Referee Anthony Taylor (from Manchester) failed to give Newcastle United what looked a clear early penalty when Emmanuel Riviere went down after contact from Chris Smalling.

John Carver claims that it would have then been a much different game, with a potential first goal for Newcastle totally changing the outlook of the match.

John Carver:

“An absolutely stonewall penalty but we don’t seem to get them, especially at St. James’ Park. We don’t get them at St. James’ Park.

“The referee only has one look at it and at the time my gut feeling was that it was a penalty, but he hasn’t given it – he’s a human being.

“I have seen it five or six times now and it is a penalty. We all know how important the first goal is in this league, it is a different game then.”

The Newcastle Head coach hints at darker forces at work with United not getting their fair share of penalties, especially at St. James’ Park.

So is Carver right, do the stats back him up?

Penalties awarded to Premier League teams so far this season, figure in brackets is the number awarded at home games:

7 (5) Manchester City

7 (3) Arsenal

4 (2) Spurs

4 (2) West Brom

4 (1) Crystal Palace

4 (2) Everton

4 (2) QPR

4 (3) Liverpool

3 (1) Stoke

2 (2) Manchester United

2 (1) Burnley

2 (1) Sunderland

2 (2) Leicester

2 (2) Chelsea

1 (1) Aston Villa

1 (1) West Ham

1 (1) Hull

1 (0) Southampton

1 (0) Swansea

1 (0) Newcastle

With only 1 penalty awarded in total, Newcastle don’t appear to have been too lucky with referees, with United one of only three clubs not to be awarded a penalty in a home game this season.

Papiss Cisse scored our only Premier League penalty so far this season at Old Trafford in the 3-1 defeat.

Looking back at the past four seasons, Newcastle have fared little better, the number of penalties at home in brackets again.

3 (2) 2013/14

4 (3) 2012/13

3 (1) 2011/12

4 (4) 2010/11

Only 16 penalties over the course of those four seasons, though a majority (10) were at home.

In comparison both Liverpool and Chelsea have been awarded 31 penalties over those four years and Manchester United not far behind with 27.

However, getting near the truth of the matter we have Sunderland with 17 to Newcastle’s 16.

The truth to me is that the style of play under Alan Pardew and now John Carver means that Newcastle get into the box far less than the better teams, so it is logical you are going to get fewer instances where you might win a penalty.

Incidents such as Riviere against the Mancs are annoying but even with my black and white blinkers on, I don’t think Newcastle are getting a raw deal compared to other teams. At the other end of the pitch, only two penalties have been given against Newcastle, so considering the amount of possession United concede in most matches (68% to Manchester United on Wednesday according to BBC Sport website), it’s probably surprising that more haven’t gone against us.


  • Brownale69

    Manchester Ref in charge of a Manchester game!

  • Porciestreet

    The ref is a human being……….Er… no he’s not. He’s a Manchester United supporter. !

  • ArtyH

    Not to mention legit goals being chalked off for no good reason!

  • bill black

    Am I the only one who thinks Rooney fouled our player to make him make a mistake for there goal and I think they won another match fouling a defender while clearing the ball so misdirecting the clearance to on there own player who scored.

  • LeazesEnder

    The FA were founded by the associations of Lancashire and London,and  the administrators of the game have always delivered for their own.  But to put a referee from Manchester in charge of a fixture involving a Manchester club is to say the least bad judgement.

  • LeazesEnder

    bill black Leading up to the goal Manchester nicked our throw in and got away with it…. that goal was determination at any cost.

  • wor monga

    LeazesEnder     It should never happen and it wouldn’t if they were playing a
    London team…everybody in football has a club they favour more than others …even
    referees…and 99 times out of 100 it’s the town where they grew up.

  • A player must be in the opposition penalty box to have any chance of being awarded a penalty .Not in our final third shutting up shop for a goal less draw

  • wor monga

    bill black    The ball had been won fairly by Gouffran, but from that
    position 5 or 6 yards out, and under pressure Abeid should not have played back
    towards Krul who can’t use his hands, and seeing bodies coming in at him has no
    time to look for a clear way out …

    a basic error by an inexperienced defender…It
    cost us the game and after what’s been said I doubt very much Medhi will go
    that way again.

  • wor monga

    Carver may be right in thinking that way…or not…but the fact
    remains that a definite penalty was denied by a referee and Linesman who were
    both up with the play…

    they saw Smalling tackle Rivierre, and bring him down
    while he was running inside the box, and yet they chose to ignore it… 

    like that can change a result…decide a cup final… or a relegation…or get a
    manager sacked…or even win a punter a lot of money…and needs answering …but it
    won’t be!!!