Once again John Carver is dancing to Mike Ashley’s tune, as the only mouthpiece at the club he is happy to take over Alan Pardew’s role, saying whatever it takes to deflect flak away from the Newcastle owner.

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At Thursday’s Arsenal pre-match press conference, the Newcastle Head Coach said the following when asked whether he’s paying the price for what happened in the January transfer window:

“Yes, the squad needs to be stronger and they’ve acknowledged this to me, Lee and the board (Mike Ashley) have acknowledged that to me. That is why I am saying to you now that they are going to invest because they know they have to.

“The fact that Lee and Mike have acknowledged that doesn’t make me feel better but at least the people understand out there that that’s what happened.

“I have always said from day one, I’ve got to deal with the situation and I will. Now who knows what they are thinking? They might take this into consideration, I don’t know.”

All the newspapers today are using the above quotes and running with a story which is basically that Mike Ashley has learnt from his mistakes, wishes he had spent in January, will spend big in the summer to put everything right etc etc.

However, less than two weeks ago the latest NUFC fans forum minutes were published and they included the following questions from fans, woth answers from the club. Remember these are carefully worded answers that are prepared and approved by Mike Ashley and/or his PR people.

Why was Santon loaned out and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa sold in January but nobody brought in?

The board explained that January is a very challenging market for clubs. The overall aim is to improve the squad and the club will only move for a player if it is felt they can help to achieve that on a longer-term basis. The club continues to assess its squad with a view to the summer transfer window.

Will the club ensure the transfer activity it does in the summer ensures we have a squad that’s equipped for the full season? I am also concerned that the club seems to be prepared to let players go in January, but not prepared to replace them in that window.

The board’s aim is to complete its recruitment for the season ahead each summer on the basis it will likely do little or no business in the January window.

No acceptance there that there had been any cock-up at the club in January and in fact they also said in the minutes that they’d let Santon go for purely financial reasons, as loaning him out in January meant that basically they had a better chance of selling him in ther summer.

The club is now in such a mess and Ashley desperate to try and send out some kind of message to keep fans renewing season tickets in the summer, he uses John Carver to send out this message that if faced with the position the club faced in January, that next time teh NUFC owner would invest in players.

Do you honestly believe that?

So Carver says everything will be sorted in the summer and enough money spent to make up for the current weak squad which is due to past failure to invest.

Personally I have zero faith that Mike Ashley will allow the TV riches to be properly used to give the club a squad that can compete in the Premier League.

What I do have complete belief in, is that John Carver will be repeating this ‘everything will be sorted in the summer’ message many more times before we get to the end of the season.

Whether he will perform well enough on this front to get the job from Mike Ashley permanently…I think it is a knocking bet.


  • GToon

    I think the important words used were investing because they “have to”, as opposed to “want to”. With one of them you do it to avoid relegation, with the other you do it to compete. Says it all really. No doubt we will have to sell first too.

  • partworntyres

    jc is already talking about losing to sunderland again – he’s a loser – even shirley must see that.

  • partworntyres

    jc says there will be big investment in the summer – cancel your standing order for pies john and invest your savings in sports direct.

  • SGM

    Ashley has invested a huge amount of money in NUFC by anyones standards. It is believed he is by nature somewhat reclusive. NUFC games are broadcast around the world to millions of viewers, and NUFC has become the very public face of everything that is MA including Sports Direct. He goes to almost every game, and i really don’t think that he enjoys seeing this public face smashed every week. He has to take some action and i truly believe he will.
    Dare to dream.

  • RexN

    SGM It depends what you mean by investment. What he has done is bought an asset that has given him a 20% yield last year, a similar amount this year and more next year and beyond.

    As for investment in the biggest part of the asset, the playing squad, since his first transfer window Ashley is in surplus.

  • magpiefifer

    SGM  Deluded if you believe what you have written.
    Ashley is playing his usual tune of promising new signings when he should have strengthened in January – how often have we seen this scenario over the past 8 years!? As said in the article Carver is carrying on where Pardew left off – saying and doing anything to keep his job.
    My only dream is that we see the back of the money-grabbing zealot .

  • As soon as you’ve all paid for your season tickets they’ll tell you to naff off , worked last year !

  • Polarboy

    SGM Nonsense, either you are part of Ashley’s PR team or youare a complete imbecile, although given the state of his PR there isn’t much of a gap between those two in any case.

