Frank de Boer has admitted to being approached by three different clubs whilst at Ajax.

The Dutchman was the focus of much speculation regarding the Newcastle job after Alan Pardew’s departure but apparently not much action.

In preview extracts released from an interview in the upcoming April issue of Four-Four-Two, Frank de Boer says that three clubs to ask about his services are Monaco, Liverpool and most recently…Tottenham. The Ajax boss saying he would have taken the Spurs job if offered it but they went for Pochettino after having talks with both candidates. No mention of Newcastle United…

De Boer has also said he will consider a move in the future but he says it would have to be: ‘…where I’ll be able to act in the way I like’.

A lot of Newcastle fans appear to be sucked into the misinformation put out by some of the press, especially those close to the Ashley regime at Newcastle.

They talk a lot about the continental model of having a head coach working with a director of football, as though it bears any resemblance to what is happening at Newcastle, where it has been made clear that any new head coach/manager would have minimal to no say in which players are signed and sold.

That is NOT the case at any decent club on the continent, the head coach/manager still has a massive say and the director of football is there to help them and put players in front of the head coach. Not what we have had at Newcastle with Alan Pardew having no say on players, for example given somebody like Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa who he clearly didn’t rate and so gives him no proper run in the team.

Frank de Boer would never have given Newcastle a second glance under this running of the club by Mike Ashley and with John Carver’s increasingly sycophantic comments about the owner, it is becoming patently clear that there was no intention of bringing any credible replacement in for Alan Pardew in January.

Frank de Boer speaking to Four-Four-Two:


“Together with Mauricio Pochettino I was the biggest candidate, and if they had chosen me, I would’ve done it. I believe you have to take risks, and have the conviction that you’ll succeed


“There was potential interest from Monaco as well, but it wasn’t something I was looking for at that moment. Liverpool and Spurs are clubs I could manage.


“At the time [in 2012], I felt I wasn’t ready for a move abroad. I had just started at Ajax, and I was not finished here at all. Liverpool approached me in the same way Tottenham did this year, wanting to hold exploratory talks first.”

I look at whether it’s a club where I’ll be able to act in the way I like..:

“If I get an offer from a club in the future, I will consider the possibility and then follow my feeling. I look at whether it’s a club where I think I can present myself well and where I’ll be able to act in the way I like. Before, there was potential interest from Monaco as well, but it wasn’t something I was looking for at that moment. Liverpool and Spurs are clubs I could manage.”

  • NufcToon

    So glad the chronicle is back in Ashley’s pocket

  • NW Mag

    Why do so many toon fans think for one second that Ashley would actually fork out the wages on someone as good quality as De Boer?! Don’t be surprised to see Carver in charge at the start of next season.

  • wor monga

    Breath taking non revelations here…considering De Boer’s
    brother told the media officially over a week ago that Frank had, had no
    approaches this season, or in fact none since Spurs last season, and Liverpool
    before that.

    He’s holding out for a cushier number, and an easier ride
    than he’d get from the Mag’s internet fans, if it didn’t look like the club
    would make the top 4 in his first 6 months.

    What’s more…If Carver manages to get the unexpected victory over Man U
    tonight…the tea leaves tell me that the previous abysmal display against City
    will be forgiven…if not forgotten!!!

  • GeordieBri

    Yet more lies from the regime… he was never approached about the job… I doubt anyone ever was! … We are undoubtedly being softened up by the media who are now onside, with positive propaganda about how great Charver is!!!!