The loan of five Newcastle players to Rangers was strange in itself, then taking into account Mike Ashley’s involvement at both clubs it was always going to draw extra attention.

Now however, more details are emerging which show just what a bad deal Rangers were getting when the five loan player deals were organised by former directors Derek Llambias and Barry Leach.

As well as it now being made public that Rangers are paying out wages every week for all five despite three of the five never having stepped on the first team pitch, it has now being revealed that one of the five had a medical condition diagnosed whilst at Newcastle which meant he could never have played for Rangers this season.

Manager Stuart McCall had revealed last week that Gael Bigirimana’s mystery illness would mean Rangers fans wouldn’t see him play this season.

The player himself now says that he already had this condition before he moved to Rangers but was personally unaware that it would prevent him playing under Scottish FA rules.

The new Directors at Rangers have expressed disbelief that no medicals were carried out for the five players before a deal was done and now Gael Bigirimana has been forced to give more details after rumours spread that it was Hepatitis C he was suffering from.

Bigirimana denies that this is what is preventing him playing but confirmed to the Daily Record that a medical problem does exist that prevents him playing in Scotland, though according to him he could still play in England despite the ailment.

Gael Bigirimana:

“I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to play. I didn’t think it would be a problem that would stop me playing – nobody told me.

“Yes I knew I had a problem but I didn’t think it would stop me playing here – because that problem didn’t stop me playing in England. Obviously different FAs have different rules.”

“I came here because I wanted to help Rangers out and I’ve come to like the place so much and the club, if I can’t play for Rangers because of my medical condition then hopefully, when this gets sorted, one day I’ll come back. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to come here on loan or permanently.

“I don’t know when I’ll be able to play again. I can’t tell you that to be honest. But it won’t be this season. I am being treated well and everyone at the club has been really nice to me since I came here.”

Stuck in limbo:

“It’s difficult because when you sign on loan you can’t go back (to Newcastle) until the contract is finished.”

A Rangers Spokesman

 “The Manager has previously confirmed Gael Bigirimana has a medical condition and due to confidentiality, the Club cannot disclose any further details or discuss this matter further.”


  • philrenner09

    How much is Vukic and the rest on per week ?? Its costing Rangers £5000 for all ??

  • A loan deal is still part of trading therefore Trading Standards should investigate . Ashley cannot be considered a  ‘ fit and proper ‘ person to run a sporting club surely ?

  • Christopher Murphy

    that doesn’t surprise me, look at that de jong, should be noway near a football pitch never mind mine N.U.F.C ’til I die.

  • delashio

    if they didnt give medicals then thats their fault and good business from newcastle. Well done mike.

  • delashio ‘they’ was Lambias !

  • DownUnderMag

    1957 I think it points so some blood-borne infection since the rules differ regarding those sorts of things.  It can’t be a strict fitness issue or injury as that just wouldn’t make sense.  BUT, if it was something like Hepatitis as speculated upon then it could be a case where he is allowed to play under English FA rules but if the Scottish FA have stricter policy.  End of the day we don’t know, it’s all speculation at this stage so let’s not all jump on any bandwagons.  Wish him well no matter what it is and hope he recovers fully.

  • delashio

    Done us a favour then.

  • delashio Behaviour more suitable to gangsters .

  • Chemical Dave

    Another idiot.

  • delashio

    Yeah you are. Obviously too many chemicals you moron.

  • delashio

    why are you complaining about another team paying the wages of our injured player you clown?

  • delashio  Why ?  Because unlike you , I have morals !