Jamie Carragher has revealed that he gets really annoyed at people suggesting the Newcastle United team that Kevin Keegan built was ‘great’.

The pundit also brought the Leeds team of the late nineties into the equation, stating that they also might have played decent attacking football but can you describe either team as ‘great’.

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Writing in the Mail Carragher said:

“If I am honest, it annoys me, especially when I hear stories even now of how great Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle team of 1995-96 were or how thrilling the Leeds team were that reached the Champions League semi-final in 2000.

“Yes, they both played fast, exciting football but what did they win? Nothing. During my career, I won 10 major honours but none of the Liverpool teams I played for is particularly remembered for being a top side.”

A bit like the argument about what criteria equals being a ‘big’ club, the question is whether a team/club needs to win silverware before it is described as ‘great’.

When it comes to trophy success then obviously the great Newcastle sides have been the likes of the Edwardian side and then the Cup kings of the 1950s, when the FA Cup took precedence over the League because by then it was THE match of the year, largely because it was televised.

I might be biased but I don’t see the Leeds side of the late 1990s having any resemblance in terms of excitement and style of football that we saw under Kevin Keegan.

For me what happened under Keegan can be described as ‘great’ for two reasons.

Firstly, the style of football did take people’s breath away and it became a bit of a lazy comment at the time about Newcastle being every other fan’s second team, but it was true that by far United under KK were the most exciting to watch in the Premier League.

John Carver might talk about playing two strikers and two wingers in recent matches, which is patently not the case. However, under Keegan a front four of Ginola, Bearsdley, Ferdinand and Gillespie in 1995/96 was exhilarating, likewise seeing Ginola, Beardsley, Ferdinand and Shearer beating Man Utd 5-0 was unbeatable in terms of entertainment – for me it was the ‘greatest’ performance in Premier League history.

Secondly, to see the greatness in Keegan’s achievements, you have to look at his starting point and where he took Newcastle to.

First season he saved Newcastle from the third tier of English football, next season United walked the Championship, then finishes of 3rd, 6th, 2nd and 2nd in the Premier League.

Yes we didn’t see silverware but it was a great ride we all went on, for me I wouldn’t swap it for the world.


  • David Carruthers

    Well I would put an even bigger question mark over Carragher’s punditry and playing ability. Average player and well below average pundit who has a severe speech impediment (or is it a Liverpool accent?). #knowsnowt

  • Peaco

    Agree David, as a passenger throughout most of his career, he’s probably bitter that he ‘s respected, but not loved – unlike the entertainers?

  • LeazesEnder

    I think we’re talking about ‘relativity’ here…. the ‘Entertainers’ were entertaining…  filled with larger than life Characters and Warren Barton.  I remember an advertisement in the match program trying to sell corporate packages, an address by Sir John hall he said something like ‘enjoy a matchday experience with a five star meal and let our young man Andy Cole entertain you’…

    Maybe they never really wanted the big prize and were taken by surprise by the success of Keegans ‘all out attack’ strategy… 

    Hall lost interest and started to waver into other money making schemes/ interests ( Rugby, Ice Hockey, Motor Racing, Basketball, and tax avoidance) and over the course of his and Shepherds ten year tenancy extracted over £153 million from the club not counting the sale!

    Happy days.

  • bill black

    We were the ENTERTAINERS better than Liverpool to watch but unlike Liverpool who won the League one year only using 13 players partly because they off loaded the ball before being tackled we had a very small squad and slipped up when we had too many out or we would of won titles

  • Mister Tee

    Its probably all relative but still doesnt justify his attack and makes him sound a tad bitter.
    The “Entertainers”, compared with what we had been used to in previous years, were a great team.
    The Liverpool teams Carragher played in weren’t that great compared with the Liverpool teams of the past.
    Liverpool have always managed to find a way to win a trophy no matter how good or bad a side they had. Obviously they have never managed to win the league since 1990 but they have always manage to pick up League Cups, FA Cups, the Champions League win in 2005 was a fantastic achievement and a great match.
    Carragher says he won 10 major honours in his career and while I wouldnt like to downplay anybodys achievements (I am a Newcastle fan and I know how it sounds for me to take the mick about winning things!) he is possibly including Super Cups and Charity Shields, which are glorified pre season friendlies, and they won the League Cup a couple of times when major clubs didnt really take it seriously.
    Get over it Jamie, you had a good career and, yeah possibly, people havent given you and your teams enough credit but in the grand old history of Liverpool a few League and FA Cups arent going to wash with the majority of your fans.
    Let us have a couple of seasons where we remember our team having the guts to take the league on and challenge for things, we didnt win nowt but so what? We never win nowt.
    They were great times with a great team and you dont get to tell me they werent.

