John Carver has blamed Emmanuel Riviere for the defeat at Goodison Park.

In terms of both defence and attack, the Newcastle Head Coach has pointed the finger at his French striker.

Carver blames the crucial first goal on Riviere not tracking back, saying the United forward allowed James McCarthy ‘acres of space’ because he didn’t bother to track back.

On top of that, John Carver says that the difference between winning and losing was down to the way the strikers of both teams played, the Newcastle boss full of praise for Kone and Lukaku…

John Carver speaking to the club’s official TV channel:

“They scored from their first opportunity. We created it oursleves by not tracking the runner.

“McCarthy runs off Riviere and the ball goes up to the striker (Lukaku) – he’s got acres of space and I must say their two strikers showed you how to play centre-forward.”

Difference between winning and losing:

“They (Lukaku and Kone) were strong, they held the ball into feet, they were allowing players to come into the game.

“That was the difference, why we lost and they won.”

Where exactly this leaves Emmanuel Riviere, Newcastle United and John Carver…?

Like being stranded on a desert island, the Head Coach and striker look stuck with each other.

With Papiss Cisse not back until the final three matches of the season, if at all, due to Mike Ashley’s refusal to invest in strikers there are no alternatives.

Ayoze Perez isn’t an out and out striker and asking him to do it all by himself up front could set back his progress, it would be totally unfair on Adam Armstrong to expect anything at his age in this situation – plus being honest he hasn’t shown anything really so far.

Which leaves is with the invisible man and bets mate of Fabricio Coloccini, Facundo Chucky Ferreyra.

The purchase of journeyman (sold by three different French clubs for £5m or less) striker Emmanuel Riviere was always surely a transfer that carried more hope than expectation.

With not a single goal in the Premier League, I wasn’t exactky surprised at how poor he was on Sunday, as that is what we have pretty much seen all season.

However, I don’t think Carver has done himself, Riviere or the squad any favours by singling the forward out for special blame. There were numerous other players he could have mentioned, in fact hard to think of anybody who can claim they played well.

Emmanuel Riviere was replaced by Jonas shortly after Coloccini’s ridiculous sending off, whether we will see him in the team against Arsenal must be very doubtful, even with the lack of other credible options.

  • No Brainer

    Horrible, manu should have been in the half side of the pitch as the striker maybe it was the central midfield who could have been tracking the long ball up to the striker who then past it on to his on coming attacking midfielder.

    I would so like him to have been a success but its clear he is utterly clueless at management. Now singling out the low on confidence striker he has no choice but to use for incorrect criticism. The blokes got no balls.

  • Stephen Geordie Beck

    I blame carver for playing rivière and gouffran

  • RexN

    If Carver blames Riviere, I blame Carver for picking him.

  • Mal44

    The difference was perhaps that they played 2 strikers. As usual Riviere was left to plough a lone furrow for most of the game, as indicated by a few clips on MOD last night.

  • Peter Nealon

    Ashley …….and any fans still lining his pockets are the only ones to blame now!!

  • gibsonstu1976

    so why exactly isnt Ferreyra getting a chance? This kid had tons of potential and a great goal scoring record in both argentina and at shaktar

  • Mark Potter

    I blame carver for picking the team not motivating them and having poor tactics just like the players he is been paid for not performing/doing his job.

  • Billco

    RexN  and Carr for buying him.

  • Steven Fox

    A coach blaming his players and not tacking responsibility, not to mention that he should have at least made a comment on the foolishness that Gouffran did is a sign of huge weakness and lack of motivation, skills or courage.

  • Seventy2

    So the lone striker should not have allowed a player to freely run through our nowhere to be seen midfield and latch on to a gilt edge chance unimpeded by a single defender and score. I bet the fans, the morning newspapers and the length of the grass were to blame also.

  • shaneer

    only 12 person is to blame and it aint Manu, Tbh after watching the game i still can’t work out which formation they where playing. They all seemed clueless and that can only come down to the manager. Manu seemed to be alone up front , trying to cover soo much ground on his own, We had 2 wingers , neither of them made an attempt to beat the defender and get crosses in, infact the only decent crosses that came in where in the last 15 mins and by Perez. Totally clueless, and for him to blame Manu shows how desperate it has become

  • Kelbel Forster

    Anybody but himself huh!

  • Kelbel Forster

    Williamson, Gouffran and Obertan should never ever start in the same 11

  • wor monga

    Rivierre might be a total no-hoper, but I’ve just compared our
    excuse for a performance against Everton by watching the Chelsea v Southampton

    …Southampton did everything we as a collective unit didn’t…they
    sweated blood and kept on going…they closed every Chelsea player down quickly…they
    chased every loose ball, and their whole team defended as if their very lives
    depended on it…

    …we just showed up at Goodison to kick start Evertons PL

  • Paul Patterson

    So what about Gouffran who DID track back and DID clatter Lennon for the penalty.
    On Carvers logic, if Gouffran had stayed up field we wouldn’t have conceded the second . .
    Do you want a spade for that hole John . .

