I am a lifelong supporter, though now living in the USA.

I was a regular for years back in the day, was at all the Fairs Cup home matches in ‘69, Wembley in ’74, also the Arsenal defeat in the 90s.

Anyway, totally sick of the current regime, like the majority of fans.

Not sure what the future holds, unless we a super rich new owner comes along.

Unfortunately, I am back for my Mam’s funeral.

So I went to the ticket office this week and was told they could not sell me a ticket as I wasn’t a member!!!

This despite them admitting that there was at least a couple of thousand unsold tickets, with empty seats remaining in every stand.


Delta airlines will sell you tickets, not NUFC.

With all the many insults to people like Shearer and others, to have 50,000 customers is unbelievable.

They are making it very difficult to support the team. Newcastle fans do not deserve this.

Alan Oliver (no, not him)

(*** To try and force fans to buy season tickets or memberships, Mike Ashley announced that no tickets would be sold for the Sunderland, Manchester United and Arsenal home matches unless fans paid for a season ticket or a £35 membership.

So, despite Alan only being back for a brief visit to attend his mam’s funeral, he would have had to pay £35 for a year’s membership which would be no use to him for the other 364 days. This would have meant he’d have to spend a minimum of £71 (£35 membership and cheapest ticket £36) to go to the Arsenal game.

There were around two and a half thousand empty seats for the Manchester United match and it looks as though it will be a similar story tomorrow – usually the Arsenal game is guaranteed to be sold out. Shameful that a lifelong fan like Alan is stopped from going to the match when there will be empty seats.)

  • No Brainer

    I think the club’s doing the right thing for memberships and tickets having seen trouble again this season on two occasions, it is needed. 

    There could be different ways to do this maybe a bargain overseas membership which could allow access to NUFCTV to provide some value as well as allowing people who visit to buy tickets.

    The problem is that until people make situations like this known no body at the club will come up with a solution. As long as the idiots causing trouble persist then the higher the cost to the club of policing/stewardship of games.

  • DownUnderMag

    Once again, the people running the club have zero care about the people who actually matter in football…THE FANS!

    No Brainer I understand the need for security given recent events, but denying people tickets to the match without enforcing a membership or season ticket just denies (or rips off) those who may only be able to attend one match a year.  Not every fan is from the city centre of Newcastle, some not even in the north-east of england, some not even in the UK.  And yet none of this is taken into account, once more the financial bottom line is put ahead of fair play and looking after the fans who support this club while it is ridden into the ground.

    Add to this, the fact fans going to the Mackem game are forced to pay for a bus that the opposition put on for free.  Yes the club may have said this money will go to charity, but I wonder if the whole amount will or if there will be some sort of admin fee that mysteriously swallows up some of it…???

  • Steve Passmoor

    can somebody in the vicinity of the club go and buy this lad a ticket and meet up with him tomorrow?

  • Alex Fay

    Iv got on spare if he hasn’t got on by now.

  • panbasher

    This has nothing to do with trouble, it is a blatant and shabby money making exercise.

  • Billco

    Most of the trouble has been outside the ground so restrictions on buying tickets would have a negligible effect if any at all. They are probably more worried about a few anti- regime punters getting together and chanting inappropriate (to them) songs.

  • The Mag

    DownUnderMag No Brainer This isn’t about security issues, just trying to milk as much money out of fans using the premium matches as the thin end of the wedge to force this issue. If it was about ‘safety’, how is it safe to sell anybody a ticket for the Villa match but not for Arsenal?

  • RhyleAdcock

    As an Arsenal fan, I only take a passing interest in what is happening at SJP. I’ve seen Mike Ashley come in and do a great job turning your sinking ship around only to make some shocking decisions in terms of structure and the way he treats his fans.

    This…is a travesty. Drawing the door closed on lifelong fans who wish to part with their money to see the club that’s as much a part of their life as any human being…well, it’s a bit naughty to say the least.

    Membership is a fine thing, bringing in many benefits to both business and fan alike – yet, if the tickets are still being left on the shelf, something is clearly wrong and to take the bullheaded approach of insisting on fans taking membership up before they will be sold tickets will take you back to the bad old days of the post-Mirandinha mire…attendances of 16k for home matches and a team that doesn’t deserve better.

