New  director Douglas Park has made a commitment to find out where Rangers have spent more than £70m in the last four years, whilst playing in little more than Sunday morning leagues.

Criminal proceedings were taken against former owner Craig Whyte who four years ago took control after buying the Glasgow club from David Murray for a token £1.

Since then there have been any number of individuals with fingers in the pie, Mike Ashley becoming involved as part of a consortium with Charles Green as the figurehead. The Newcastle United owner hoovering up a number of very advantageous deals, including controlling the merchandising on very favourable terms, plus buying the naming rights to Ibrox for a £1.

Recently installed Douglas Park though, says that no stone will be left unturned to find out what has happened to Rangers when under the influence of ‘…people who should have never been allowed near Rangers’.

“If further shocks are lurking among the paper and electronic trails then so be it, they will have to be faced and dealt with appropriately.

“A new board is being put in place and it is our intention to begin immediately the process of repairing the considerable damage caused to this great club by people who should never have been allowed anywhere near Rangers.

For the benefit of individuals:

“This club has been badly neglected and it has been used for the benefit of individuals.

“It has been a struggle, but some things are worth fighting for and, now that Rangers are rid of the last of the previous board, we have every right to look forward with hope instead of wondering each day what other outrageous or destructive decisions might be taken.”

Forced change:

“The abuse of this club is at an end. Now it is about the future and I believe we can all lift our heads and look forward with optimism.

“We have forced change, we have altered the club’s course and we have given Rangers a real opportunity to flourish and grow strong again. So we should now discard this notion that we are victims because the truth is we have not been defeated.”

Rangers have a long way to go before they are out of the woods but it is hard not to feel parallels with our position as Newcastle fans, as well as envy that even if their club is still in a mess, at least they feel everybody is pulling together now and there is some trust with those running the club.

The biggest disgrace when it comes to Newcastle United under Mike Ashley, is the fact that it is all so unnecessary the way the club is sliding towards oblivion.

The massive TV money should be ensuring a healthy, progressive, ambitious club and yet we see clubs such as Swansea, Southampton and others ran with ambition, while those we should be trying to compete with such as Spurs, Liverpool and others, disappearing into the distance in an ever more distant trail of dust.

In the meantime minimal commercial deals being brought in and the rest of Ashley’s empire benefiting from using Newcastle United giving them free worldwide advertising.

We would all love to find out what has happened and is still happening at Newcastle United, but with Mike Ashley owning our club in its entirety, we aren’t in the fortunate position Rangers fans were, with a club that could still be prised from the grasp of the NUFC owner.

  • No Brainer

    3.2m on Ally McCoist his wage is 800K per year whilst the teams he was playing against were paying less the 30K.
    The place is a mad house

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer And lost a minimum of 3 million a year in royalties (for merchandising) to Ashleys new retail ‘deal’. Throw in Ibrox naming rights for 1 quid.

    Whyte and Greene have lots to answer for but so does Ashley (and Llambias/Leach) whose nose has been in that trough since 2011.

  • Steve Passmoor

    £800k a year on McCoist’s wages
    SPL players on SPL wages in the lowest tier of Scottish football.
    Shares cashed in by Charles Green, at a vastly inflated price
    Unrealistic wages and dividends for directors and shareholders on a club that is currently losing £1M a month.
    That’s where the money has gone, shouldn’t take too long to find out

  • DavidDrape

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer Leach by name & leach by nature

  • RFC_1872

    The retail deal with Sports Direct is set up so every ten quid I spend on Rangers merchandise my club only gets 75p!!!! 75 effin p!!!! I hope to god when these contracts are studied most of them can be ripped up! Ashley starved our club from income then bailed us out with loans with even more favourable terms. The guys a horrible greedy c**t

  • wor monga

    How come this site so concerned about the future of Glasgow
    Rangers these days…when throughout it’s long history that club has always been dominated
    solely by people under the influence…

    …of extreme bigotry, and religious intolerance…there’s
    never been any place for that type of prejudice in football or in the Mag…in my

  • A lex

    RFC_1872 Welcome to Planet Ashley!
    We’ve had this for so long, but anyone south of Durham have just called us ungrateful moaners. With the higher profile that Glasgow Rangers have, it’s all a bit more media-sympathetic and people are getting their eyes opened to what’s been happening at both our wonderful clubs.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Since our greedy owner stuck his fat snout in the Rangers trough.

  • No Brainer

    RFC_1872 What you miss out is that is pure profit. The 75p refers to the old deal which was 51% and 49% not the 75% and 25%.

