John  Carver has revealed that Manchester City have shown interest in Ayoze Perez.

The Newcastle Head Coach saying that he has spoken at length to Manchester City’s co-assistant manager Brian Kidd.

Why Carver is volunteering this information now is anybody’s guess but for many fans it brings back memories of Alan Pardew being happy to talk about interest in certain Newcastle players, before they were sold to the highest bidder.

John Carver:

“I know for a fact that there is interest.

“You go in coaches’ rooms after games and have a chat, I had a good chat with Brian Kidd at Man City about him.”

Newcastle perfect for Perez’ development:

“A few people have spoken very highly of him, which is good.

“He has made the next step in his career and this is a fantastic place to continue that development.”

Probably the best selling point for Newcastle on the continent at this moment in time, is that because Mike Ashley refuses to allow a fully strength squad, it means players such as Perez are liable to get far more opportunities that at other Premier League clubs.

Ayoze Perez was bought as one for the future but because Newcastle failed to buy any established credible goalscorers last summer, the player from the Spanish second division was thrown into the first match of the season against Manchester City from the bench.

From that point he has been involved in every single Premier League match apart from one, getting pitch time from the start or the bench, in 27 of United’s 28 league matches.

No wonder John Carver has admitted that he had to leave Perez out recently because he looked jaded.

Today could well see all expectations on Ayoze Perez in the absence of Papiss Cisse, unless Emmanuel Riviere suddenly starts showing us something that we haven’t as yet seen this season.

  • Cosseycj

    TeamToon man is turning into JFK every day.. Why’s he even talking about Perez being sold, mans a walking/talking disaster

  • LeazesEnder

    Nothing wrong with chatting to competitors about the strengths and weaknesses of individual players in your squad, I personally wouldn’t sell my knowledge for a glass of wine, but what do I know….I’m not attempting to sell him!

  • DownUnderMag

    Really had taken to Pardew’s shoes exactly hasn’t he…right down to acting as sales person for our brightest talent. Next we will be hearing how Perez “Isn’t for sale at any price”…right before he’s sold for a set price.  Then he will say how he has a great squad and doesn’t need Perez and we can strengthen in the summer.  No doubt shortly thereafter appointed head coach on a permanent basis because nobody else is available, when in reality it’s just he’s proven himself as much of a yes-man as Pardew ever was.   Sadly the next step will be relegation to play the Mackems in the Championship the following season.

  • macandmarge

    @Cosseycj TeamToon If Perez goes…burn your tickets…it will show we are managed/coach by an idiot and owned by somebody who doesnt give a toss

  • Paul Patterson

    Just shut up . .

  • Brownale69

    macandmarge TeamToon Just dont go or buy the shirt!

  • Cornflake

    Our Canadian feed talked pregame today how Geordie fans love Carver and would like for him to get the job since he’s just like us.  The girlfriend left the room after I started shouting at the tv lol.  At least they did question Mike Ashley (as they do most weeks, to be fair).

  • magpie9

    What other manager tells the world its an open auction for any of their players? Answer is any puppet acting on Ashleys instructions. God help us next week against Arsenal