John Carver has claimed that the Newcastle United squad is actually strong enough as it is, the Newcastle Head Coach pointing only to injuries derailing the season and not a lack of quality.

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Pardew’s former assistant says that United have a ‘decent sized squad of 26 professionals but that the injuries have ‘killed us’.

John Carver:

“Take all those injuries away and we have got 26 professionals.

“Now that is a decent sized squad and under normal circumstances, that’s not a problem with three or four injuries. Five or six is pushing it, but not as many as that.

“Long-term, that’s what has killed us, so even if we had brought in two or three players, we would have had to get rid of two or three players to keep the size of your squad together.”

Not sure where John Carver gets the 26 professionals from, Newcastle have over 40 players with squad numbers but many of them are in the ranks of the Under 21 and unders.

After the January transfer window, Newcastle had to announce their senior 25 man squad for the rest of the Premier League season and they could only name 23 players. Plus that 23 included Steven Taylor who was already ruled out for the season and Facundo Ferreyra, the loan player who clearly we’re never going to see in the first team.

Carver’s comments about the squad already been full is a repetition of the party line, Managing Director Lee Charnley putting a supposedly full senior squad list as reason for there not being room to bring in new signings.

The recent poll on The Mag where fans were asked to rate which players should be kept out of the 23 man senior squad, saw only 11 players have a majority of fans thinking they were good enough to still be here next season. You can see that full list HERE.

With the club putting out this propaganda via Carver and Charnley, I see it as only a matter of time before the message coming out of the club will be that once Newcastle have the injured players back and two or three key signings, the United squad will be competitive next season.

On the other hand supporters see major surgery as the only way to get the squad back on track.

Maybe this is the key area where Newcastle are desperate for a strong manager/head coach who will come in and tell Mike Ashley and his staff just what is needed, rather than John Carver being happy to agree that everything is fine and when reality hits home it will be far too late.


  • peterharper

    The more Carver opens his mouth the more everyone can see he is an incompetent idipt

  • StephenBowers

    Could MA be getting ready to sell up?
    A paper thin squad, not a single contract negotiation despite several ending in the summer.
    spend nowt and cross your fingers we avoid relegation.
    Fingers crossed we soon have a new owner that wants the club to compete.

  • Alsteads

    StephenBowers We can only hope and dream fella

  • Porciestreet

    Sounds like a good plan, except that whoever is appointed will not question the chair or the board and in doing so, completely toe the party line.
    ASHLEY AND Co OUT NOW…………………………!

  • Paul Patterson

    Pull the other one Carver . .

    Coloccini is finished.
    Mbiwa sold
    Santon sold
    Williamson is Championship standard
    Anita isn’t Premier league quality
    Cisse’s knee is dodgy
    De Jong is a crock
    Gouffran isn’t Premier league quality
    Tiote is a liability
    Riviere isn’t Premier league quality

    That leaves Krul, Janmaat, Sissoko, Colback, Perez and Cabella. Plus Taylor and Obertan (Yes, I said Obertan) on a good day.
    If ANYONE actually thinks that this squad (SQUAD) is anywhere near good enough, they are delirious . .

  • michaelhodg67

    I can see us been Relegated next season with this way of thinking in other words we won’t be investing in the summer and I am head coach(carver )

  • philrenner09

    carver F—-OFF

  • partworntyres

    Paul Patterson pretty much agree – i’d keep aarons and samiobe ( with strict guidance) – on a perfect day the squad is good but we only get two a season.

  • wor monga

    Better get it through your head that nobody is going to come
    in and start telling Ashley what has to be done…that’s not how he operates…he rubber
    stamps any appointment and the new Head Coach will work with the players he is
    given to work with…their names will be put forward by Carr, to Charnley, (and the
    head coach) to be nodded on then passed on up to him for approval.

    Carver knows how the system works, and he’s not going to
    speak out against it…because anybody who does will not be in that job…Ashley has
    already admitted that the squad should have been strengthened in January, and
    that will mean that a striker will almost certainly be added in the summer,
    along with a suitable CD replacement for Mbiwa (plus Lascelles).

    Jonas, Ferreya, Santon, will go without any immediate
    replacements…then depending on any others who may be able to force transfers out
    at the right price…some last minute wheeler dealing will be attempted….take it
    or leave it!!!

  • Philippines

    peterharper Not everyone.

  • Toonbadger

    He`s painted the picture for the summer with those quotes
    FFS we need more in than out, I couldn’t  care who go or how many go but we need better to replace with 3 or 4 more to strengthen

  • Andy Brannen

    Fingers down throat time again # embarrassing Carver #

  • GToon

    Paul Patterson Krul doesn’t do us many favours these days. He’s no better than most of the other EPL keepers. Agree totally with the ones who need to go. Would like to see de Jong get fit but apart from that lets get rid. Over to you Mr Ashley – you’re good at selling things apparently…..
    But we need a proper coach/manager (not JC) or any incomings/expenditure is a waste of time anyway.

