The old saying is that the victor writes history and John ‘Braveheart’ Carver is living proof of that.

Newcastle beat Aston Villa but only by the most slender of margins, in fact I don’t think United’s performance would have beaten any other Premier League club, with Villa looking the worst team in the league with now seven defeats in a row and the lowest goal tally of the twenty clubs.

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The win was important as it virtually guarantees Premier League safety but nowhere else were Newcastle better than the visitors.

A scrappy game which was only won because Newcastle had the only natural goalscorer that was on the pitch. One chance, one goal.

Villa were the better team before Cisse’s goal and created the better chances over the course of the game, back though to Braveheart Carver’s take on it:

“I was brave going with two wingers and two strikers, there aren’t many head coaches or managers in the Premier League who would go that way, I did it though because I felt it was important to get the three points.

“We talked about getting the ball out to the wide areas and putting the ball into the box because it is no good Papiss being the lone striker and trying to play it into his feet. He is about getting into the box and putting the ball in the back of the net – he did that.

“What was disappointing in the first half was that we didn’t put the ball in the box enough and it just shows you , if you put the ball into the box, he will score a goal for you.”

Sadly, John Carver is becoming as annoying as Alan Pardew in terms of making it up as he goes along. He also claimed that he’d played two up front at Palace when the truth was Perez played as an extra midfielder. The same against Villa, Newcastle didn’t really have two up front.

Nor did they have two wingers. Yes Ameobi and Obertan were playing but just like under Pardew, our ‘wingers’ are primarily there to protect the full-backs.

As for Carver talking about having people on the pitch to put in the crosses, both Ameobi and Obertan are absolutely hopeless at what should come naturally to a winger. They both either hit the defender in front of them or miss hit the cross too long or drag it along the ground.

John Carver failing to mention that it was actually defender Daryl Janmaat who put in the only real quality cross from a Newcastle player yesterday.

In the classic film, William Wallace (AKA Mel Gibson) shouts out this immortal line before inspiring the Jocks to a victory over the more numerous English:

“They may take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom!”

Well sadly Mike Ashley has already got our lives and our freedom because as Newcastle fans we can’t go elsewhere.

If John Carver orchestrates a win over Champions League chasing Manchester United on Wednesday, then he may deserve to climb onto the ramparts of the castle of St. James and beat his chest, whilst shouting the odds.

I look forward to it.


  • Porciestreet

    I can’t read these sycophantic quotes from the P45due clone. It was a terrible performance from both teams and won by the first to capitalise on the others first mistake. I hope to God we can do better than Charver for next season. Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads . 3 very welcome points.

  • Munich Mag

    Regarding our “wingers”, they spent the majority of the game picking the ball up from our defenders then running the length of the field with the ball themselves, which at the end of the day takes a lot of puff and energy. This also shows that our team in general may be compact, but compacted at our own goal i.e. defensively minded. How often did our “wingers” receive the ball from our defenders/midfielders in the attacking third of the field ?…seldomnly…

  • dont believe the hype

    Long term long term John, Honest ‘Geordie’ John and now Braveheart John, I wonder what else we’ll be calling him by May.

  • LeazesEnder

    Apparently John Carver has a close personal friendship with Lee Ryder of the Chronicle….  I think we know what the scenario is going to be for the coming year…. head cheerleader with no criticism, the emergence of Carver as a technical genius, superman, a gift to the Geordie Nation.

  • Jarra MIck

    I think Carver is the wrong man for the job but to be honest the team he put out yesterday was the one I would have selected. We can pick faults with the tactics but at least it seems like he has got the message about Gouff and Anita.

  • NatTurner

    Jarra MIck  He hasn’t gotten the message about Gouff and Anita.  He was saving them for Wednesday!

  • Greggy164

    I got all excited there. I thought he was heading to Rangers when I saw the Braveheart headlines. Ooch