John Carver has came out and said that Alan Shearer is wrong about Mike Ashley and what is happening at Newcastle United

Whether he was ordered by Ashley to come out and defend his boss, or whether he did it of his own free will, we will never know.

Carver talks as though there is something almost mystical happening behind the scenes at St. James’ Park, presenting a scenario where they are suddenly going to pull back the curtains and Shearer and the rest of us will be dumbstruck and accept just how wrong we’ve all being.

One question must surely be, if everything is so exciting behind the scenes why did Alan Pardew bail out? After so many years of being made to look a fool by Ashley.

I don’t know whether John Carver misses the point on purpose but he claims Shearer talking about the lack of excitement is probably to do with winning the Villa match in a ‘scruffy manner’, rather than the total shambles and lack of ambition that Alan Shearer was really talking about (read his quotes below).

Ironic that Carver talks about plans & preparations and attacking the rest of the season, on the same day that he admitted that he might have to look for out of contract players who haven’t been able to get a club, because Mike Ashley has sold or loaned out the rest of Newcastle’s defenders leaving no cover.

Shearer also talked of the repeated playing of weakened teams in the Cups, Carver having had his chance to disprove this and instead making seven changes, including all of Newcastle’s best players, for the dismal defeat at Leicester. Only for remarkably all the ‘injured’ players to be available the next Premier League match.

John Carver talking to Talksport on Tuesday afternoon:

“I see what we’re trying to do and what we are trying to achieve, it’s very difficult when you’re not on the inside to understand the plans and preparations we’ve got going on.

“I must say that when I wasn’t here I was in a similar frame of mind, until I actually came in and realised what we are trying to do. We’re trying to get as high up that table as we can – three seasons ago we finished in fifth, probably punched above our weigh a bit but our goals are high.

Not letting the season fizzle out…:

“Alan (Shearer) is entitled to his opinion, sometimes you have to win in a scruffy manner and that’s probably why Alan is talking about there being no excitement.

“We are in a situation where we are mid-table and we aren’t going to let the season fizzle out, that’s for sure. I am going to drive them forward every time they go on to that pitch to make sure we get as many points as we can and give some excitement to the fans.”

This is what Alan Shearer had to say earlier in the week.

The Newcastle and England legend slating the complete lack of ambition both in the league and especially in the Cups.

The former player and lifetime fan telling it how it is, something that is seemingly passing John Carver right by as he desperately struggles to please Mike Ashley and keep the job.

Alan Shearer:

“I think there are a lot of people thinking about giving up their season tickets.

“I can only talk about my own experience, but I have got friends who have paid for a box at St James’ Park for years, and they are talking about giving it up.”

What my mates are thinking:

“Unless the club are going to bring in a load of exciting players in the summer, which is highly unlikely when you look at the way it’s been run, then I think people might look at giving up.

“I can only tell you what my mates are thinking about doing because of the lack of hope at the minute.”

alan shearerWeakened teams since 2007:

“I would dearly love us to have a cup run, I’d dearly love us to get to Wembley again, I’d much rather that than just finish in mid-table year after year.”

“It’s not going to happen because we have played a weakened team in every cup game – they have been playing weakened teams in cup competitions since 2007.”

Under the rule of Ashley:

“It’s been 11 years since the Magpies last played in the Champions League, 16 since they reached a cup final, a decade has passed since they even managed a semi-final appearance.

“Eight of those years have come with Ashley in control.”

  • DavidDrape

    is JC in ashley pocket now?

  • mactoon

    Yes ever since he played a weakened team in the first cup game he was in charge of then publically stated he was comfortable with the set up of having no say in player transfers and was happy to just coach the players he will be given. But he never mentioned Ashleys name in the interview, he was talking about the approach to each game.. not the owners intentions and instructions

  • GToon

    Mackems 0-3, mackems 0-3, everton 0-3, spurs 0-4, man u 0-4, liverpool 0-6, best players constantly sold and not replaced, ground name change, appalling sponsorship deal, awful tactics of “wait until 60 mins and then attack”, anuary seen as a chance to make money etc etc. I think that is what Shearer was on about. Add to that no change to tactics after manager leaves, the pending sale of Sissoko and whoever else, no cup ambition and the only club in the league who targets mid table at the start of the season and there you have it. To have sat next to Pardew and witnessed the rubbish that we have in terms of performances and then tried to emulate him (Pardew) on and off the pitch says it all. JC = no change = clueless = our next manager probably.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    JC is obviously mentally ill. Whatever Ashley has intended to do, he seems to have managed that in 8 season. Achieve absolutely nothing except profit and PL survival to ensure it.