    You are using this figure to show turnover as against profit.

    When rangers received 75p, SPD recieved 77p. the rest was wages to staff of Rangers rental fees to landlord stock.

    Why can’t you sreams just look into stuff before shouting off.

  • gazchampion

    Rangers wants to look in Ashleys ‘sky rocket’… bet there’ll be a few million in there!!!

  • RFC_1872

    despite your or my take on the retail contract it will be interesting to see how the new board approaches it if it is seen to be favourable to SD. The whole thing stinks!


  • wor monga

    Sickandtiredstill wor monga     There’s been a lot wrong with this club and it’s followers
    for a long time before Ashley ever got involved…and nobody on here ever give a
    sh#t about it…

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Sickandtiredstill I did

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga Sickandtiredstill Well, you’ve answered your own question than haven’t you?
    Many other NUFC supporters are keenly interested – now – due to Ashley’s involvement. Ashley was keen enough to involve us when he arranged the Rangers friendly, just as he did with Oldham, Sheff Weds & Carlisle. or, flew the club to NZ for pre-season at the very time his (SD) new ventures commenced there.

  • BertieBasset6

    wor monga Take the bottom line of your comment and wipe your erse with it. Change your name to Bandwagon ya muppet.

  • Greekgeordie

    I am glad that it is Rangers, we support Newcastle, wrong league, wrong Town, unless the Mag decided to engulf another club too, what is the interest in Rangers, I rather read about Norwich, where the pies are the best of all grounds I have visited.

  • wor monga

    BertieBasset6 wor monga     See what I mean…they’re going out their way to support low
    life bigots like you, Bertie!!

  • mrkgw

    Those running our club havent a clue. Charnley, Ashley and Carver are an awful bunch ad we need them all out if the side is ever to reach its true potential.

  • RFC_1872

    wrong league wrong town … same money man!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer RFC_1872 Muppet. More nonsense from you.

    If, even if, as you suggest, Rangers got 75p profit under the old deal (for 49% and 2 board seats by the way)  – they would now be even worse off again as they only have 25% of the new agreement!

    RST has already looked at the accounts and state that only 2000 quid was paid in the second half of the years accounts. Please explain that – in fact don;t bother because you can’t accept the obvious..

    Why did Ashley want Rangers? 500 million fan base worldwide and SD access to them through Rangers retail base and operation.

    If you can give one viable argument as to why Charles Greene gave the retail and Ibrox naming rights away for ABSOLUTELY nothing, I’ll eagerly await your reasoning.

    A corrupt deal by one corrupt man with another.

    Plenty of people look into this – unlike yourself. Spouting off without a damn clue of what you are banging on about.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer RFC_1872 See above you sad imbecile, What I wrote was “the 75p refers to the old deal which was 51% and 49% not the 75% and 25%. ”

    What you consistently omit the cost of any potential interest which maybe applied to any loan that was given.

    I don’t know about the deal with Charles Green it was written on here by your rangers pal that it was based on another interest free loan input into the club by Ashley the amount your mate said has been paid back. 

    As you state there has been an increase in the stake held by SPD for a period of time. That is in exchange for an interest free loan of £10m which would conservatively cost a business £1m to facilitate. Therefore any reasonable business would consider this a reasonable arrangement which negates the need for tax to be paid to the government.

    As i thought your not very good at maths. It seems that you believe Rangers have almost 9% of the worlds population as a fan of the huns.

    Considering that the Rangers club has recently been valued at £22m quid and Dave king suggests a investment of £20m is what is required but he does not know where he will get it. 

    With you on board  would require a .05p investment from each fan to save the club. If that was the case it would have happened already. 

    Lets say you have outrageously over stated the fan base. We’ll do a Johnny Ball and Think of a number say over stated by something as mere 1000 times then that would mean an investment of £50 by each of them would save the club.

    Do you see how outrageously silly you are now?

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer The loss in royalties may have something to do with their current standing in the scottish leagues and cups which doesn’t bear reading about that has nothing to do with Ashley but more to do with board members from Murray and then Whyte who had 


  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill RFC_1872 No Brianer, your title really says it all.

    Here you go – educate yourself on the onerousness of the RRL deal. 
    The unpalatable fact is Ashley can acquire the lot if anyone disputes any part of the agreement.

