We want all fans to give us your Newcastle v Everton player ratings using our new interactive system.

Please rate all fourteen players used and from that there will be generated the overall supporter marks for every player.

Plus you can keep checking back to see how all the players are doing, as the overall ratings are instantly updated as people input their marks out of 10.

This is just one of the many great new features we have on our new look website.

Mark the players now with your ratings.

  • Paul Mann

    They’re all a disgrace!

  • toon tony

    Shame there’s no zero. !!!

  • John Watson

    Here’s the equation….11×0-1(Carvers coaching IQ)-2(players integrity) =-3

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    not got the heart to bother atm, sorry

  • Brown Bottle

    There’s not an ounce of footballing intelligence in any of that shower bar Perez and Colback. They are a mirror image of the blurts who  coach them and pay their wages. Worthless.

  • No Brainer

    You exoect us to rate that [email protected]

  • A lex

    Very true. But no more so than supposed ‘fans’ who continue to support this.

  • scotty63

    Each week I think we can’t get any worse – each week I am proved wrong.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Management = 0

  • stepaylor

    just compared NUFC weekly spend on wages currently to the rest of the premier league.

    Were supposedly the 8th best team in the land but our wage spend is behind all bar 5 in the premier league. Sunderland have a higher wage bill than us.

    Its crazy how low we have sunk with Ashley in charge

  • nufcslf

    Rudderless, clueless and didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered by the result.

  • DownUnderMag

    Check out eh fixtures.  I can’t see where our next win will come from…possibly Leicester if they are already relegated by them, but at this rate we won’t be getting another victory on the board this season.  Yes, even the Mackems…sadly I think they will have more to play for than us and we will be without a lot of key players, a makeshift defence and a clueless set-up bereft of any sort of tactical idea.  I just hope Carver can at least get the lads up enough to win the Derby – sad that we have sunk so low that a lower half finish is seen as the norm and we are left hoping for a win in the Derby to achieve “success”.  Sad days indeed…well done Cashley, at least you’re making a profit (or at least getting free advertising).

  • tino o

    Sorry can’t even rate one of them to a man they were all shite carver is totally inept and doesn’t belong at the club never mind manager . sick of hearing the crap that comes from his mouth pardew taught him well. Ashley must be proud of the job he has done we are embarrassing more dark days ahead! !

  • Peter Nealon

    But it’s ok cos we’ll publish a 50 million profit this year when the figures come out in a couple of weeks!!!!!