With fans fearing the worst in the remaining games, John Carver has claimed new players are on the way and he’s helping to choose them.

The United Head Coach says he knows which players are being targeted and that there is going to be ‘investment’.

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Carver specifically naming a centre-back as a priority, something which has been the case throughout Mike Ashley’s entire eight years at the club.

John  Carver:

“I have spoken to Lee Charnley and he has spoken to Mike Ashley, they have acknowledged the fact we’re a little bit short at the back, in particular at centre-half.

“There’s a process in place and I have been involved in that process over the last few weeks.”

A lot of work behind scenes…;

“We have got another meeting in a fortnight with Lee and Graham Carr to talk about the future – to talk about investment in the summer.

“There’s going to be investment and I can tell you that because I have seen who we are looking at, there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes”

John Carver’s words are unlikely to reassure anybody.

The list of players that Newcastle need, will far exceed anything that Mike Ashley is prepared to allow to be financed.

Saying that there will be ‘investment’ in the summer is just meaningless because every club will be ‘investing’ at the end of the season, the question being whether Mike Ashley is prepared to invest enough of the profits on the playing squad and it must be a very exclusive club of Newcastle supporters who believe that this well happen.

I wouldn’t mind betting that Ashley’s minions would even argue that there was ‘investment’ two summers ago, when not a single player was bought. However, no doubt MD Lee Charnley and others would dare to claim that the loan fee for Loic Remy represented said investment.

I would guess the shopping list for most fans would probably include a minimum of two centre-backs, a left-back, two midfielders/wingers and two strikers – at least seven players needed who would all have to be ready to take on the Premier League from day one next season.

For me the above would have to be the minimum to get Newcastle back on the right track and without any major departures.

As for the continuing clear hints from Carver himself that he is going to be here longer term, his actions and words are alienating fans more and more by the day.


  • toon tony

    If you are picking them John …ask them if they can take CORNERS.

  • Paul Smeaton

    That’s not very reassuring

  • Corkyjohn

    To get them you have to actually spend time in the oppostions half….cant see much of that happening in Arsenals upcoming training match against us

  • Demented_Man

    Jackanory, Jackanory, bom, bom.
    Fevered Summer transfer speculation on the way.  I can’t wait!

  • Andrew Johnson

    Well I feel a whole lot better now………..

  • mick57

    Do you think we are stupid. We need quantity and quality. That costs and fatty will only spend what he gets in. So bye bye krull Janmaat and sissoko

  • dude 1

    Season ticket forecast  predictions must be very low Carver must of been told to say this and god help us if he is helping to pick players 
    He must be staying on as coach next year.

  • tyneside tommo

    If Carver wasn’t so comical I’d weep. This guy is delusional. Honest.

  • Rollyp

    Lascelles is the centre half with Darlow being the other. The expenditure being their increased wages.

  • Chemical Dave

    Pardew clone, read this article and picture the words being quoted as being spoken by the fraud….

  • Chemical Dave

    We won’t be spending £100m on players or getting a competent coach either.

  • Gordonthetoony

    How can Carver say he’s helping with the new players for next year? He is unlikely to be coach( or even be here ) so leave it until our new guy comes in.

  • Polarboy

    If Carver isn’t given the boot along with the dead weight around our squad and a decent manager isn’t brought in, sorry head coach, along with a bare minimum of 50 million spent on players, then we can forget about next season because the only type of excitement we’ll be getting is trying to avoid relegation which I could do without. Of course the likelihood of Ashley getting a decent manager and spending 50 million net or over is about as likely as him winning a Mr. Universe competition. My only hope is that Ashley is actually planning to sell up in the near future.

  • Alsteads

    His words strike fear into me! A!!!! Center back??!! A!!!! Little bit short at the back?? John do us all a favour and FxxK off!!

  • PhilYare

    a complete overhaul is needed carver… not 1 or 2 players. we need about 10-12 hungry players and eject the failures 

    we concede the most goals
    we can’t even get a shot on target never mind score 

    relegation is guaranteed next season on this evidence

  • magpie9

    New  players coming? When we only have a squad of 13 there has to be new players but the big question is where will they get these players at  Ashleys idea of investing? Whitley Bay Beach?

  • Tom Dodds

    3 out 2 in

  • DownUnderMag

    Given our lack of buying without selling, i’m not sure who we will be getting.  Ashley has whittled down the squad and the quality, all in the name of profit, for a while now.  Even if we sell Sissoko and Janmaat, hell even throw Krul and Cisse in there, there is no way that would be enough to buy a squad capable of staying up next season, even with a capable manager.

    The trouble is, Ashley got lucky when he bought the likes of Cabaye, Debuchy, Sissoko, Ba.  So naturally he thinks that is how it will be every time.  As soon as a player comes good though he sells them and refuses to replace with equal players, he buys in more untested el’cheapo bargains and expects them to come good as well and be world class players.  Yes Janmaat has worked out, but that wasn’t a risk, he was a good player, a world cup star…but we got him on the cheap.  Ashley gambled on Ba’s fitness and he came good, therefore it brought about another risk on De Jong.  The likes of Riviere, Perez, Cabella…they were always risks.  Cabella was a big outlay, but it was a case of all the eggs in one basket because naturally he wold hit the ground running just like Cabaye did.

    The youth team, just isn’t producing.  But rather than assess the coaching staff, the system or even the finances involved in acquiring the players, the players themselves are shouted down and used as scapegoats.  Perhaps, if we paid more and bought better talent then we would have better players to work with and a better chance for them to come through.  There is a reason why Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott cost so much, because they were damn good players and have since made a huge impact in the Premiership.  We instead buy in players from low league sides or gather up scraps that other clubs don’t want and somehow expect them all to be the next Zidane. 

    I am all for running the club sensibly in terms of financial outlay and wage structure.  But it has gone far too much the other way right now and we are suffering.  We don’t just need 1 or 2 players in during the summer, we need 7 or 8 minimum and still will be hoping for minimal outgoings of our senior players and left crossing our fingers that some youth players will make the step up miraculously out of nowhere.  

    Let’s hope Ashley either finally realises what is required or sells up and leaves football clubs to those who at least have an understanding of how things are run, or at the very least someone with some resemblance of ambition.