  • Chemical Dave

    He’s probably an imbecile AND part of the PR team. Either that or he takes everyone else for an idiot.

  • Chemical Dave

    Oh, and “dare to dream” ? How about “end of a bell” instead?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM Dare to fantasise more like. 
    Reclusive? The man is like a modern UK based communist regime in his refusal to be transparent about anything and to spin fiction into believable reality.
    He has banned journalists, whole newspapers, and fans groups for simply reporting or telling truths. Now he is using his legal team to claim HIS civil liberties/human rights are being violated by Parliament simply for making public those communications which are entirely allowable under parliamentary privilege. Like he was out of the country or too busy to attend – yet on 28th Feb (one day after that statement) he was the Villa game!
    Rangers took him down a peg, Parliament are trying to do the same – and here we are with some NUFC supporters still believing the bloke has any good intentions for our Club.
    Deluded, simply deluded.

  • toon tony

    We did “invest” last summer, look how many signings we brought in. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough just papering over the cracks. Now look at the mess the squad is in.

  • Polarboy

    Chemical Dave Lol, well to be fair I did say there wouldn’t be much of a gap between the two choices.

  • SGM

    magpiefifer SGM  Ashley hasn’t promised anything.
    Carver is carrying on, – its the same job with the same tools.
    I doubt he would want a job that would ruin his career prospects.
    With regards to owners, be careful what you wish for, Remember you got what you wanted when Pardew walked. Now look what “Sackpardew.com” left us with.

  • SGM

    Sickandtiredstill SGM  All will come out in the wash.

  • Chemical Dave

    What has “sackpardew.com” left us with, a gimp with a different accent ? Were you around this time last year SGM? Difficult to believe anyone could be this dim.

  • Cornflake

    Investing properly and investing with bodies is two different things.  I have no doubt they’ll bring in players, but if it’s more strikers at 5 million, and buy low and sell high motto that we have become…then it’s not the proper investment needed.

    How many years running is this storyline, Carver is kidding himself that he doesn’t sound like a Pardew clone.

  • magpiefifer

    SGM magpiefifer  I am careful what I wish for – and I would take many other EPL/Championship club owners in preference to parasite Ashley!!!

  • Mark Thomson


  • DownUnderMag

    SGM His investment so far is buying a club above reasonable price due to not knowing what he was doing and being so desperate to get his hands on the club.  After that, he has written off debt AGAINST THE CLUB as a LOAN which never seems to get any smaller, he has sold players for profit and bought players well below that profit and that is without season tcket sales and TV revenue (we all know we have no advertising revenue because it’s all freebies to SD), and that is it.  He hasn’t sanctioned player sales to push the club forward, he hasn’t sanctioned buying in a great manager, he hasn’t bought top class youth players or even brought in top drawer coaching staff.  He is bleeding the club dry so please do not give us this “big investment” shite.  Any money he has put into the club has been either securing an investment or paid off against the club itself.  Everything else has been pure profit that the club has yet to see a penny of, and yet the loan still never moves!

  • DownUnderMag

    toon tony they were still gambles, expecting them to all do Cabaye’esque hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.  Complete naievity on Ashleys behalf but the fact we bought so many untried players and dodgy crocks like De jong shows exactly what Ashley is about – not buying quality, buying CHEAP and hoping they turn into saleable assets.

  • DownUnderMag

    Cornflake after workign under SBR I don’t know how this cretin sleeps at night with the comments he is coming out with.  He is no fan of the club if he is this desperate for a job.  Still yet to hear an apology from the guy after his tirade of abuse to the REAL fans who actually pay money to watch this dross.

  • DownUnderMag

    Why let Santon go when we were so light on players if it wasn’t just about money rather than football.  Why not bring players in to help secure the rest of the season if they didn’t already feel safety was assured so why invest any more money??

    This ownership is a joke.  What I would love is for other owners to start having a dig at him and highlight his lack of caring about the football, success or the fans and just about money!!!!

  • SGM

    magpiefifer SGM Ive heard that “anyones better than” before, I wonder where? Oh yes Pardew.

  • SGM

    Chemical Dave So where did getting shut of Pardew get us? 3 steps back.

  • SGM

    DownUnderMag SGM If thats the case, why didn’t you buy it?.