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  • peterharper


  • peterharper

    Don’t anyone tell me we played well. Continually passed to opposing players. Clueless at throw ins.
    Taylor afraid to tackle. Abeid , Obertan absolutely dreadful. One day Williamson will pass to a Newcastle player.
    Just as well Man Utd were garbage.

  • lupamac

    Nice to see Carver playing with  2 wingers again  they really caused some havoc…….not many coaches would do that. what a load of b0llix

  • toonterrier

    Two second rate teams and even with their superior possession they were crap. We have to get rid of Obertan,,Ameobi and Riviere as they are miles away from being good enough. Thought we might have pinched a point but probably got what we deserved.

  • Polarboy

    Woeful game, Man U do hardly anything with all their possession and that is the only reason we didn’t get battered.

  • 1953

    We were absolutely s.ite. They were a bit better and to be honest they could easily been out of sight.
    Having said that the pen was a cert, Riviere should gave had 2 nailed on, and Cisse should have had 2. That makes 5. I wouldn’t rate any of our players above 5 and R Taylor(excuses in that position), Sammy, Riviere and Obertan would have scored between 2 and 3. I would normally give 2 for turning up so you get my drift. Sammy and Obertan should have been busting their ar$es to impress. Sammy will never ever make a premiership footballer. Get rid please in summer.As for Charva– completely out of his depth — I don’t think he could manage a Northern League outfit.

  • Brown Bottle

    Probably just as well we didn’t get the penalty from the Manchester based referee. Although Mancky U were wasteful I think they’d have stepped up if we’d gone 1 up after 10 minutes. 

    I’m not the first to point this out but every time we take the field it looks as if we’ve never played as a team before. I’m also certain there’s not a worse team in any division that passes as poorly, ineffectively and wastefully as this shower. It’s becoming embarrassing and it’s not just recently. We’ve been woeful for years.

  • Brown Bottle

    lupamac Such a brave boy is the Charver.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Pen, yes. Wrong throw in, yes.
    Ameobi and Obertan? Complete no-shows. Abeid was all over the place. Riviere is never going to score. Cisse off the boil. Good to se Jonas, but in the wrong game.
    Man U made us look not as bad as we were.

  • PhilYare

    the worst thing is I think we are incapable of ‘playing well’. Its this shower of s**t till fatman clears off then we will all wonder why the hell we put up for it for so long
    This is the weakest manchester for 20 years, considerably, van gaal plays his wide men on the wrong sides and completely nullifies his frontmen, we then make so much of a habit of passing the ball to them then we then go and ask them to neatly kick it in the net from 8 yards with no goalkeeper

  • TheBoneYard

    player ratings ? or IQ scores………..what a bunch of brainless, lazy and clueless lot……..the new standing still whilst waving your arm at the linesman, kicking the ball to the opposition players, throwing the ball at the opposition, growing roots when trying for a header, falling down when kicking at goal, and spitting…………charva’s ideas now beginning to take effect !

  • lupamac

    Carver” so disappointing for the guy’s for 89 minutes we matched them .for 89 minutes we were outstanding.”

  • NatTurner

    Riviere’s pathetic.  Abeid so disappointing.  I think if Colback had played we would have won.  Still created a ton of chances and I think it would have been a point each with us the better team, but we decided to throw the points away again.  Think JC’s substitutions have something to do with this phenomenon.

  • Brownale69

    Sammy and Obertan waste of space, if we have not got any better even in the second string then the whole coaching and backroom staff should go

  • Paul Patterson

    Average performances all round really.
    I hope that we aren’t going to just assume that Abeid is a defensive midfielder, because he isn’t, but that is where we play him.
    Cisse will deservedly get a three game ban for his brainless behaviour and how Riviere can be classed as a Premier League striker is beyond me.
    On the other hand, two Premier League officials missed the most blatant penalty you will EVER see.
    On the plus side, well done Jonas, great moment.