Newcastle’s never sighted on-loan striker Facundo Ferreyra hopes to extend his stay at St. James’ Park.

The mysterious signing of the Argentine striker has continued to puzzle Newcastle fans, why bring a loan player in if you are never going to play him?

After eight months and not a single minute of first team action, Ferreyra says he has struggled to cope with the physical nature of the Premier League.

Despite this he is hoping to stay beyond his initial year’s loan at Newcastle, with the striker hoping to be back in a couple of weeks when his current slipped disc problem is fully sorted.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Facundo Ferreyra had this to say:

“I have not been lucky enough to play due to physical problems but I’m working to get well and stay on the field because I would love to stay and play here.

“The team was already established when I arrived and when I started to feel good, I had this injury and I’m struggling with that.”

Getting physical:

“The truth is it’s great because I think the Premier League is the best league in the world.

“It is a very physical league and the defenders are very strong and you must be able to withstand the rigour. Here if you are not good physically you cannot play.”

Hope to stay:

“When I got here I struggled to adapt. It cost me physically perhaps, the inactivity in Ukraine.

“I hope to stay. If not I can return to Shaktar and see if I want to stay there or not. In case I do not I will have to go on loan.”

You have to really question why Newcastle committed to this player when he appears to have been a million miles away from being able to cope with the step up.

Especially when United had so few striking options and they knew Papiss Cisse was going to missing the opening matches due to his knee surgery.

If Newcastle commit to beyond this season then it will sum up just how mad a club it is at this moment in time.


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  • Paul Soulsby

    I bet he does, where else would he get a fat salary and Saturday’s off ? #80kperweekdyer #pansymarcelinho #shithouseowen

  • Brian Standen

    Strangely enough on you tube there is a montage of him scoring a few goals, one or two of them quite decent… Maybe if fit give him a shot, can’t be worse than Gouffran

  • prestondave

    He’s the new striker for next season. It will be like a new signing.Now where have i heard that before.?

  • radgiegadgie

    I bet he wants to extend his stay

  • Mal44

    Funny I looked at something similar when we first signed him and thought he looked decent; just shows you should never trust these videos which are probably put together by agents. Presumably it’s the one they showed us before we signed him, though allegedly he was recommended by Colo.

  • DownUnderMag

    I’ll bet he does.  I’d want to extend my stay somewhere I got paid and didn’t have to lift a finger.  As for his struggling with the physicality?  How does he know, he hasn’t played a minutes football in the Premiership!