    Organise. Be heard. There’s a fine tradition of organised protest in the NE, and you need to be heard – experiences like this are not getting through to the wider football community who, in many instances, are really not getting the bigger picture of how badly your club is being run. I hope you turn it around, best of luck.

  • Porciestreet

    Cashley is a theiving B*****d and the sooner he’s either dead or gone, the better it will be on Tyneside. I suggest that we mark the occasion like VE or VJ Day with a VM day. The eorophoria will be massive.

  • mrkgw

    Complete and utter disgrace but then, our club has become little other these days.

  • Porciestreet

    DownUnderMag No Brainer 
    Avery shoddy person for  CEO and we deserve 100 times better than this.

  • newcastle7

    If Alan knows any season ticket holders they can buy up to six for him and his party.
    All he has to do is ask round lets hope he knows one.

  • No Brainer

    I could agree with that but we are close to capacity against teams at both ends of the league having been bumped at Chelsea Man U Liverpool and other [email protected]@y clubs I’m not bothered if we are now charging more to them now I suppose as well as security the membership is a mechanism to allow that. It is a shame for Alan he hasn’t chose to buy a membership but we shouldn’t be considering the reason for his visit with this situation. If my mates have to have a membership then so should he.
    Again an overseas membership with benefits is probably the solution.
    I’m sure the community on here can help get a ticket if the mag wants to pass on my email address to you they can and if at members can buy tickets I’ll get you one.
    More importantly deepest sympathy for your loss

  • vin1892

    If you have to have a membership scheme then that’s fine. Just offer a lifetime membership for £20.00 which will cover the admin costs.

  • Brian Standen

    Get in touch with me via mag website, you can have my platinum club seat for the game, as a member I can obtain another.

  • toon_teddy

    When my brother was serving in Iraq, he wrote to the club asking for a ticket for the 5under1and game.  He enclosed a blank cheque.  He received a ticket and they never cashed the cheque.  Having said that this was under the Sir John Hall regime.

  • GToon

    Alan, first of all can i say i am sorry about your mam. Secondly i think this “venture” by Ashley might be the final straw for most people. Our protests and walkouts dont seem to have worked but Ashley’s unrelenting greed might do our job for us.

  • Gsdpippa1

    I am also a previous season ticket holder of many years but now living in the USA and whilst I find it really annoying to have had to become a member just for the couple of matches I get too each season I have no option as any season ticket holder I knew have no either just given up or unfortunately passed on. As pointed out by others a foreign membership would be an advantage I suppose but what would you get for your money different to the UK membership which is of no use to an ex pat other than to get tickets.
    The whole system stinks and is totally anti fan, it must be much worse for you that are close by and have to put up with the crap given out by the club. In some ways I’m glad I’m at a distance and don’t therefore have much of a choice in what actions I take, I just feel very sad for the clubs great supporters.

  • Jamie_NUFC

    toontoon999 NUFC perhaps some kind ST holder or member can sort him out. Dreadful from NUFC as always nowadays.

  • toontoon999

    Jamie_NUFC NUFC maybe. It’s the principal though. What if sons tourist wants to watch one game when they are in town ? Short term as usual

  • No Brainer

    Gsdpippa1 I would link the foreign membership to the nufc TV subscritption.

    NUFC Membership is £35
    NUFC TV £39.99
    So a solution could be subscribers overseas buy an overseas NUFC TV and Membership for £49.99 or £5 per month there’s the solution.

  • No Brainer

    Billco Significant trouble inside the ground against Leicester and Aston Villa.

  • No Brainer

    The Mag DownUnderMag No Brainer take your point trouble was at the villa game was inside the ground

  • Larry Adler

    Fat cashley should be grateful anyone wants to watch us at the present time

  • GallowgateEnder

    Posted on the other ticketing scandal story so I’ll put it on here as well. The lad can have my ticket free of charge for tomorrow. I can’t be arsed to go so he’s welcome to it.

  • stevennufc

    think i,ll have a better day on the p*ss when fatty croaks than i did for thatcher!!

  • magpie9

    Porciestreet  It will be the biggest “Ashleys  Gone Party” ever

  • magpie9

    A couple of very descriptive banners on what we think of fatty displayed on national t.v. would be priceless, the fat man hates any ridicule