  • A lex

    Paul Patterson And, of those, Perez and Cabella still have a bit to do to convince of longevity in the EPL. Krul, Janmaat and Sissoko could be off anywhere in an instant. Which leaves Colback as, probably, the only one we can rely well on to be around.

  • Big Al 1967

    And there in lies the problem. If (or when) Carver gets the job he will be quite happy with the current set up regardless of who comes in (bargain basement) or who goes out (anything decent with a decent profit margin). resulting in the hope that there will be three worse teams (very unlikely) next season. He will keep on Coloccini as captain (still hasn’t the guts to strip him of it) and play him alongside Williamson and rely on the craft of De Jong to create chances and then complain about him being injured and out for long periods. The sad thing is all of this is patently obvious to everyone bar this clown and he expects us to swallow it.
    The Championship beckons next season

  • Maximus Moose

    Mans an idiot out of 26 Pro`s only about 9 can cut it in the Premiership

  • Maximus Moose

    peterharper Bit like Pardspew dont you think

  • magpie9

    Tell Carver to get a new script, this one has been used for 8 years too many

  • magpie9

    Toonbadger  For a start we need a coach who can count, maybe Carver thinks the number of fingers on both hands equals the number of players in a complete squad

  • mick57

    Carved is an even more deluded moron than pardew. Has he had his eyes shut all year. We have so little quality in the squad we barely have a single player who would get into a top 6 squad never mind as 1st choice. Every time carved opens his mouth he spouts drivel.

  • terriertwo

    Even if all the players were fit more than half are not fit for purpose. Need a complete clear out and that includes the coaching staff. Hopefully a new manager will come in and insist that he not only picks the replacement players but has his own coaching staff.

  • JohnyH

    In the unlikely situation of us hanging onto Perez,Janmaat,Sissoko and Krull in the Summer, we’ll need to replace most of the rest of the’squad’ if we are going to stay up, never mind compete any where near the top half of the league. To replace the current squad with any kind of quality would cost more money than the louse will spend, therefore were doomed to a repeat of this season or a long spell in the championship. I’m not going back till he’s gone.

  • RexN

    Assuming that Carver can count, the whole point of having a squad is to cover for injuries. Even if our injury rate is above average for this time of the season, the squad should be strong enough to gain more than 2 wins in 13 games, either that or we have a crap coach organising them.

  • tattoo15

    I might be getting forgetful in my old age, but didnt carver say a couple of days ago that you wouldnt believe the quality of the players that we were looking to buy in the summer?? So what is it carver, good players coming in or we dont need any new players because the squad is good enough already? P**s off with your cronies and let somebody who knows what they are doing come in! Relegation beckons next season with this fool in charge!

  • Phildene

    RexN your last sentence says it all-crap coaching……..

  • Phildene

    terriertwo hate to tell you terrier two but we’re not getting a new manager and have never mentioned a new manager- try Head Coach-even that’s not going to happen.

  • Phildene

    Personally I can’t stand Carver. He’s so UN professional on every level. Gobshite number 2. And they called Tony Pulis a tramp on a track suit-what about Carver???? he looks like a sack of tatties tied in the middle!

    Every time he opens his horrible gob it’s unadulterated heavy Geordie twang spouting rubbish-sorry but can’t stand the way he talks

  • stepaylor

    we have a decent first eleven if everyone is fit. Which they never are so its a non starter. A club needs 15 top players, 5 decent players and 5 youth team graduates to make a decent premier league squad. We have maybe 6 top players, 4 decent players and 2 decent youth players. Much more strength need from the top down. World class striker, solid commanding centreback. Top quality left back, and 2 top wide men. 5 players need at an average of 10m each. 50m spend (about what we could have had from last years profit).

  • Greg1000

    Face it unless people stop going and lining the fat mans pockets nothing is going to change we either lump it or do something on mass I personally think people will lump it. It pains me but we need relegated and a have a period of mediocrity in the championship no parachute payments or the like to get rid of the current regime

  • PhilYare

    he really does say the opposite of what we want to hear, puppet no 2 desperately trying to impress the fatman. Try impressing us for a change with some much needed honesty

  • DownUnderMag

    Wow, he really has learned all he could from Pardew hasn’t he??
    John, if the injuries are a problem, then the squad ISN’T good enough, otherwise the they wouldn’t be a problem.  Some injuries may rob you of a match winner, or stretch the cover, but most teams aren’t running on a philosophy of 11 purples and not much else to get them by.   The whole philosophy itself is flawed and is an all-eggs-in-one-basket solution and problem all rolled into one.  
    Has Ashley had a word in Carver’s ear or is Carver just realising he may be diminishing his lap-dog status by saying we needed to strengthen in the summer??  If Carver really cared for the club then he would say it like it is and if he doesn’t get the job based on that then so be it.  Right now he is just coming across like he’s bent over with his trousers down in the board room waiting to be shafted by the owner and his cronies…

  • Brownale69