Everton are surely at the mercy of Newcastle on Sunday.

I don’t go along with the theory of the Europa League automatically ruining your season but Everton are having a great go at proving it correct.

In eight matches this season which are listed below, they have managed only two wins in the games that have followed European games, and they were against two teams in the bottom three QPR and Burnley) who are currently relegation favourites.

We never heard the last of it from Alan Pardew when Newcastle were in Europe, while  now with the boot on the other foot there should be no excuses for John Carver.

Everton have a home match against Dynamo Kiev this Thursday, whilst John Carver has had all the time in the world to prepare his team due to our Cup-free existence. Preparation time which of course the new Newcastle Head Coach says makes all the difference when approaching a Premier League game.

A great chance for both the team and Carver to bounce back.

Everton’s Premier League matches that have followed Europa League games this season:

Everton 2 Crystal Palace 3

Manchester United 2 Everton 1

Burnley 1 Everton 3

Sunderland 1 Everton 1

Tottenham 2 Everton 1

Everton 3 QPR 1

Everton 2 Leicester 2

Arsenal 2 Everton 0

  • wor monga

    I’m all for a large dose of optimism before any match, but
    your case that Everton will be ‘quite at the mercy of the Toon’ after their
    Euro fixture is going way over the top…

    using your handy list as a reference we can see that Everton
    were only beaten once at home after a tie, and that was because Palace scored 3
    goals to their 2…the second, Everton won by scoring 3 goals to QPR’s 1…and the last
    home game they drew 2 – 2 with Leicester…

    This shows me that the away team might well have to score at
    least 3 goals down there to beat them and possibly as many as 2 to get a point…obviously
    you think we are very capable of doing that even without Cisse in the side…I’m
    not so sure but I hope you’re right…we’ll see!!!

  • DZA187

    1957 I have to agree, I am at the point where I can’t even be bothered to watch them this season – All thanks to Cashley & Clueless JC.