Newcastle fans being charged £52 to watch the match at Liverpool, has once again sparked a debate about the outrageous prices charged to watch Premier League football.

It is an irony that the league which has the least need to charge high prices due to TV deals that massively outstrip any other, is also the one that charges fans ticket prices that…massively outstrip any other league.

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Sadly, England is also the country where football fans are least willing to act as a co-ordinated group to force change.

Many Newcastle fans are outraged that they or their fellow supporters are having to pay £52 at Anfield, but there wasn’t much sympathy flying around for Sunderland fans having to pay £47 in December at St. James’ Park, or indeed Liverpool fans charged £44 a ticket in November, as well as Manchester United supporters no doubt paying similar prices to the mackems when they visited last week.

Pretty much all of the Premier League clubs charge as much as they think they can get away with for any particular game, with ironically the stronger your away support is, being a disadvantage when it comes to ticket prices.

Over in Germany, football fans there find it impossible to understand why English supporters accept the prices charged without putting up more a fight.

Supporters in England can generally be roused when there is a specific issue affecting their own club, but when it comes to fighting something that affects us all – everything falls flat.

The FSF (Football Supporters Federation)  are doing their best to try and address the problem but with most Premier League stadiums pretty much full and the vast majority of supporters tied to season tickets, mass action seems a million miles away.

The reality is that only when interest in Premier League football declines at some point in the future and more seats are left empty, will clubs then be motivated to do something across the board on pricing. Particularly when it comes to filling seats to provide the spectacle for those watching on TV around the world.

The problem comes that in the meantime many football fans who are being priced out at the minute may well not be attracted back when eventually prices fall to a more affordable level, people tend to find something else to do with their time or get used to paying nothing and watching on foreign satellite in the local pub.

By that point of course most current owners will have made their money, sold up and moved on.

What is happening in the Premier League may appear to be a massive success story to some, scratch beneath the surface though and in the eyes of many others it is rotten to the core.

  • prestondave

    To watch that pile of crap.? Should be free.

  • DavidDrape

    yip, taking the mickey are most clubs. a student ticket for palace away was £11 yet it was £38 at man city – disgraceful. one game we have to refuse to go and stand together but i can’t see that happening. derby fans were kicking off that they got to pay £40 this sat at norwich and we toon fans been fleeced off delia in recent years, hence why i wanted them to go down. norwich were charging £44 for there derby v ipswich & most games are £40 yet wigan at home last week who don’t have a massive following was only £25 to get in for home fans so a massive £15 difference based on the team you are playing. we should continue to shame these clubs. part of the problem is if we don’t take up the tickets other non ukl based fans from far east will snap them up & pay whats being asked  seen that at toon v man u last week with hundreds of not thousands of far eastern fans of man united in the home ends

  • DavidDrape

    I been offered 15 euro tickets for a schalke home game in the standing terrace behind the goal & thats the same price for every home game regardless of whether its dortmond or another team. clubs also in eh uk must move away from categorising games and make it fair all round

  • Larry Adler

    £20 for every adult away fan for every game, simples

  • toonterrier

    The way Newcastle have played for the majority of this season I would have thought about one pound two and fourpence would be more than enough to pay and that’s only for the away supporters. Next season with the promise of multi signings they could push the price right up to two pounds fifty.

  • Greggy164

    £52 is to much. Add travilling, couple of pints and something to eat. Easy £150. Take your son with you and its £250. I can get a week in Spain for that

  • Alsteads

    It’s right through the leagues. £22 to watch York City. FFS!! Ask yourself. The bairn will twig on soon and start charging me a 15 spot to watch him kick a ball around the garden!
    It’s been heading this way for years now and if you ask me the standard has dropped massively to when you had your Henry’s, Bergkamps and all the rest of them

  • toon tony

    Should start paying us to watch that $#it€

  • Gary Linney

    it’s all a ripoff nowadays…money + more money and the sport comes third!

  • No Brainer

    Scousers = thienes simple as that

  • Chemical Dave

    I would be far easier persuaded to pay to watch my laddies team play than sportsdirect fc….at least they’re trying to win the league.