John Carver believes that Newcastle United were ‘fantastic’ for 89 minutes against Manchester United.

The Newcastle Head Coach stating that he’d set the team out to frustrate the opposition, summed up by the possession stats which showed only 33% for the home side.

A poor standard if football on both sides was the reality, with brief flurries of excitement usually as a result of mistakes from players in both teams.

Carver claims Newcastle had the best chances and there is certainly an argument for that as David De Gea was the official man of the match, though before that late horror moment, Tim Krul had also made some outstanding saves as well.

Whether Newcastle should have perhaps showed more ambition against what looked a poor side on last night’s display is another matter.

Manchester United had only won three of their thirteen Premier League away matches and we’ll never know if by getting them on the back foot more, Newcastle could have had even more joy and benefited from what would almost certainly be more errors from the visitors.

John Carver:

“For 89 minutes we were fantastic, every player gave 100 per cent, gave everything for the shirt.

“It was our throw but they took it quickly and before you know it it’s in the back of our net.”

Set out to frustrate:

“We were set up to frustrate them and we did that, to concede the goal as we did is hard to take.

“What I will say is that we created the best chances on the night, three excellent chances and we didn’t convert them – which is unusual for us.”

  • mrkgw

    Well, if that was fantastic then the future is drab.

  • Maximus Moose

    Yeah 30% of the ball, Fantastic

  • Paul Patterson

    No no no no. DON’T b******t the fans anymore Carver.
    It was the most average game, interjected with moments of blatant incompetence from everyone concerned.
    The referee and his assistant need to get down to the Championship for a couple of weeks if they can’t see/don’t think, that that wasn’t a penalty.
    Riviere IS NOT a Premier League player and never will be.
    Colo and Williamson are both as average as each other, despite what reputation the former may have over the latter.
    This is the worst Man Utd for 20 years and we couldn’t get possession above 35%? 2 shots on target against Man Utd’s 5?
    Cut the b******t!!!

  • Hughie

    We were solid in defence because we had 10 men back for most of the first half. Improveda bit after half time. This is Pardew counter attacking tactics. Incredibly boring to watch and hangs on occasional chances and no possession. Man U are very average, but we sat far too deep and when in possession cannot hold the ball in midfield. Blind dictated and was allowed to. Next match continue with Jonas at left back, and Colback for Obertan, Perez for stupid banned Cisse–idiot!!  Sorry Carver but if that is fantastic you are in the wrong job!!

  • No Brainer

    Hughie Abeid had answer to everything Blind had the control of the second four was significant and allowed blind the ball in front of the centre circle but that was it.

  • amacdee

    No mention of Carver’s altercations with some fans behind the dugout yesterday ? Were we not not told that “It would never happen again ?” As far as I can tell Carver is an emotional accident waiting to explode !

    Hardly surprising the fans were at him yesterday. For the best part of the game we had eight men behind the ball yet on 80 minutes we sat back deeper, invited even more Manc pressure on us which they sensed and put on Mata to create more openings. There was only ever likely to be one winner after that !

    I knew Pardwho was shlte but Carver takes shlteness to another level.

  • shaneer

    Was i watching the same game

  • amacdee

    shaneer That depends on whether you told your loved ones you were off to the match then cunningly met with your lover for a night of fun filled passion, hoping that JC could help you out with a reasoned and accurate description of the match that took place ?
    If you did then you were shlt out of luck ? ;-)

  • Phildene

    The man’s pathetic! Pathetically kissing Ashleys arse and saying how good we are-we most certainly are not! Carver’s terrified he doesn’t get the job permanently, but the silly little gormless man doesn’t realise it’s his job anyway as Ashley won’t spend anymore money on bringing in anyone else when Carver’s already on the wages bill and would do the job for nowt just to keep his job-and to even have a job!
    yes, stop the bu****itting Carver.