  • David Grey

    Sounds just like pardew

  • magpie1969

    We had five in midfield against Evertons four and you put the blame on the CF playing up front on his own you are a bigger fool than I thought

  • DonDickson

    Please send the men with the White coats round to mister carvers house as he needs a spell in the padded cells…oh and while there take that muppet of a so called captain with you. Totally pissed off

  • DonDickson

    I don’t blame Carr for buying him as the lad has never had a chance to play his proper position on a regular basis both caver and pardew seem to think by a player then tell him he going to play a different position to the one he is decent at it seems like putting square pegs into round holes is the name of the game for our so called coaches

  • Eugene Au

    Frankly, worse than Pardew.

  • Greg Codling

    Mackems walk out got gus down the road.

  • Philippines

    This article is a ridiculous distortion of what Carver said. But that’s what journalists do. Who cares about truth and balance?

    “McCarthy runs off Riviere”…….. I don’t see ‘blame’ in that statement. Its just a statement of fact of the run of play. The defence didn’t close him down and IN FACT, the press seem to blame Krul for not saving what was a very average shot on goal.

  • Greekgeordie

    Krull was to be blamed if somebody is looking for an excuse, and Carver never blamed anybody individually, but the Mag will find always an angle to promote the negatives.

  • Billco

    DonDickson  I agree with you but he appears to be very slow in his thinking. He waits until the ball is played to him rather than make a run in the hope a gap opens up.

  • David Williams

    Carver needs to take along hard look at himself, he put the team sheet out.
    Out of his depth

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    What a rubbish article. Think what you will of Carver’s coaching abilities, but up to now he has demonstrated tact in his assessments of games, and there is no way in the world that he would lay blame at any one player’s door.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Why’s he got no choice exactly?
    Once again, avoiding the most glaringly obvious reason for all of this. Sub standard players, sub standard coach, sub standard management and one greedy profit making owner who hasn’t one idea of, nor interest in, football itself.

  • David Maddock

    You cnt blame a player that’s never looked like scoring all season, I know there are injuries but Howay he’s nowhere near a premier league striker.

  • tino o

    Riviere is terrible and didn’t look out of place with the rest of the shower of shite . not one of them showed any pride! !! Our squad or lack of it guarantees championship players at best a place in the team coupled with our inept management i have fears for us next season. Ashley is a chancer and will not change anything in the summer

  • Oseni Oluwadamilare Ifeoluwa

    no defender do better in the game yesterday like williamson

  • toastman77

    Spot on

  • amacdee

    The sad fact is that any striker playing in this godforsaken system is always on a hiding to nothing. How can you expect to score when you’ve got one, or maybe two at best, in the box ?

    The principal of 4-2-3-1 is that the two holding MF’s do just that. Hold. Allowing FB’s to bomb forward and support the front four. Carver needs to grow a pair and work out that with a front three upfield (not as extra defensive wing backs) it pushes more defenders back and frees space for the midfield to  work in. Get Raylor to hold and Colbs/Sissoko to time runs and support the front three of Perez, Cabs and Aarons if he hasnt signed for Citeh just yet ?.
    Its the only way we’ll score this season with the players at our disposal right now.

  • DonDickson

    The trouble is his confidence as I don’t think we have anyone in midfield who can pick a pass for a striker to have the confidence to make the run time after time without any real hope of getting the ball

  • partworntyres

    does anyone know who has been coaching the singled out pointy beard since he arrived at the club?

  • RichardMead

    I’m so pleased I gave my seat up for next year I only have to put up with carvers shite for 5 more games then just maybe once we get rid of greedy guts and carver maybe I will go back I can not wait for this to blow up in his face

  • Deluded

    Nicolaus Copernicus Tact?!?! So why didn’t he say something like “Manu had no-one to pass McCarthy on to because Sissoko and Colback were AWOL all afternoon”? Why did he just hang Riviere out to dry, like he let McCarthy run so he scored. No mention of Krul falling out of the way of the shot?! Pathetic goalkeeping. The midfield and defence were not at home for the first goal yet Riviere is only mentioned in the analysis?!

  • Deluded

    Philippines I think the point is why stop at “McCarthy runs off Riviere” in his ‘expert analysis’ though? That “statement of fact” was probably two “runs of play away” so why no mention of the midfield parting like the red sea, the defence was even worse and Tim Krul got out of the shot’s way as fast as he could.

  • Deluded

    wor monga Look at Burnley’s effort and commitment against City. Our players are way better, so should at least show the same commitment. Our lack of effort and urgency is embarrassing.

  • Porciestreet

    Though it pains me to say it, I totally agree and I’m so glad that I retired to Cyprus because I would have done something really stupid by now.
    Even stopped going to the pub with me mates untill Nikey mikey is either gone or dead.

  • Porciestreet

    For  Cardew to be such a very good coach, he shows an inordinate amount of ineptitude. And for those who don’t understand, ………He’s 5h!te.  !

  • Porciestreet

    Just shows up Cardew for the too53r that he is…..!

  • Porciestreet

    Paul Patterson 
    In a couple of weeks time, he’ll need an escalator.

  • Porciestreet

    Deluded wor monga 
    It’s not the players that are at fault, it’s our erstwile leader…!

  • Porciestreet

    Even Poyet comes out with a little better than that.