Fabricio Coloccini has appealed against his red card at Goodison Park on Sunday, the Mail report that Newcastle United and the player believe they have a reasonable chance of overturning the decision.

Most fans and pundits appeared to accept that there was no point in appealing, though John Carver did say that he was keeping his options open.

The television replays didn’t appear to do Fabricio Coloccini any favours and whatever his intention was, the challenge on Aaron Lennon looked a straight red, in my opinion anyway.

The Mail say that Coloccini and Newcastle’s appeal will be heard today and a decision then immediately announced.

At the minute the United Captain is set to miss Saturday’s home match against Arsenal and the away games at Sudnerland and Liverpool.

However, if the appeal against the red card is adjudged to be ‘frivolous’ then an extra game could be added and Coloccini could then miss the home game with Tottenham as well.


  • Given other options though its surely worth the risk of the extra game?

  • philrenner09

    yeelow yes red card fookin never

  • mrkgw

    What a dire situation. I hope that misfits pulling the strings at the club understand that this is what happens when things are done on the cheap with insufficient cover. The mere fact that Santon was loaned out is unforgivable and heads should roll for that alone.

  • A lex

    But, you have to show respect to the FA and EPL rules. Surely, this is just an attempt to take the piss and will be seen as such. Reputation dragged yet further down by Ashley.

  • Steve1221

    A lex What does it have to do with Ashley, do you really think he gives a crap about the day to day running of the football side.

  • davidhopper80

    Having seen it on a foreign feed in a pub (so not amazing quality but decent enough) I thought it was very harsh.
    Although you can say it was 2 footed his feet barely left the ground and I don’t feel there was any serious danger to Lennon. It couldn’t be described as a leg breaker.

  • A lex

    Because even if others make ‘some’ of the football decisions, Ashley drives the whole culture at the club. Disrespect and disregard for others is very much his hallmark.

  • A lex

    The photo at the top of the article is pretty damning though – both feet in the air, head turned and eyes closed.

  • Simon Sharp

    Shows how desperate we are, although to be fair at the moment I don’t think not having Coloccini for a match (or two) will make any difference, such is the paucity of our defence. This is Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United.

  • Naohiko Hieda


  • davidhopper80

    You could also mention knees at right angles and heels can’t be more than an inch off the ground. It’s not a good tackle, but it’s not particularly dangerous either.
    Given the situation we are in I think an appeal is appropriate. It would be very harsh to say it is frivolous after Mr Evans spitting appeal wasn’t.

  • wor monga

    If that was a straight red and 3 game ban…then MacManaman’s
    assault on Haidara was worthy of a lifetime ban…or 3 months in jail…

    …if Collo was going after Lennon his studs would be raised at
    that point, and he’d certainly be looking in the right direction, to make a proper

    …but the decision is all we can expect from Atkinson…the man
    who saw nothing wrong with the Man C  tackle that chopped down Ben Arfa, and left
    him with a shattered bone in his leg!!

  • A lex Respect the FA and the EPL rules – are you for real? The FA and their rules are an absolute joke in themselves and deserve zero respect.

    And totally agree with Steve, im pretty sure Ashley won’t be handling decisions on whether to appeal red cards!

  • Steve1221

    A lex The still photo doesnt look good but in reality there was no forward motion and his head has followed the ball.

  • PeterS84

    Everton players reaction made the ref produce a red, Same as Zlatan Ibrahimovic against Cheslea.

    The ref didn’t give himself time to think about the decision and produced red card to quickly.

  • Hughie

    Stupid lunge–perhaps by appealing he wants an extra game ban ? Time to get shot………….

  • radgiegadgie

    Reeks of frustration really

    There are serious issues at the club, in free fall now, it’s just a question of whether they can limp to the end of the season and grab a couple of points of the liked of QPR, Sunderland and so on.

    Carver was delivering about on par until the Everton game but now he has lost players with no obvious replacements.  Upshitcreak without a paddle comes to mind.