Newcastle United have just released an official statement (read below) which confirms that both Papiss Cisse and Jonny Evans have been banned after the spitting incident on Wednesday night.

Jonny Evans was cleared of spitting at Emmanuel Riviere in a separate incident but hasn’t been able to wriggle out of the moment when he spat at Papiss Cisse.

The Newcastle striker earned a bit of credit in this shameful episode by holding his hands up straight away.

However, Jonny Evans continued to lie about his involvement, despite the damning TV footage, an extra embarrassing episode for both the player and his club.

As expected, Jonny Evans has picked up a six match ban, with Cisse getting an extra one due to his earlier suspension for elbowing a player in the Everton match earlier this season.

Newcastle fans had already accepted they were going to be without their only out and out striker for all but the last three matches of this season, the only disappointment being that Jonny Evans and his club weren’t given extra punishment for trying to lie their way out of trouble.

Newcastle United official Statement

FA Confirm Cisse Suspension

Newcastle United’s Papiss Cisse and Manchester United’s Jonny Evans will serve suspensions of seven-matches and six-matches respectively with immediate effect following their game on Wednesday 4 March 2015.

Both players were charged in relation to an alleged breach of FA Rule E1[a] in that in or around the 38th minute of the fixture they spat at each other.

Mr Cisse accepted the charge and his suspension consists of six matches, which is the standard penalty for this offence, with an additional one match as he has previously accepted a violent conduct charge this season.

Mr Evans denied the charge but it was found proven following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing on Friday [6 March 2015], resulting in a six-match suspension.

The incidents were not seen by the match officials but caught on video.


  • Andy Gray

    Seems amazing that even though Evans started the whole disgusting thing & denied it all with the support of his manager, he’s got off with only 6 games, yet Cisse was on the receiving end and reacted (wrongly) but was man enough to hold his hands up and ends up with the same punishment +1. Who on earth defends Newcastle players at such meetings!!??

  • tomchrist1969

    Andy Gray extra game over previous elbow ban

  • Paul Patterson

    Absolute joke. If this had been a regular court process, Evans would have been given more for the denial.

    What the panel SHOULD have said to Evans and Manchester United, right before the meeting took place, was ‘Johnny, if you plead guilty and we prove that you are, you will get a 6 game ban. However, if you say you’re innocent and we prove you’re not, we will double it’.

    Johnny Evans would plead guilty and get a six game ban.

    The F.A. are idiots . .

  • hettonmag

    BT sport should issue an apology for condemning somebody before all the evidence was produced, Scoles and  his sidekick  Mcmanaman  should also be sacked for jumping the gun.

  • Alsteads

    Its cringe worthy watching these so called ex liverpool idols (Macca!! as they call him and surely the worst commentator of all time Owen) get into bed with their so called rivals the scum in front of a world wide TV audience. Id be ashamed to be a scouser having these two sell outs licking Scholesys nuts!!

    Hey its Newcastle Untied though!!! What would the press and in particularly not very well in educated and incompetent reporters/journalists (if they dare call themselves that) do without us to kick around?? I just wish a smarter manager would seize on this and install a bit of siege mentality to our team. Other managers do it so successfully and us???…..well
    NUFC for ever!!!!

  • Alsteads

    Paul Patterson F.A bottled it again mate. I bet you they couldn’t believe their luck when Cisse held his hands up. Their job done!!

  • Alsteads

    tomchrist1969 Andy Gray I’m sure the FA law they bandy around at us so called smaller clubs is if found guilty and denying it then additional punishment automatically comes into play?? May be wrong gents but I’m sure someone, somewhere along the line has copped for it?

  • Alsteads

    Paul Patterson Johnny Evans doesn’t do guilty. Just ask Mr Christmas Party Organiser  himself……… Mr Rio Ferdinand!!

  • Demented_Man

    Paul Patterson Spot on, mate.

  • wor monga

    The picture clearly shows Evans directing his hockle towards
    Cisse, who can see it coming, as he gets up after they’d clashed…in  days gone by that action always signified ‘that’s
    what I think of you, sunshine’, and obviously it still does in some circles…

    No wonder Cisse reacted…but why didn’t he just grab Evans by
    the throat (like you did in those days) rather than spitting back like a
    complete t*sser?

    He’d have got 3 or 4 games, and when the evidence was shown probably got off while Evans would have taken a 6 hit… Carver should be telling them how to react (English
    style) when faced with this type of provocation…in his training sessions

  • Paul Patterson

    wor monga  The thing with Cisse is, he just isn’t that bright.
    He’s not clever enough to do that. He’s not a clever footballer either. He’s always offside and can’t time his runs.

    However, goals win games and he is good at that. Sadly, without him this season we’d be in the clarts. I’m just pleased we have the points we have . .

