Not for the first time and certainly not for the last, Fabricio Coloccini has once again gone into hiding.

A terrible team performance with Newcastle a shambles, was topped off by Coloccini putting in a terrible personal display.

The team were all over the place against Everton with a desperate lack of organisation, seemingly caused by the simple ‘surprise’ tactic by the opposition of playing two strikers, according to Ryan Taylor.

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Any players looking to the Captain for leadership would have been badly disappointed, the Argentine defender giving no encouragement to lessser players who were clearly struggling.

Then to cap it all, Coloccini puts in an unprofessional nasty challenge on Aaron Lennon, in a non-threatening area.

Knowing how short we are in defence and with the kind of matches coming up, especially the mackems, to be banned for the next three games is unforgivable.

United were already two down and well beaten, it would be a slightly different matter if Newcastle were a goal up and in the final seconds Coloccini sacrificed himself with a professional foul and sending off to win the game.

Coloccini is Newcastle’s most experienced player, arguably the most talented, he is the best paid by some distance, he is the Captain…to be honest I think he is part of the problem at Newcastle and not part of the solution.

At times he can still be good but those times are becoming ever rarer. Newcastle have the third worst defence in the Premier League with 46 goals conceded and embarrassingly, rock bottom Leicester have conceded fewer goals than United.

The reality must be accepted that we have to have a total clearout of central defenders and bring in new men who are up to the level needed. Taylor, Coloccini and Williamson played for Newcastle in the Championship season and have consistently been shown not to be good enough. Even in the season when Newcastle finished fifth, only nine teams conceded more than United.

More than anything, Newcastle are desperately in need of a new Captain, somebody who leads by example and inspires those around them.

As usual, even despite letting his team and the fans down, Fabricio Coloccini was nowhere to be seen after the defeat at Everton.

Instead of appearing in front of the cameras to apologise and take the flak for the performance, Coloccini as usual refused to take what should be an automatic Captain’s role, this time it was Ryan Taylor who had to try and explain away what had gone on in the ninety minutes.

Just like the team’s perfromance, it is just not good enough from Fabricio Coloccini and either he needs to change or Newcastle desperately need a new Captain.

  • No Brainer

    Should be fined very very heavily by the club I’d be tempted to take his captaincy off him. Knowing the team’s defensive predicament made the challenge all the more stupid.

  • partworntyres

    dirty toffee b..tards playing two strikers without telling our bonny lads – double the ration of pies for the next game – enjoy defeat it’s the only way.

  • ash1001

    Get wise guys, he probably back home in Argentina by now, with his HUMMER parked up again at  the training ground out of the way, Sissoko will be the next to get himself suspended, if Carver had any bottle he would make someone else captain now, some one who tells it like it is and will not follow the party line. 

    3 nominations – Jonas – Colbeck – Sissoko

    Only ones that are saying anything are those looking for new contracts.

  • Little Davey

    Has he EVER given an interview after a match ?
    Don’t think I have ever heard him speak.
    As for his leadership on the pitch, equally non existent.
    And now he is off home to Argentina for a 3 week break.
    A cynic would say he is a coward and couldn’t face another defeat from the filth.
    He knew what he was doing. And what the outcome would be.

  • Barry Barkes

    Unfortunately, time to cut our losses I think..which means in the summer transfer window we will need at least 3 centre halves?

  • Paul Patterson

    What do we expect when a player openly admits he wants to be back home.
    Whats stopping him getting sent off on purpose and then getting his wish on a frequent basis.
    Get shot at the end of the season . .

  • partworntyres

    i’ve been blind – JC – we should follow wherever HE takes us.

  • BillWIL

    Little Davey I agree with you 100% its a well planned holiday for him off to Argentina for a nice easter break as you say Total Disgrace

  • LeazesEnder

    Paul Patterson Honesty, professionalism, and a desire to win…. sorry I don’t know what I’m on about this is Newcastle United.

  • LeazesEnder

    partworntyres Its cheating, its like they wanted the points!

  • wor monga

    Better get used to the rubbish…because over the next 6 games
    there’s only a slight possibility of gaining one further point (nils each at
    the Stadium of Sh*te)…and that’s only if the Mackem’s stick with ‘Gormless Gus’,
    but if they don’t…

    …then the last 4 games will be crucial for us, and providing
    both Leicester and QPR are down already …it will be absolutely vital to get
    something from the remaining 2 home games…(West Ham, WBA both safe by then)… if
    only to make sure we can finish above the Mackems!!

    Carver must know he hasn’t got a hope in hell of the job now…Pardew
    got into the only lifeboat and he’s a ‘dead man walking’…

  • Hughie

    Collocini has never been a skipper. He is another amateur at our joke of a club playing in a professional world. Hope he never plays in a black and white shirt again–he clearly couldn’t give a toss!! There are loyal players with passion and talent at the club– Colback, the Taylors, Jonas, Krul-even though Colback needs to control the red mist and get his brain in gear at times. The rest are in the main mercenaries. I would give the armband to Jonas and play him to the end of the season.

  • killyted

    Mid Feb. and our season is over,cashley should be dun for selling fake goods,acting as pro.footballers.Get along to north shields proper club

  • mentalman

    I hope Carver grows a pair and tells him he’s got to be at training everyday

  • gazchampion

    and a captain worthy of leading!

  • jimblag

    I rarely see Colo after the match. Where is the story here?
    Colocini looked so lost yesterday, his defending in the build up to his red card would be funny if he played for any other team. Williamson showed his true colours yesterday by booting the ball at Lennon after he’d been fouled, he should get a suspension for that. We’d be better off with anyone else but him in central defence, even Chucky or Elliot.
    I do think S.Taylor can continue as third choice CB, he still has something to give but Colo and Williamson are terrible.

  • jimblag

    killyted Is it? Where are we getting anymore points from? 35 isn’t enough and we can’t defend or score.

  • jimblag

    Hughie I agree, Jonas had a couple of touches yesterday that were the highlight of the match for us, which says a lot about our performance. He looked composed on the ball and played a couple of intelligent passes, a rarity for our players atm.

  • Jarra MIck

    He’s probably already back in the Argentine. It seems as if he can do what he wants.

  • magpie9

    He went into hiding BEFORE game

  • deleted_71143394_Goggsy

    The biggest punishment for that man would be to make him play for 3 games, and that would certainly be a huge punishment for the team. The man has been shocking at every aspect of defending for a very long time. An absolute joke of a player who somehow still has some kind of reputation as a footballer, the defenders equivalent of shola amoebi.

  • Stonesy

    I seriously think we are going down. Can’t see us getting another point. Other teams like Villa and our friends down the road have a go but no one can do disaster like us.

  • Stonesy

    Re. Pardew and his lifeboat. The facts – hate him or loathe him, our former manager was poached by a club who could not satisfy the transfer market ambitions of renowned budget operator Tony Pulis. And struggle to drag in half as many spectators who come to witness our fortnightly car crashes. At some point soon I am looking forward to laughing at the other 19 Premier Lesgue clubs when they simultaneously go bust as a result of not following our oh so clever business model.

  • Stonesy

    Back in the room.

  • aussiemag

    mentalman Doubt that is going to happen!

  • Jimmywayhay

    The club aren’t proffesional enough from the top too the bottom ,big time Charlie’s !