Yoan Gouffran says that Newcastle have to show ‘great spirit’ in the remaining nine matches of the season.

The midfielder/winger/whatever admits that it has been far too easy for other clubs when they have played Newcastle, with the point now reached where he and the rest of the players have to prove their worth to the supporters.

Yoan Gouffran talking to the Chronicle:

“We have to try to show great spirit and that we are fighting as sometimes it has been too easy for the opposition. We have to show to the fans, and for us, something.

“It was very bad at Everton, we give the best for the club but sometimes it’s difficult for the fans, but we will try to win.

Disappointed not to have more points:

“We are disappointed because we would like to have some more points.

“To be honest I did touch him (Aaron Lennon for penalty) a little bit but I think he fell down very quickly after it.”

Gouffran’s words are likely to have as much positive effect as his performances.

The last fifteen months he has been appalling and the vast majority of fans struggle to comprehend how he gets his game.

Yet again against Everton, the travelling supporters were stunned to see Ayoze Perez and Remy Cabella left on the bench whilst Gouffran played.

Like all the players he has to start delivering and not just talking the talk in between matches.

With only two goals in 15 months which came thanks to a fluke against Southampton and a wicked deflection at Hull, Gouffran is one of those players who needs to step up and take more responsibility.

Like certain others he disappears for so long during matches that you forget he is on the pitch.


  • Paul Patterson

    Waffle, waffle, waffle . . .

  • Porciestreet

    Someone comes out with this same b****x every time we get stuffed and there are a few more to come. No more excuses, we need a clear out asap.

  • Corkyjohn

    Then again whats harder to believe, Gouffran starts every game or people actually read the chronicle?

  • Jail for Ashley

    How about some words starting with an apology from our want away captain instead.

  • Maximus Moose

    You can show as much spirit as you want but its Ability that counts & Nufc players havent got any

  • gavinv1972

    pointless, gouffran is in the same boat as half the team, not good enough, happy to be mediocre and so uninspiring

  • Hughie

    What you mean like trying to dribble out of your box, losing the ball, and hacking down the opponent– just like Anita –a liability and a nothing player who doesn’t know his best position. Nowhere near good enough for NUFC

  • toon tony

    Maybe like before Everton, players were saying that we have to make the most of them playing a hard European game, err that worked didn’t it. I predict that after Arsenal had a disappointing result v Monaco the traveling etc , we will seize the opportunity and keep the gunners down to only 4-0.!!