It has now been confirmed, Newcastle United have been well and truly Pardewed.

The term was used as a derogatory term to sum up the affect that Newcastle’s former manager had on many players at St. James’ Park. A long list of promising players/signings who went rapidly backwards once Alan Pardew got his hands on them.

However, having been ‘Pardewed’ has taken over a whole new meaning now…

When Alan Pardew walked out on Newcastle United after 19 matches, this is how the League table looked:

10th Newcastle United – 26 points

W7 D5 L7  –  Goals for 22 Goals against 28

18th Crystal Palace – 16 points

W3 D7 L9  –  Goals for 20 Goals against 30

Moving 11 matches forward, we now have:

11th Crystal Palace – 36 points

12th Newcastle United – 35 points

In the space of under 3 months, the two clubs have produced the following:


W6 D2 L3  GF 16 GA 11 Points 20


W2 D3 L6 GF11 GA20 Points 9

Personally, I think Palace actually have some decent players, especially going forward. So not greatest surprise they’v emoved on. However, you do have to give Alan Pardew some credit as Palace are averaging almost two points per game under the new manager.

On the other hand, at Newcastle I do still blame Pardew for much of the mess, he sat back and allowed the team and squad to be weakened, leaving the under strength squad we see now – both in terms of quality and quantity.

However, you do have to look at what Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley have descended to, pretending to look worldwide for the best replacement(s) and then belatedly giving the job(s) to John Carver and the others who were already at the club.

Newcastle United, once again well and truly Pardewed.

  • partworntyres

    not a good day, however after the rugby i thought i’d find a stream and watch the mackems get beat – feed came on ball to sahko – bottom corner – perfect timing!

  • newcastle7

    The Mag and the Bar Loco boys wanted Pardew out so take your medicine.
    Alan has taken over a relegation side and hit Champions league form.
    However this does not matter as the Mag and the boo boys hate Newcastle.
    Pardew OUT Ashley OUT the Mag in. You make me laugh.

  • toon tony

    Newcastle 7. OUT

  • Toon Magpie

    Well,well, well. Well done to Pardew and epic fail Newcastle fans. As everyone said at the time we don’t have any thing better than Pardew to manage Newcastle, certainly his sidekick Carver was never the man for the job. Time to put pressure on Ashley to get us a decent manage.

  • Toon Magpie

    newcastle7 Carver out.

  • Toon Magpie

    toon tony He is right though.

  • SGM

    Crap piece Graham.
    How did he allow the team to be weakened?
    what was he to do? forge the signature on the cheque?
    I think you were well and truly in the “Pardews tactically inept” – “anyones better than Pardew” camp
    looking at the piece above, you’ve not got much to say now.
    The likes of you have to bear some of the responsibility for the mess were in now.

  • Chemical Dave

    He makes you laugh does he simon ? What makes me laugh is a bloke who claims to be one of the “top twenty fans” like you do yet you kick the blokes hoop who makes a determined effort to be prevent the club trying to be as good as it can.

  • Chemical Dave

    He’s not right at all, Pardew wasn’t employed because he wanted the club to be successful as it being successful is not important to him. If you think otherwise toon magpie please point to the part of lie dues CV that impressed you most.

  • Chemical Dave

    Who was manager last season when we started our annual January shut down ?

  • Chemical Dave

    A decent manager like Pardew you mean ? Hus record from January onwards last season is remarkably similar to carvdues ?

  • Chemical Dave

    Why does anyone care if Newcastle finish below palace ? How important is the difference between finishing 10th or 14th ? Out of the cups at the first opportunity under carver or Fraudew, what’s the difference ?

  • LeazesEnder

    SGM Are you Sammy Ameobi?

  • GToon

    Instead of Palace we need to be looking at Burnley and wondering if they can make 10 points up on us. Without being negative i am struggling to see us beating anybody apart from Leicester. We might get 3 points but it will be 3 draws.