  • wor monga

    Paul Patterson wor monga     No… Cisse’s a terrific player…but Evans was purely in there
    to cynically spoil, and to do whatever it took to stop him from getting too
    comfortable within striking range…

    Pappiss is not physical he depends on his
    movement and being allowed to drift into the right positions, and given a half
    chance he has proved that he can be as deadly as any striker in the PL…

    LVG was
    aware of that and was happy with the role that Evans played, to subdue that
    threat by any means…that’s why he defended the indefensible!!

  • Paul Patterson

    wor monga Paul Patterson  Oh, I fully agree with that. But he’s still not a clever player. He’s just good at what he does.
    I wrote an article last week comparing the 2002 Newcastle to the 20015 side and compared Cisse to Shearer and people were quick to point out that Cisse is no Shearer. I agreed with that also, but like I’ve already said goals win games and Cisse can do that better than anyone at this club at present. However, a clever player wouldn’t have spat back at Evans (I doubt Shearer would have either).

    It’s pointless having a striker that is brilliant, if he’s banned for TEN games in FOUR months . .

  • Rollyp

    as Alsteads mentioned below I understood that the punishment was increased by at least one game if a player pleaded not guilty but the charge was proven.

  • alreet

    There u go manure posse of sky sports. Get on the bias band waggon with that pic.
    I really do dispise owen. Scholes and neville with a passion and schmeichel to an extent. How much they harp back to the good old days and dont have a bad word for their former team.
    Strange that sky sports dont get any former man city spurs or toon players in their pundit or commentator list. If u aint manu or arsenal u aint commin in.
    6 games is a little harsh though. Players have been done for 3 games for worse high challenges and others like mcarthur not given anything for nearly ending haidaras career.
    Sweet FA if you ask me

  • No Brainer

    It’s galling that a cusses who was initially hampered by injury has now been forced to miss 27% of the season through retaliation with Coleman yanking him all over the place then Evans kicking and spitting at him it’s no surprise that we are the ones who suffer despite having shown the club to have the right approach to dealing with these incidents.
    Very depressing

  • Greggy164

    A pair of tadgers. Spitting at someone should never happen on a pitch. I would have more respect for Cisse if he had knocked Evans out

  • Greggy164

    hettonmag  Why are you having a go at pundits? Both players deserved to be hammered. Spitting on someone is the lowest of the low.

  • Greggy164

    alreet  Are you trying to compare a bad tackle with spitting on somebody? Are you trying to defend Cisses actions?

    Have you ever played football? For me, if you spit on somebody you have crossed the line. It can never be defended or justified.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer You have shocked me NoBrain. How can you even try defend Cisse? He is every bit as bad as Evans if not worse. To have somebody spit on you is never acceptable but to then get up and spit back at him is disgusting. Have you ever played football?

  • Greggy164

    1957  Have they not given an honest opinion? Both players were way out of order. I would rather have seen Cisse get up and KO Evans than spit at him

  • hettonmag

    Greggy164 hettonmag Because the BT  pundits seemed to condem  Cisse  before they had all the evidence, did you not listen to the  them at half time. And if I want to have a go at pundits any pundits that’s my choice and yes they have both got what they deserve maybe Evans should have got more for lying.

  • hettonmag

    Greggy164 alreet  Have you ever known a career being ended by spit.

  • Greggy164

    hettonmag Greggy164  I have seen the incident. I havent seen or heard what the pundits have said but I hope they have slaughtered both players.

  • Greggy164

    hettonmag Greggy164 alreet  If you have ever played football you know that on a pitch thats as low as it gets. I can take somebody kicking me up and down a park all day. If I was ever spat on I would have to give it my best and hope to KO them

  • Greggy164

    1957  I havent heard what the pundits said but I hope they tore both players to shredds. As for the KO it would be instinctive. Only right in my opinion

  • alreet

    Ok ok chill ya boots. Bad comparison hows about suarez bite for 10 games. Nea its ok i really was just trying to make a point about the manu swarm and the defence of the unseen by van gaal.
    Get some balls and chastise ur player now van gaal.
    Both disgusting things to do.

  • Greggy164

    alreet  Yip agree 100% about Suarez.

    Only Evans himself knows what his intentions were. If he tried to spit on Cisse. When I saw it I couldnt say if it was a deliberate attempt to spit on Cisse or not. But that is beside the point. To spit while you are in a tussle or have a player that close to you isnt on. I dont know enough about the lad to say one way or the other if it was deliberate. Now Im not defending him but its posssible it was purely innocent. Spitting can be a nervous thing. At the same time it could have been the heat of the moment, lost the plot and before he knows it, bang, there it is.

    These guys must know that they will get away with nothing while on the pitch. Especially when its on live TV. Sky can have 30 odd cameras when covering a game. I would think BT will have a similar amount.