    Factually speaking –
    1. Ashley made no ‘loan’ to Rangers/Greene. The retail agreement was for an advance of 1.5 million of sales, repayable when that was reached (already cleared). No loan = no interest. Another example of getting what you want without spending your own money.
    2. Llambias was the one fanfaring the Ibrox naming rights in Feb 2013 – acquired for 1 quid. Obviously he was in this from the beginning.
    3. The increase in the retail stake and the Board positions were NOT for a 10 million loan. They were for Ashley’s (MASH) initial 2 million, followed by a further 1 million. The 10 million came later (still unclear if the second tranche of 5 million has been drawn) from SD, paid Ashley back and conveniently side stepped the SFA concerns. 
    3. Obviously a typo, fanbase is estimated at 5 million.
    4. King is on record as stating he will meet 50% of the initial funding required.

    Given your love of defending Ashley here at NUFC no one is in any doubt of your general worship of the bloke.

    Like the ‘interest’ payment amounts here, which explain away (in your many defences) the need for Ashley to pay anything for all of the SD advertising. 
    Funny that, as SD have not lent the Club a penny, Ashley did. MASH, not SD, so why are SD getting free advertising and the run of the retail operation at NUFC? It’s a public company with shareholders, not a Mike Ashley owned company any longer.

    Silly and outrageous? Yes, that you still defend this parasite and seem to think your waffle replaces facts  freely available to anyone prepared to look for them

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill Oh and nothing at to do with JJB having been bought buy SD just a few months previously? Aye, out with that 3 million when I can have it for nowt now.
    Funny how Ashley can buy into Rangers with his own money, yet be negotiating deals for SD as a majority SD shareholder at the same time.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer RFC_1872

    You can’t just dismiss the value of interest on a loan because i have referred to it before. Can you lets us know what you think the impact of £1m of interest payments would have on a club which has a turnover of around £17m this year.

    Its massively significant

    Further to that King has not got that sort of cash he’s a rich fella but not to have £10m lying around ready for this

    But that’s not all there wasm ore rubbish from you

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer

    Further above you have posted a link to the copeland road organisation.

    In this piece it has shown that Rangers Retail had a previous income of £217,000 form its retail. So for that to correlate does that mean you are suggesting that Rangers football club have not had a single penny form the last 15 years of the Sports direct agreement as that is what would be suggested with a figure of £3m in royalties you need to read all of source before using it.

    Oh dear

    Taxi for sicko

  • LachlanMacNeil

    Hun is an offensive term for a Protestant. Your guilty of bigotry and sectarianism like the rest of the Rangers fan who use the term Feinan

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill RFC_1872 Why? Ashley never made a loan for the 2012 RRL deal. 

    First loan he made was for 2 million at the end of October 2014. He followed that with another 1 million in November 2104. 

    You sort of left out that he gave the Ibrox naming rights back at that time – but he obtained the rights to ground advertising instead (for that initial 1 quid).

    SFA stepped in. Hey presto, SD agrees to loan 10 million (in 2 x 5 million tranches), paying back Ashley his 3 million. 

    Whats rubbish about that? They are facts you numpty and we all know how much you hate them..

  • IanMcLeodMilne

    Wor monga. No doubt you have just evidenced your own prejudice by making such an ill informed, inaccurate and crass comment. Rangers have a mention because of the fact we have managed to oust Ashley – and your fellow Mags are looking for a similar outcome at NUFC. I think you will find that Rangers have firmly moved on from the times you talk about, with people of all faiths and none having played for, captained and managed Scotland’s most successful Club. Or are you just a closet, bitter, obsessed Tim who just can’t let go??

  • JockSavait

    wor monga
    I’m am sure you will also agree that not only does the 2nd biggest Glasgow Club have the above problems but an even more sinister problem of supporting IRA murder gangs and harbouring paedophiles!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill I presume you mean 1.5 years, not 15? I’m more gracious than you when it comes to typos.

    “Indeed, from inception it would appear that the club has only received £100,000 in dividends from the venture with Sports Direct. Mr Ashley has lent money to strengthen his stranglehold over our commercial operations whilst funds due to the club through Rangers Retail, over which Sports Direct has effective control, are retained.” 

    UoF after hiring accountants to look at the numbers.

    I’ll believe the people who have seen the books, not your Ashley propaganda.

  • Chemical Dave

    If you can’t comprehend the interest in Rangers then you must be incredibly stupid.

  • IL_Official

    Greekgeordie Rangers are a bigger club than Newcastle; If you can’t work out the interest in Rangers, you’re following the wrong sport.