  • GToon

    SGM “bear some responsibility for the mess we’re in now”? how? the fans have demanded carroll, ba, cabaye be replaced. nowt happened. the fans wanted pardew out years ago. nowt happened. the fans wanted us to strengthen after the 5th place finish. nowt happened. the fans demanded at least one decent centre half. nowt happened. the fans demanded a forward. nowt happened. the fans demand decent football. nowt has happened. the fans demanded a decent new manager. that didnt happen. so how are we responsible? are you implying the club has somehow listened to the fans? you must be barmy!! and by the way Pardew is tactically inept.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 If I remember correctly Pardew’s tenure was notable for its lack of success, thin squads which he agreed to, players played out of position, huge home defeats, slumps, tantrums, lies, lies and more lies!

  • RexN

    We shouldn’t forget the talismanic influence of Shola.

  • SGM

    GToon SGM 11th in the “Best league in the world” yep thats “Inept”

  • hettonmag

    SGM GToon  Best league in the world are you for real, no teams left in Europe. The football served up in the premiere league this season has been awful,  if it had been any good we would have been in the bottom three that’s for sure.

  • pissed off mag


  • Big Al 1967

    Toon Magpie For anyone defending Pardew Look at his record. Always starts well at a club, having a good first full season then the botttom falls out of it. If you remember when we finished fifth a number of West Ham fans on various websites warned us of what would happen and how we all scoffed. How wrong we were. 
    Do we seriously think Pardew would have done any better? History says not. The whole club is rotten and Pardew was one of the symptoms. In fact I will predict that he will not see out his contract at Palace(already making noises that his flair players Zaha and Bolaise have to work harder sound familiar)
    As for us relegation beckons next year if the current set up is maintained

  • mrkgw

    The club is a shambles. A shadow of its former self. Ashley and Charnley should go, along with Charver.

  • Jimmywayhay

    New manager,new money,new players,new attitude ,new coaches,new tactics = old fans being happy !

  • Sickandtiredstill

    See where Palace end up next season, once he’s had his hands on them long enough.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM Hahahahahahahahahah! WE have to take some responsibility????
    WTF about Pardew himself, JC, the coaching team, Carr, Charnley and most of all Ashley?
    Pardew wasn’t going anywhere because of supporter dissent. He left because he wanted to and Palace were prepared to pay contractual compensation.
    Ashley snapped that up in a moment without a second thought or a plan to replace him. Like he listens to, or gives a shyte, about what this Clubs supporters actually want or need or may aspire to?
    Get back in your pen you sheep.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    SGM 12th actually, and likely, more than likely, to finish lower. 14th will be a relief at this rate. 
    Soon to be heralded as the most profitable Club in the PL and therefore even higher in the European financial wealth tables.
    If you don’t see that as inept then  you need go see a shrink as soon as you can. 
    Yer fookin deluded.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 You really are hilarious, Simon. CL form, Palace? Pardew?
    Have you escaped from somewhere????
    If Ashley sends out 11 Ronald McDonalds in black and white, you would still say you support them and him. 
    Fookin clown that you are.

  • PhilYare

    Toon Magpie stats firmly back up the theory that pardew’s teams plummet down the leagues once hes had a chance in pre-season to disassemble and time to fall out with talented players

    the man is a tool, thats why nee one wanted to touch him for years…. (unemployed)

  • PhilYare

    SGM stats firmly back up the theory that pardew’s teams plummet down the leagues once hes had a chance in pre-season to disassemble and time to fall out with talented players

    the man is a tool, thats why nee one wanted to touch him for years…. (unemployed)- See more at: //

  • No Brainer

    Aye it seems he is a good manager imagine what he could do with support from a noisy vocal set of fans

  • MickWatson

    Starts well and then gets sacked after a few years describes about 99% of managerial appointments in the world of football, so I don’t think you can blame Pardew for that.
    I’ve said all I want to here: //
    It’s obvious how little the Pardew haters understand football.