  • Stephen Walton

    Suprised any one heard Carraghers comments hia voice is so high pitched he’s usually only audible to dogs!

  • MickWatson

    The same Carragher who “retired” from international football because he never got picked?
    Overrated as a defender, he was always seen flying in to last ditch challenges to save the team, but the greatest defenders don’t have to do that, they read the game and stop the attack before it gets that far.
    Decent player in a decent team and that’s it.

  • wor monga

    Carragher came at the end of a very long brilliant Liverpool
    dynasty…started back in the mid 60’s with Shankly and Paisley…everyone
    remembered what their footballers had achieved from then right  through the 80’s…and after that lengthy period
    which could be thought of as their ‘Lord Mayors Show’ came Carragher’s time,
    which by comparison could only be thought of as their ‘Sh*t Cart’…

    Keegan’s side was as brilliant as any side that had ever performed
    in the history of the game…but sadly they never made greatness…Keegan and Hall
    had enough ego but lacked the necessary vision to take the club further on to those
    greater times (like Shankley did), and build a footballing dynasty at the Toon,
    for the future when they had the opportunity in their hands!!

  • Paul Soulsby

    Jamie yer not the brightest lamp in the street son because yer were hardly Bobby Moore yourself. You can drone on about yer ten medals but even Rafa Benitez has said he can’t believe that XI won the Champions League, they were a long way short of Puskas/DiStefano era Madrid, but they had a bit of luck, a LOT of luck KK’s team might have come up short but they took the title race to the last game of the season, something your team failed to do. Lastly Jamie, what sort of Anfield legend works for Rupert Murdoch ?, if my relative had died at Hillsborough I would want to stick one on you, money grabbing shithouse.

  • Sam Fitzroy

    A rubbish player, a rubbish pundit and a rubbish columnist for a crap paper. He’s just upset he was never in a side that threatened to beat United and win the league. Most of Liverpool’s accomplishments when he was there could of been won without him.

  • amacdee

    LeazesEnder An interesting exercise would be to compare the Robber Baron’s “profit taking” with the Fatman’s ? Admittedly it would be clouded by the Shlte Direct issue but surely Hall is still way ahead of the Corpulent One ?

  • v0ices

    amacdee LeazesEnder the difference being hall made his money from growing the brand Ashley makes it from strangulation.

  • Maximus Moose


  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder Love the ` And Warren Barton bit` 
    Those were the days

  • Mark Potter

    Carragher total bellend even Gary Neville is more likeable and a better pundit

  • PhilYare

    what a nob. If his side had had ‘our’ michael owen they would have won nowt, and for all their trophies and cheating (diouf) they were very very boring to watch

  • PhilYare

    and every scouser is usually married to one

  • Mal44

    Carragher made a point about Chelsea the other night; something about being respected but never loved or admired because of the way they play the game. I think he’s answered his own question as to why people don’t particularly remember his Liverpool team but why Keegan’s newcastle always will be. Every toon supporter who was around then can remember the excitement before every game; we just couldn’t wait.

  • Big Al 1967

    Following Carraghers logic that means the Dutch 1974  team and Brazil’s 1982 World Cup team weren’t great either.
    The man is a waste of space and joins a long list of ex pros (Shearer included) who are crap pundits. Please Sky do us all a favour and pedal this clown

  • Alsteads

    I expect nothing else from a typical never our fault, always wronged scouser. With a bit of luck they’ll win the same as us again this year. He and he fellows can blame the police for that too!! Hey?
    Same old same old never their fault!

  • No Brainer

    Hes right whilst he eob 10 honours ge was in a purely spawny club that this vlub has a rexent champs league title is nothing but a fluke it makes question my position as an atheist cis dome twots giving them a helpibg hand

  • A lex

    Care to post again after you’ve taken your meds?

  • stevennufc

    you on the pi** no brainer?……as usual!

  • No Brainer

    Didn’t think I’d had tgat much must learn that aldi wine being a4-50 doesn’t mean have two?
    Any way he’s a tw*t and he played in a team very lucky to win anything.

  • No Brainer

    Yes Rough now thou

  • Albert27

    And who is Jamie Carragher? A very average sometimes rubbish player. Hes made my [email protected] list. He obviously never seen ginola gillespie ferdinand rob lee cole sellars and fox destroying teams.