Papiss Cisse is all set to receive a 7 game ban for spitting at Jonny Evans.

This is due to the rules being changed this season as players receive a 6 game ban for spitting and as Cisse has already been banned for violent conduct (v Everton), he will have an extra game lumped on. Brilliant.

So it is safe to say if our season wasn’t over already, especially after giving away one of worst goals I have ever seen in the last minute last night, it definitely is now.

Riviere couldn’t score an open goal if he tried and we can’t rely on Perez alone to get us goals.

I’m not condoning spitting at all but Cisse only spat at Evans as he was adamant Evans spat at him first.

Banning him for 7 games is harsh considering it was a fight fire with fire reaction…but that won’t stop The FA banning him.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Evans is the one that gets away with it. Seeing as he wears a Man Utd shirt.

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  • Peaco

    Sorry I have to disagree. Spitting really is a nasty habit as it is. Worse still if it is at someone. A six game ban will make anyone think twice about doing it. – perhaps this should be extended to diving also?
    Irrespective, in Cisse’s absence, it’ll give Rivierre a opportunity, which, if he doesn’t take, then I would endorse your point that he isn’t ‘t good enough.

  • Toonarden

    I would suggest that as Evans was the first player to do it thus provoking Cisse AND the fact that he has denied it his punishment should be even greater than Papiss’s. But there again we all bow down to the Red Devils don’t we – can’t upset them in any way. Stinks!!!

  • Greggy164

    Toonarden  Nah. Got to disagree. To imply Cisse was justified to react in that way is wrong. We cant say 100% it was a deliberate attempt by Evans to spit on Cisse. Only Evans knows that. We know that Cisses was deliberate. 100%. They both deserve to be hammered

  • NUFC9

    In some ways it’s a good thing we’ll be forced to play Riviere.  If he can score goals in the tough fixtures we’ve got, great.  We know he can deliver.  If he’s not up to the job after 9 months with the squad and given a 7 game almost guaranteed run, we know he’s not up to the job.