Asked about the threat of Romelu Lukaku, John Carver replied ‘He didn’t cost 2 balloons and a goldfish, did he?’

Costing close to £30m, the Everton striker cost roughly the same as Newcastle United’s entire transfer spending over the last two seasons.

In fact in the transfer windows of summer 2013 and January 2014, Newcastle actually spent less than 2 balloons and a goldfish when it came to buying senior players!

With four goals in his last five matches against Newcastle, Carver obviously sees the blues striker as the major threat to Newcastle.

Lukaku scored his seventh goal in Europe this season to help Everton to a 2-1 win over Dynamo Kiev on Thursday.

With sixteen goals in total this season, if Newcastle can stop Mr ‘2 balloons and a goldfish’ they stand every chance of picking up poimnts on Sunday.

John Carver:

“He is a threat for sure, a big powerful lad.

“He wasn’t cheap was he, he didn’t cost 2 balloons and a goldfish, did he?”

Diminishing the threat:

“It was £28m I think it was, so he’s a good player and a strong player.

“When he was at West Brom he did a fantastic job for them, we have to make sure we diminish that threat.”

  • Philippines

    Love it. You can’t accuse Mr Carver of not having a sense of humour. Let’s wish the team the best for tomorrow. I will be watching at midnight in the Philippines. Howay the Lads.

  • Toonbadger


  • Hez

    This blokes an idiot. No doubt our new striker will cost the club one balloon and a goldfish

  • Munich Mag

    Iron Mike Williamson will put him in his back pocket :-)

  • Corkyjohn

    He’s got the same mentality as Joke Kinnear but even less coaching ability…..he worked with SBR you know!

  • Maximus Moose

    Munich Mag After the Hat Trick

  • magpie9

    2 balloons & a goldfish is what Newcastle bid, no wonder we didn’t sign him

  • toon tony

    2 balloons and a goldfish. ….don’t give the FCB any ideas.

  • PhilYare

    they were still shrewd to take him on loan, either way he produces so they have their moneys worth. and we have our moneys worth as we paid coppers for rubbish

  • toonterrier

    Ashley Chumpley and Charva. Two buffoons and a dead squid

  • nufcslf

    Will it be you Mr. Carver sinking deeper into your dugout tomorrow like a certain mackem manger was earlier today.