The Scottish FA met on Monday and sat late into the night at Hampden Park to discuss Mike Ashley’s influence at Rangers, taking into account he already owned Newcastle United.

The disciplinary tribunal had to consider two different charges against the Newcastle United owner.

One of failing to act in the best interests of football and the other, whether he had breached a rule relating to dual ownership/influence at two clubs.

The breaking news is that Ashley has been found guilty of breaking the dual ownership rules.

Sky Sports report that as a result he has been fined, wait for it….£7,500!

Yes only hours after Mike Ashley was listed by Forbes as being the tenth richest Billionaire in the UK and 306th richest in the world with a fortune of just under £3.3bn, he gets fined £7,500 after drawn out investigation.

On the charge of not acting in the best interests of football (SFA Rule 77) the case was found not proven.

  • macandmarge

    That will worry him

  • LeazesEnder

    ….On the charge of not acting in the best interests of football (SFA Rule 77) the case was found not proven….

    Stone me have they not seen what he’s done here…. NOT PROVEN ISN’T ABSOLUTION THOUGH!

  • Greggy164

    The SFA are a joke

  • tonyshaw

    I wonder if he can pay the fine in instalments?

  • toon tony

    He could always get a W***a loan.

  • lupamac
  • SGM

    Love it

  • Mancmag

    Considering the amount of money Ashley has loaned to Rangers to stop them going under I would have thought the SFA would be grateful.

  • Lofty9

    LeazesEnder Yeah, surely by breaking the rule in the first place, he isn’t acting in the best interest of football!! Dumb arses, scared stiff Rangers go under…

  • David Pickering

    Stupid me. Original I thought he would just pay the fine out of his petty change but then I realised like all other financial matters the money from the fine will come straight from the pockets of Newcastle United fans!!

  • Greggy164

    Mancmag  You are talking pish Mancmag. His loans havent stopped us from going under. That is what he would like us to believe. The reality is that Ashleys board has stopped at least 2 people from investing in Rangers.

  • Brownale69

    So whats next does he bail out of Rangers?

  • newcastle7

    He saved Rangers from going under and getting related back to division four and he is fined beggars belief.
    Some people just do not appreciate the good work you do they will ge grateful one day.

  • Greggy164

    Brownale69  Hope so Brownale69

  • Greggy164

    newcastle7  Belter.