DownUnderMag

    Passion and pride.  That is what is missing at this club now.  Too few players are excited to be representing this club or see the incredible opportunity that they have.  They are either content to pick up big salaries or are looking to use the club as a stepping stone.

    But when the fans are no longer PROUD of their club, what hope to expect players to be?  (fans may still follow the club, but how many can say they are proud of the way things are here now and the way things are run??).

  • Is it just me that’s sick to death of hearing Carver talk about Carver , I this ,I that, ffs !

  • Brownale69

    DONT play anita and Ameobi total shte

  • PeterRobson

    I don´t want to sound negative, but Carver coming out with rubbish about telling players to be proud to wear the shirt is absolute claptrap !!!

    The players on the field should NEVER have to be told that !!!

    They represent our hopes and dreams and all the emotions we have invested in OUR team !!!

    They get paid obscene ammounts of money to entertain not just the thousands that fill the stadium every home game, but also the millions of fans who for whatever reason can´t be at the match but instead have to follow every kick and header online or by other means !!!

    If we were served this rubbish in a restaurant we´d send it back (not an option here). We deserve better from our club, and if Carver, as he claims, is really a fan and a Geordie, the least he can do is show us some respect or keep his gob shut !!!
    He´s no better than the last guy !!!

    Rant over !!!

  • PhilYare

    take the stupid wonga patch off and you might have pride in the shirt carver

  • PhilYare

    grahame49 imagine if they’d come 15 year ago