  • Steve1221

    Of its anything like his first full season with us they’ll be pushing for the champions league

  • Hez

    Pardew did ok at NUFC working under the constraints of Ashley and the board, Ashley is the biggest problem and some totally lost sight of this when calling for Pardew to go, all abuse should be aimed at Ashley as it doesn’t matter who is manager he holds the purse strings, sells the players and fails to repackage them. There were times when this site was nearly as embarrassing as so in a way I was pleased he went to stop fans being a tad pathetic. He will do ok at Palace, decent sqaud and decent money to spend

  • Alan Pardew is irrelevant. He left for more money, that’s it.What he does at Palace is not our concern. If they are daft enough to pay good money for him, that’s their problem.

  • No Brainer

    Pardewed- so very childish. Shows the playground mentality of those who constantly whinge. If your not happy do something about it

  • Steve1221 If it’s anything like his second full season with us they’ll be pushing for relegation

  • DownUnderMag

    Pardew has a track record of getting instant success (relatively) as he did with us and finishing 5th, getting to the cup final with West Ham etc etc…but it falls apart all too quickly after that as he slowly sucks the life out of the side.  It will be worth watching Palace next season after Pardew has time to “coach” his players rather than just be a good motivator.

    Many of the issues with the players lack of progression, particularly the youth, is down to Pardew and his coaching staff.  The fact we only had 13 fit players on Saturday though fall firmly at the feet of Ashley.  He is the one who sanctions sales without adequate replacements…

  • HateAshleysBendyToys

    No Brainer Get back in your pram, no brain.

  • HateAshleysBendyToys

    No Brainer I said get back in your pram, no brain.

  • Brownale69

    Hez Ill give you a fiver if he sees out his contract the guy is a joke and like big Sam wil get found out.
    HE is a con artist and a liar

  • No Brainer

    HateAshleysBendyToys No Brainer Thanks for the validation.

  • No Brainer

    HateAshleysBendyToys No Brainer sssshhhhhhhh baby boy

  • Rollyp

    Pardew accepted those constraints and actively joined in to help the regime such as his continual sales patter for our better players. He regularly contradicted himself, sometimes within days of his utterances, and praised the regime, dedicating matches to Ashley etc. He accepted everything and didn’t appear to stand up to Ashley at all – remember when he said we needed a few players and days later he was happy with the squad which was the best he’d had etc etc etc. He didn’t resign because of these restraints. Poor manager, poor man.

  • newcastle7

    Chemical Dave I am in the top twenty fans so pointless arguing its a proven fact.
    Try get back to supporting the club or go for de programing of failing that a trip to Switzerland.

  • newcastle7

    Sickandtiredstill newcastle7 Sorry but Palace are doing well under Alan you may not like it but he has transformed the club from relegation to ahead of us in three months.Many thanks to the mag website and the lads from bar loco you have done Newcastle proud.See you all at Liverpool(that was a joke)

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7  I couldn’t care less about Pardew or Palace. Nor you, come to think of it.
    As long as people like you are around, Ashley will always win.

  • DownUnderMag

    Hez I think Pardew made a rod for his own back by constantly towing the company policy PR line and openly talking so much rubbish.  We all knew that he was working in a tough job because of Ashley and I think he actually got a lot of leeway because of that.  However, when losing matches and constantly blaming anything but his own mistakes, playing players out of position, nutting and abusing opposition players and managers alike, pushing refs etc etc…he needs to appeal to the fans more or he rightly got the criticism he deserved.  No-one doubted his task was made tougher because of Ashley, but he also did himself no favours by seemingly covering his own arse rather than treat the fans like they had even a hint of intelligence or had more attention span and memory than a goldfish.

  • AlistairMoir

    Only ONE person responsible for the shambles that was once Newcastle United FC – and it’s not Pardew

  • v0ices

    No Brainer headbutt a official I expect, he’s one if the reasons st James park has been taken over by the sheeple

  • DZA187

    The problem was never Pardrew as a fan, you have to be blind if you don’t see the fatman as the problem.