  • No Brainer

    No it is not the term you suggest it was a term coined by a English journolist after yet another of yoir vile violent fans trip south of the border. You must think I’m daft hun. Which in the northeast is term of endearment for your lass

  • No Brainer

    No I didn’t leave anything outI think what was written summed you and your S*ute up more than adequately.
    no mention of the benefit to rangers of the loans yet again.
    and no credence given to the hlaring fact that ally mcoist has been taking over 200% of what both spd and rifc receive in revenue out of the retail agreement

  • scotty63

    Chemical Dave oh he is

  • DavidDrape

    its very difficult to name anyone who hasn’t taken any money out of rangers since they had problems & yet probably more revelations to come out about pay offs. this is old news for rangers fans. I refer back to Ruud Guilet who refused to take a pay off at newcastle and it was disappointing that McCoist did not do the same after all rangers have already made him a millionaire years ago.  Of course no wonder ashley is getting chased because he is another obvious one who is attaching himself to the cash cow. I am just amazed (if true) that LLambias and Leach had the balls to ask for a pay off regards their contract. they should be thankful they got out of scotland alive. bleeding cheek

  • GToon

    Instead of vultures circling overhead we have the modern day equivalent – the helicopter. And to be a bit more precise, one belonging to a certain M. Ashley. Perhaps we should put up some kind of barbed wire, like the stuff to keep pigeons out of towns, to stop him from landing.


    i have said b4 an will say it 1 more time the rangers fans played ashly at his own game all he an his cohorts are only intrested in the dough dinaro dollar etc etc if you have the balls stop going to the matches an keep out of the stores keep the money from the greedy b########s follow the example of the rangers fans and get the club into your the fans hands untill you all grow sum then you will never know what it will feel like dont leave it too late it might take us a few years to get back to where we belong but we will get there under the fans and     people that really care about our club W.A.T.P

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer

    What loans are you talking about? Ashley loaned no money whatsoever prior to Oct 2014. Plainly a truth, even though we all know you hate such things.

    So you must mean the total of 3 million between then and January 2015, a  whole 3 months. Loans designed to keep King and Co out of things? Unless of course you are you and believe they were entirely for the good of Rangers.

    None of the money from his share purchases even went to the club, that’s how helpful he is. Got all he wanted before a penny went to Rangers.

    As for McCoist and the rest, not much I can comment on there. I’m interested because of Ashley and his further pillage of the club. It allows us to see his methods and how he goes about screwing people over, just as he’s doing here.

    King – I have no clue if he has the money or not. Neither do you.

  • No Brainer

    No not at all maths again I was taking the p about your 3m lost revenue as considering it was only 217k in previous yrs it would rake almost 15 yrs of no contribution to make 3 m loss. Your assumption of 1-5 kind of omplies you know you were talking pap

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Look you numpty, it wasn’t 217k in previous YEARS.
    It was 217k for THE financial year up to the RRL deal commencing (Aug 12). 3-4 months therefore. Singular, not plural.
    It’s not a Math problem you have, it’s the comprehension of reality.

    You defend Ashley so much you are caught up in the spin. You’re earning that club tie.

  • newcastle7

    To explain in simple terms what happened it is alleged that the former directors of Rangers stole £70m pounds
    over two years ago. The Club gets relegated three divisions and two years later is in danger of going bankrupt again. Then a knight in shinning armour invests ten million with an emergency loan to save them from going bankrupt again.
    However according to the mag website the villain is Mike Ashley and the robbers are hero’s no wonder I despair at the mentality of this site.

  • newcastle7

    IL_Official Greekgeordie  Rangers get the same crowds as we do for youth cup games get a life

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Just goes to prove how simple Simon actually is.

    Do you mean the Knight in shining armour who was dealing with Craig Whyte in 2011? Or the same bloke who done deals with Charles Greene in 2012? The bloke who never put a single penny into Rangers until Oct 2014? They were so corrupt yet your beloved Mike couldn’t wait to deals with them over 3 years. How’s that?

    By the way, SD are the ones loaning (up to) the 10 million. Can you not even understand that difference?

  • Chemical Dave

    Only because they boycotted simple Si

  • Chemical Dave

    Don’t come back if you despair that much. Oh, you’re paid to aren’t you ? Carry on simple Si.

