Summing up the Newcastle v Arsenal match, Gary Lineker once again proved himself the man for the one-liners.

With Newcastle not turning up in the first half, Lineker suggested that they must have taken their flip-flops off at half-time.

A reference to comments Match of The Day pundit Phil Neville made after the previous match at Everton, claiming the United players looked like they were already on their holidays as they gifted Everton a three goal win.

John Carver had reacted angrily to Neville’s comments and indeed claimed after the final whistle against Arsenal, that his players had proved both Neville and other critics wrong.

Analysing the Arsenal game on Match of The Day last night though, Gary Lineker said the two halves were as big a contrast as you’d see anywhere.

Gary Lineker

“I think they took their flip-flops off at half-time. A game of contrasting 45 minutes if ever there was one”

Alan Shearer was of a similar mind as well, he couldn’t believe that after the Everton game, the players weren’t determined to make up for it from kick-off yesterday:

“Unbelievable. I would have expected Newcastle to come out of the blocks flying after being battered by Everton last weekend and being criticised by a lot of people.

“I expected them to get in the faces of Arsenal but there was nothing at all. It was so easy for Arsenal; take your time, get your head up, no pressure on the ball whatsoever.”

Come on guys:

“I’m looking at this game and thinking ‘come on guys, you’ve got to do a lot more’, you’ve got to start closing the Arsenal players down because if you give them time and space like they did here, they will punish you.”

Essential to get the crowd going:

“They’re an excellent team when other teams allow them to do that. It’s just so easy for them and the crowd are flat. At Newcastle you need to get the crowd going, even if you just go in with a crunching tackle, it gives them something.

“I’m looking and thinking why couldn’t they do this first half?”

(The statistics over the course of this season are shocking in terms of how Newcastle start games compared to the opposition – have a look HERE)


  • Jarra MIck

    Carver was upset? He should have been embarrassed after last week. I detest that Neville, we’ll both of them really but he was spot on about the Everton game. At least we got a bit pride back against Arsenal but it is the same poor players who are letting us down on a regular bases, Wilko, Anita and Gouffran. I don’t believe we haven’t got three players at the club who could do a better job than these three useless fcukers

  • Philippines

    The second half was almost a pleasure to watch and we could have won. Clearly Perez and Cabella should be on the field at the start of remaining games, unlike at Everton.

    As for Sammy Ameobi, I am reminded of what Ferguson said of Ronaldo when he was newly signed for MUFC “He will be a good player when he learns you can actually pass the ball”. Sammy should stop thinking he is George Best and stop trying to beat two players all the time.

    Jarra Mick and others still slag Williamson but I think he is a much better player than popular opinion on this site seems to indicate.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Good second half but as shearer says why not from the start?after half time we had a go and as fans that all were after after a season of half for a long time but we must do if from the off.carver waited too long to make a change after 60-70 mins should have ripped off Anita/gouffran put on Armstrong/riviere.why sub him on after 88 mins?still at least it was a good 2nd half to watch,fully deserved a point.

  • Hughie

    First half was very poor yet again. So why the astonishing second 45–best they’ve played for months. Was there something in the tea? Was Sissoko told that he hadn’t a price of an Arsenal transfer based on his first half display? The theory in our  neck of the woods was that the players decided to ignore what Carver and co had told them and to play as they wanted. It was as if a switch had been flicked. Arsenic were incredibly lucky to win. Still awaiting an explanation from someone at the club or with inside knowledge about what happened at half time to prompt the transformation, and why a team with a scratch back four and no recognised striker was capable of demolishing top four opposition. First time for months I have felt that I almost got my money’s worth. If they can play like this , why not before? As usual something is afoot at the place , but we will never know…….

  • Brownale69

    DONT let Sami or Anita near the 1st team!

  • Big Al 1967

    Quite Simple Carver ALWAYS sends his team out in the first half to contain the opposition and hopefully get in at half time level. However with the exception of both Carver and Pardew before him we all know we are no where near good enough to do this and end up having to chase games and go on the front foot after the break to try and get a result, something that we CAN do
    If (or more likely when) Carver tries this in the pressure cooker of the derby it could give the scum down the road the confidence they need to go at us and we all know how that will end.
    The old addage of the The best form of defence is attack is us down to the ground, so lets go at them from the first whistle Carver as they are ready for the taking. Their confidence is more fragile than ever so DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE THEM ANY BELIEF OR HOPE WHICH IS WHAT YOUR NORMAL GAME PLAN WILL DO. ATTACK FROM THE KICK OFF WILL BRING ITS REWARDS

  • mrkgw

    Carver is dreadful. And next weekend, we stand to drop another couple of places should Everton and West Brom win who are both at home. I honestly dont see us beating the Mackems at the Stadium of Light and so, the woeful caretaker will continue his shockingly bad record. How he has been allowed to continue is disgusting. Ashley has much to answer for.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Pity they’ve been wearing pit boots and wellies all season.  Williamson must have been wearing his welding mask for both goals, he saw the sun but not the ball or even the man.

    Last game of the season will we be hanging on to escape relegation, wait and see