  • Hez

    He defs getting the job in the summer, it wouldn’t suprise me if it was announced before but the future is John Carver, goodnight NUFC!

  • Polarboy

    Carver needs to watch himself, anymore boot licking and he’ll have no tongue left which will seriously hamper his special time with Ashley.

  • Polarboy

    DavidDrape Crawled up his jacksie more like.

  • dont believe the hype


  • dont believe the hype

    What could possibly be going on behind the scenes that makes exiting the cups a desirable option, I just can’t see the bigger picture there. We finished fifth and deliberately and cold heartedly set the team up to finish tenth the following season which nearly went horribly wrong, what magic is being woven that we can’t see ?

  • MilitantGeordie

    dont believe the hype The squad is whittled down to bare bones through lack of investment so extra cup games would potentially cause more injuries and tiredness meaning less able to survive in the premiership. Ashley sees the funds from winning a cup as peanuts compared to the yearly premier league cash cow so he wants us out as quick as possible every year. To us it’s passion pride and football, the dream of seeing our captain lifting the cup at wembley and the party in the Toon city center that would follow. Mike couldn’t give a toss about any of that aslong as he’s making money. You could bet your house we would go hammer and tongs at a cup if the prize money was significant enough to interest the fat parasitic one.

  • Greggy164

    If Newcastle are short for players they can have the 5 back from Glasgow

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    Greggy164 Take them , take those garbage players for FREEEEEE !!!

  • MilitantGeordie

    how about recalling Davide Santon? Oh wait.. that would mean missing out on the promised transfer fee after the loan expires! silly me!  Ah who needs defenders anyway.. we’ve got 4 and that’s enough for mid table mediocrity because Mike said so!

  • Greggy164

    JinkyJim  I wouldnt like his boots or be up his arse but I would ride his Granny. Probably both of them if they are still around

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill  Does JC need treatment?

  • Greggy164

    Shaker_Shakrah Greggy164  They could meet with Llambias and Leach and all travel home together

  • dont believe the hype

    Last season we couldn’t have been anymore safe from relegation and they threw it against Cardiff, the real reason is that winning a cup gets you that dreaded EL spot which not only puts pressure on threadbare squads and secobd rate managers but will end up causing complications when Rangers finally start wanting to be thee as well.

  • Brown Bottle

    This gadgie is an utter Blurt. Someone’s spiking his steak n kidney’s with Class A ” E “.

  • scotty63

    Faulous assessment from Honest John – utter tool

  • tino o

    Carver is a total creep! ! He should be ashamed to call himself a geordie. I have a theory he is Joe kinnear he talks as much shite anyway

  • Brownale69

    give some excitement to the fans.” ? Can you tell me when that will happen?
    ManU? Ars? or maybe the Mackems away? I hold me breath

  • DownUnderMag

    Ssschlurrrp….is that the sound of Ashley’s wang being polished by John “I need a job” Carver?  We are awaiting this mystical behind the scenes stuff to materialise into the front stage John, until you or Ashley prove otherwise….yes that’s right PROVE otherwise, Shearer’s word is exactly the truth and exactly what the fans believe to be the truth, not based on speculation but previous history, the track record at the club!  All this looks like is Carver trying to feather his own nest!

  • DownUnderMag

    Polarboy I wonder if he realises what an utter burk he is looking like to the real NUFC fans.  Do you think he honestly believes what he is saying or is he really just that desperate for the job??

  • Polarboy

    DownUnderMag Polarboy I think its a combination of being a complete imbecile and being desperate to tow the party line so he gets the job permanently. Sometimes I wonder if Ashley has got compromising photos of all his staff.

  • Maximus Moose

    Fooking idiot