Former Newcastle star Steve Harper has got it wrong on John Carver.

Current players are only ever going to say one thing when asked whether John Carver should get the Newcastle Head coach job long-term, the same going for former players who have any kind of attachment to Carver.

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Having known John Carver for the last couple of decades, Steve Harper undoubtedly falls into this second category.

Harper cites the case of Glenn Roeder as a reason for Carver getting the role long-term, the former Newcastle keeper wrong for all kinds of reasons.

Steve Harper:

“It is up to John and the club between now and the end of the season.

“Their safety is well assured in the Premier League and so there is no pressure on them now, they have got the freedom to go out and play.”

Less experience than John Carver?:

“It will be tough but certainly when Glenn Roeder stepped up, he would earn the right, and he had a lot less experience than John had.

“John has been in and around the first team not just under Sir Bobby but recently as well, it is in his hands and I wish him well.”

Sorry Steve, but to talk of John Carver having more experience than Glenn Roeder had, is pure nonsense.

When Roeder got the Newcastle job he was also promoted from within at St. James’ Park, but on his CV he’d already managed throughout the divisions with both Gillingham and Watford, before also adding a Premier League job to his list, when he was taken on by West Ham.

Sad to say he didn’t do a great job at any of them and was sacked by all three, which was the reason he ended up working with the kids at Newcastle.

However, before he came back to United, Glenn Roeder also had experience as a coach with England when Glenn Hoddle gave him a role.

To talk of John Carver having anything like the background Roeder had is ludicrous, apart from the jobs he’s landed at Newcastle United, Carver doesn’t have anything else that really comes close to that – a short spell managing in Canada is a million miles away from what is needed at Newcastle.

It isn’t a character assassination of John Carver, just pointing out that nothing in his past suggests he is capable of managing (head coaching) Newcastle United.

Roeder got the United job in February 2006 after Graeme Souness was (thankfully) finally sacked and the team actually went on an inspiring run and finished seventh. Alan Shearer had been temporarily given a job as assistant to Roeder as well as his playing duties, undoubtedly helping the team move up to 7th and get Roeder the job on a permanent contract.

Of course Shearer retired at the end of that season, Kevin Bond was brought in as assistant to Roeder, and Newcastle bombed – Glenn Roeder sacked/resigning before the end of the season.

Promoting from within has never worked in the modern day era at St. James’ Park, with the case of Richard Dinnis particularly painful in the 1970s.

Newcastle were relegated in Dinnis’ first season, whilst the drop also awaited United within two years of Roeder leaving.

Giving John Carver the job will leave many of us worrying if it will be third time unlucky…


  • peterharper

    You articles are well researched, thought out and written.
    I am essentially a male chauvinist where football is concerned so it would be fair to say that, for me to praise you, is an indication of my opinion of your understanding of the game of football.

  • wor monga

    In those days the manager took over the total responsibility
    for all aspects of the club, such as, identifying, buying and selling players, agreeing
    contracts, instructing the trainers / medical staff on fitness matters, deciding
    the team, formulating tactics, ground staff, office staff etc.etc.

    Putting all that in the hands of Dinnis, and Roeder were
    very serious mistakes as neither had any experience or competency in that
    overall role, at any big club. The players only knew them as trainers, and saw
    them each day doing just that, but the management of the club should have known
    better, and were the one’s at fault not the players…

    The job description for next season will be almost precisely
    what Carver has been doing for years under Robson, and Pardew…ie. working with
    the players, but now with the added responsibility for deciding the team, and formulating

    There’s some hard matches coming up, and the squad is weak
    in most areas, so if he can manage some decent results under those conditions…then
    why shouldn’t he be given a chance to prove himself?…

  • Double Carpet

    Do the words ‘patronising’ and ‘pompous’ mean anything to you?
    Suspect your phrase ‘where football is concerned’ is totally redundant.

  • wor monga

    Incidentally when telling us of Roeder’s impressive
    background (Gillingham 1yr, Watford 1yr, WHU 2yr relegation)  compared to Carver  you failed to mention that prior to Glenn coming
    to the Toon he had been away from the game for over 2 years after his operation
    to remove a brain tumour…

    Dinnis’s record was even more impressive considering he’d
    never played football, he was a school  PE teacher… then 5 yrs reserve team trainer at
    Blackburn Rovers…

    Seems to be more like being economical with the truth than good research in your efforts to be prejudiced against Carver…

  • peterharper

    In the main, especially where the playing of football is concerned, female performance , in comparison to male performance ,is rubbish.
    Where journalism is concerned we have to read rubbish by Lee Ryder who would not know a good footballer if he saw one.
    I stand by what I said. Jane’s articles are well thought out…something we do not see much from women.
    I hate this politically correct garbage. I deal with reality.

  • PhilYare

    1957  that’s right, he got us up to 7th by seasons end…. I would guess charver will probs get us 14th, cant see us scoring a f**king goal without papiss

  • DownUnderMag

    Roeder was offered the job short term and did so well he he HAD to be offered the chance.  Carver has yet to show any sort of reason or form behind calls for him to get the job permanently.  I just think that despite his years of working alongside Sir Bobby Robson, he seems to be focused more on how things were done under Pardew than how things were in those ‘nearly’ years.  

    I just don’t see any sort of tactical ability from Carver, I applaud him for playing 4-4-2 once again, but other than that he is still making some rather strange calls.  

    Hopefully even the owner can see that if we head into next season with a manager (sorry head coach) who thinks 2 wins from 10 games or so is “not too bad” when those two wins cam against appallingly bad opposition, is just asking for relegation.  The players aren’t helping right now and the small squad is certainly a hindrance, but you still can’t help but feel that a better coach would have us looking up rather than writing the rest of the season off.

  • mrkgw

    John Carver is NOT the right man for the job. Absolutely not.