  • Polarboy

    Greggy164 alreet Get a grip, first of all it is entirely obvious from the footage what Evans intent was hence him being charged by the FA, only an imbecile would take his actions and not expect to hit Cisse. 
    You keep asking people have you played football, well I don’t know about you but I have never got up to have a go at someone while simultaneously accidentally spitting a load of gob on them or thought to innocently spit in the middle of a confrontation. 
    Second of all while there can be no excuses made for spiting to say that what Cisse did was worse than Evans is f**king stupidity of the highest order. Cisse wouldn’t have have even thought to spit if Evans hadn’t of instigated it, Cisse was provoked pure and simple. 
    In law provocation is taken into account for people’s reactions which is why the bans handed out by the FA are a joke.

  • Greggy164

    Polarboy Greggy164 alreet They have not been tried in a court of law. And you think Im stupid.

    To say you were provoked is no defence. To say “He did it first” isnt a defence. It makes you look a fanny.

    Cisse had every right to be angry. His reaction wasnt spontanious. He knew what he was doing. If he had reacted instinctively the moment Evans spat Cisse would have reacted. He didnt. There is a couple of seconds between each spit

    At the same time he must know TV cameras cover every inch of the pitch. He knows even if ref hasnt seen Evans spit its sure to have been caught on camera. He could have let the ref and his own bench know what had happened. He didnt. He choose to move towards Evans before he spat.

  • No Brainer

    Couldn’t agree more jedinek for palace just last week could have severely injured someone quiet deliberately spit on me any day ither thsn that sort of thing

  • Joe Woodcock

    Looks like he.s about to kiss Pappis haha

  • Polarboy

    Greggy164 Polarboy alreet Lol, yeah I’m aware they haven’t been tried in a court of law which is why I said “in law”, I was just drawing the obvious parallels between a FA commitee deciding someone’s guilt and an actual court of law. Surely the FA’s goal should be to have the same rigorous and much discussed laws in place, basically what I’m saying is if provocation has been decided in law to be justifiable mitigation then the FA should adopt it. As far as I can see the FA need to have a complete overhaul when it comes to their various laws, bans etc.  
    As for Cisse’s reaction I don’t think you appreciate how quickly that incident happened, having probably watched it slowed down a number of times it has probably warped  your view of it. Cisse didn’t have time to consider it and what would have happened afterwards, in any case the red mist had surely descended from Evans’s actions and that lasts longer than a spontaneous moment. Again I’m not defending spitting in general but in this case it would have been more appropriate for Evans to have the lengthier ban having been found guilty after denying it.

  • Greggy164

    1957  Sorry to hear about your injury 1957. Its bad enough to not be able to play never mind it having an impact on rest of your life. Ive played football since primary school. This will be my last season at 11s. Im getting too old. Ive been lucky with injuries but the last couple of years Ive struggled with a chocolate ankle.

    I think you have got me wrong. I wasnt trying to be a bawbag when I was asking if people had played football. I wasnt trying to imply if they havent played football then they dont know what they are talking about. No not at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion wether the have or havent played. The reason I was asking is haven talked with pals and team mates over the years, not just since Evans, I know that theres a large percentage of guys would say spitting on someone is the most disrespectful thing on the pitch. Guys that have played at all levels from 5 a sides to senior. Im not saying all, or the majority, but a large section. I would be speculating if I tried to put a number on it. All my time playing Ive never been spat at or tried to spit on somebody else. Ive played in games were it has happened but I can only think of 1 time Ive had a team mate spit at the opposition. We backed him on the pitch at the time when it turned into a rammy but when we got back to the changing room after the game the manager and a few players let him know he was way out of order. The big centre half  put 1 on his chin. At training the following week they kissed and made up but manager dropped him the next week. He never came back after that.

    I can understand why you dont see it like that and I respect your views and opinions.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  You like to be spat on. Slapped. Called a biatch and told how dirty you are

  • Greggy164

    Polarboy Greggy164 alreet  I cant speak for the rest of UK but here in Scotland the only similarities between court of law and SFA disciplinary is both are to punish wrong doing. Earler in the season the SFA found a player guilty of making a racist remark to an opponent without any evidence. The player the remark was aimed at was the only person who heard it. No other person on the pitch heard any racist comments.  The SFA made the ruling based on “probabilities” . That was the word they used.  It was hearsay. One persons word against another. It wasnt caught on camera,  nobody heard the comment being said but the SFA still found the player guilty. That wouldnt get a conviction in a court of law here in Glasgow.

    Its good to see your attitude has changed. I only read a couple of lines of your last reply. That was enough. There is nothing you can say that I need to hear. Clown

  • Polarboy

    Greggy164 Polarboy alreet You should have just read the comment instead of making yourself look like an even bigger imbecile. Had you read the comment you would see that you have basically just agreed with the sentiment of my last comment, as in the FA should adopt more rigorous well thought out rules more akin to actual legal laws. And who do you even support, if not Newcastle what the hell are you even doing on this site.