John Carver has admitted that there are individuals inside Newcastle United who are ‘not good enough’.

The Newcastle Head Coach says that there has to be a clear-out but as always, the problem is though that funnily enough, other clubs tend to want the decent plaers, not the hopeless ones that you are desperate to be rid of.

Exactly who Carver was referring to in terms of ‘not good enough’ is unknown, though no doubt a few of you will wonder if the likes of himself and Lee Charnley should be included in any list…

John Carver:

“They (Mike Ashley/Lee Charnley) know that there has to be a clear-out.

“It is pretty obvious to the man in the street and to the professionals, it has to be done.”

Things in place:

“There are people out of contract, there are people who are not good enough and they know that.

“I am telling you now because I have been part of it in the last few weeks, there are things in place.”

It is funny that when John Carver landed the Newcastle Head Coach job, he claimed that he was just there to coach the team and which players went in and out of the club wasn’t his area of concern.

Then suddenly he is talking as though he is in the very heart of any discussions.

In Alan Pardew’s absence, more cynical fans will see Carver as simply happy to be used as the means of how the club get their propaganda out.

Why all this talk at this stage of the season about players not being good enough (great for their morale in the current position!) and how they are going to be got rid of?

The club PR message being sent out currently is all about lessons being learnt, everything sorted in the summer, Ashley wishes he’d bought players in January, reassure the fans, big money to be spent etc etc.

We’ve heard it all before so many times previously from Alan Pardew and the reality usually turned out to be a million miles away from promises/assurances made.

The face in front of the cameras might have changed but it is still the same old blarney.

  • Mal44

    We all know we won’t sign any ‘top players’ because we won’t pay either the transfer fee or the wages to get them. I suspect Carver’s definition of a ‘top player’ and ours is very different. Incidentally I see it’s still the same system, despite promises made, whereby carver (rather than pardew) is the spokesperson for everything whereas our esteemed MD (Charnley) keeps quiet. Pathetic.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Obviously JC won’t be saying this without the clearance of Charnley. It just goes to show how stupid they all really are, because what he is therefore actually saying is that the management are responsible for buying players who aren’t up to it. That includes the almost God-like Carr.
    Ultimately, the Ashley ‘plan’ is and has been an abject failure in anything other than balance sheet terms. And once again, those responsible are nowhere near the camera or a journalist to explain this fiasco.
    Throwing players under the bus along with using JC as the Clubs spokesman proves how cowardly and devious they remain.

  • SaveNUFC

    John Carver should lead the way out from the club.

  • mick57

    Including him. He’s sounding like gumshield pardew.

  • A lex

    I think we’ve heard all this, about investment, the need to strengthen and about ‘strategy meetings’ before, haven’t we?

  • tino o

    He is joint top with Ashley charnley and Beardsley. Williamson ameobi anita Collicini and goufran challenging.

  • tino o

    All of the above will still be there next year

  • GToon

    Mal44 For top players to join we need to retain the likes of Sissoko, Janmaat etc. Any decent players coming here will merely replace those leaving. Shame, but thats the way it is under Ashley. Anything different would be like building the squad to compete and he doesn’t do that. What we need more than anything is a decent manager who can develop a style of play that is immune from Ashley’s January sales.

  • A lex

    GToon Mal44 ……and a “decent manager” won’t tolerate the rug being pulled from underneath every transfer window. Despite the recent blah blah blah of squad strengthening and investment, 8 years of pattern and broken promises tells you it won’t happen and that this is more guff for the gullible.

  • Phildene

    A lex GToon Mal44 Couldn’t agree more!  things will never change here until Jabba the hut goes and takes et al with him, but we know that’ll never happen as long as all the monies and 50k gullible fans still turn up regardless