John Carver has admitted that Captain Fabricio Coloccini’s loses his head ‘every now and then’.

The Newcastle Head Coach ruing the fact that the Argentine defender misses the Liverpool, Arsenal and Sunderland matches.

Carver claims that Coloccini ‘isn’t that type of player’ and it is just part of the game.

“He is not that type of player but every now and then his head goes…but that is football.”

Obviously any player can get himself involved in heat of the moment situations but Coloccini’s sending off was needless, with Aaron Lennon in a non-dangerous area it just appeared to be the Newcastle Captain carrying out a petulant act.

Taking out his frustration that he and United were playing poorly and the game was lost at 2-0.

The bigger picture of course is that with Newcastle’s current position of chaos at the club and defenders so thin on the ground, the last thing the fans needed to see was the Captain showing such selfish behaviour and making himself unavailable for these tough matches, especially the Sunderland one.

What is just as bad is that some four days after the incident there has been no formal apology by Fabricio Coloccini to the supporters for letting them down, nor any statement from the club as to punishment for the player.

  • essexMag

    Never Captain material. Only had 2 decent seasons and one of those was in lower league. He has flattered to deceive. Made to look better than he is by the other mediocre players who pretend to be defenders over past 3 or 4 yrs.

  • Porciestreet

    And you still play him as your captain knowing this…..?  Your’e f****** useless Parver. DO us all a favour and just leave. We’d be better off without a gaffer .

  • partworntyres

    coloccini’s head goes every now and then….a bit like his feet then…

    wonder if shirley fancies a game at the back.

  • Paul Patterson

    In that case, new centre back and Captain needed . .

  • mrkgw

    And this is a player that was touted as being Manager at the club?

  • Stephen McMenzie

    When he fancies a holiday, basically.