  • DavidDrape

    PENNYTHEDUG not sure about WATP tho HH COYBIG

  • DavidDrape

    newcastle7 Simon its about where all the money has gone & very likely to have have very little to do with ashley. the article is likely to be referring to where all the money has gone & who too such as Sir david murray, Craig Whyte (may 2011-May 2012), Charles Green (chief executive 6/12-4/14) who left after links to Whyte were exposed, Imran Ahmad ex commercial director (6/12-4/14), Malcolm Murray ex chairman (6/12-7/13),  etc etc as well as Paul Cartmell, Walter Smith, ally mccoist, Craig mather, bryan smart, brain stockbridge, graham wallace, Phillip nash, Norman crighton, James easdale? all perhaps needed paid off or duff and phelps administrators , money wasted, player salaries and other likely unknown payouts.    to make matters even worse to show they didn’t really give a jot but if they had there way you could add Llambias and leach to some of that lot

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  NoBrain are you in employment at the moment. You could do Rangers a turn and come up here and sort their finances out. You know more about their finances than the people that are involved with the club. Im sure they would be grateful for your input. You seem to know their accounts better than anyone.

  • Greggy164

    wor monga  We’re no bigots we’re just sectarian. BJK

  • Sickandtiredstill

    How can you say “add Llambias and Leach to that” and begin by saying it has very little to do with Ashley?
    They were there because of and on behalf of Ashley.
    It was Llambias trying to rxplain the Ibrox naming rights being given to Ashley for 1 quid. His comments eere made Feb ’13.
    Ashley used Duff & Phelps for the USC administration!
    Ashley may not have been part of the original money problems but since 2011 he’s been involved with those responsible.

  • Greggy164

    newcastle7  No-one has alleged £70 million has been stolen.

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill  The fees Duff and Plebs charged while Rangers were in admin were shocking. It runs into millions. When it came to paying players, bills, creditors, etc Duff and Plebs fees were always the 1st to be paid out of the clubs funds

  • DavidDrape

    Sickandtiredstill my understanding is most of the money has disappeared/been used up well prior to ashley coming along. that i think is very fair comment as for LLambias and Leach wanting a payout my point is that the eason why rift are in such a mess as everyone wants payouts so if true both ashleys reps on the board wanted pay off front tree contracts then its again spirals out of control again so its fair to include the latter 2 if they want to stick it up rangers and the new board.

  • DavidDrape

    Sickandtiredstill & the word i used was ”could” when referring to the latter 2 being added to that lot

  • DavidDrape

    Greggy164 amazing as soon as they were originally appointed most people knew there was something fishily they are part of the problem. perhaps another company would have been better as think they had some kind of original links rangers appeared to not do themselves any favours having them on board as i gather they not that impartial? just a guess

  • Phil Ossifer

    IanMcLeodMilne  I guess you missed out on the sectarian bile being sung and chanted by the rangers support at the League Cup semi-final, moved on indeed.

  • Phil Ossifer

    JockSavait wor monga  Partick Thistle ?, who would have thought it. If paedophilia turns your crank, check out “Kincora Boys Home”, enjoy, and remember Big Ian knew.

  • Phil Ossifer

    RFC_1872  Your description makes him sound like a rangers fan.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer I do not defend him i highlight all the falsities that you jump on in a kneejerk fashion to try and make a point. Instead of offering a balanced and constructive way forward you just criticise those who are currently employed at the club. 

    Continually tripping yourself bllamingg typoo’s, when its your excitement which lets you run away with what your writing seriously 5 is 6, 7, 8, 9 away from 00, you can no longer be given any credence whatsoever.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill Half of your posts need running through Bletchley Park for deciphering, never mind typos!

    You don’t defend him or his actions? Plainly I’m not alone in reading and believing otherwise.

    Loans and interest rates – it’s the same shyte you peddle here about NUFC. The FACTS are that Ashley tied up RRL and Ibrox naming rights before he loaned a single penny (2012).

    The FACT is the 10 million you mention – was/is to be loaned by SD not Ashley (Jan 2015).

    The FACT is – Ashley secured another 26% of RRL, 2 Board seats and security of assets, in return for a 2 million loan provided at the end of October last year.

    The FACT is, Ashley was dealing as MASH yet acquiring benefits for SD.

  • IanMcLeodMilne

    Phil Ossifer JockSavait wor monga

  • IanMcLeodMilne

    Phil Ossifer I was talking about Rangers FC – not the support. Rangers FC can hardly be held responsible for the songs sung on a terrace by any number of fans who fail to realise it is not acceptable. The Club has made it quite clear it doesn’t want this. Are you responsible for the actions of those you work with?