The FA have dismissed an appeal by Fabricio Coloccini and Newcastle United against the red card given for a challenge on Aaron Lennon on Sunday.

An Independent Regulatory Commission sat today and decided there were no grounds for recinding the red card and the subsequent three match ban.

Many fans will be relieved that the FA didn’t impose an extra one match ban for a frivolous appeal by Coloccini and the club, as the TV footage left most in no doubt that any appeal was doomed to failure.

The club released the following statement:

Newcastle United captain Fabricio Coloccini will serve a three-game suspension following his sending-off at Everton on Sunday.

The Argentine defender was given a straight red card for serious foul play following a challenge on Aaron Lennon in the second half at Goodison Park.

The Club submitted a claim for wrongful dismissal but an Independent Regulatory Commission rejected that claim on Tuesday.

Therefore, Coloccini’s standard punishment of a three-match suspension remains and will commence with immediate effect, meaning he will miss Barclays Premier League fixtures against Arsenal, Sunderland and Liverpool.

One contributor to the website speculated as to what Fabricio Coloccini might do during his five week absence, you can read that HERE.


  • Andy Wardle

    It’s cos he’s not a f****ing manc player…

  • v0ices

    The fa founded by north west and London football associations and still showing favouritism.

  • Dan Dowling

    The ref has two right arms

  • GeordieBri

    …. No! … It’s because he’s a f***ing idiot… Oh and a coward and a disgrace to the shirt!!!!

  • magpiefifer

    No case for an appeal – it was a red card offence!
    The numpties running our club are an embarrassment!!!

  • tino o

    Collicini is a clown as is his sidekick Williamson! !! Bring in satka alongside janmaat it couldn’t be much worse than we’ve had to endure this year

  • gazchampion

    That appeal was all arranged and expected to fail so “Cap’n Colo” could spend longer in Argentina. 

    He should be forced to train everyday IN TOON and certainly relinquish his captaincy full-time. I don’t even know who I ‘d want as captain… Janmaat? Perhaps, but he’s not going to hang around with the  ‘big’ clubs sniffin’ aroond!
                        NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

  • nad1892

    NUFCTheMag Well I never!

  • Alsteads

    I like the audacity !! Still a fxxking plum and that is putting it very mildly. Patience is very thin Colo you best spend the free time giving your head a good fxxking shake and just realise what you have. Prick!

  • johnhodgson71

    NUFCTheMag well that’s me shocked. #fabiasagainstnewcastle

  • partworntyres

    could the indiscipline amongst our players be caused by something in the cheap ashley supplied pies carver feeds them? – i wonder if he went organic…..