Newcastle United (playing) legend Bobby Moncur has claimed that John Carver is doing a great job and says he’s been really impressed when watching him on the training ground.

However, fans are yet to see much of this great work as yet, with United winning only 2 of the 10 matches whilst John Carver has been in charge.

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In an interview with the Chronicle, Moncur says that one thing he is sure of is that Carver ‘fits in with what the club are looking for’…which is I think something we can all agree on.

Bobby Moncur:

“I have seen John Carver at close hand working with the players at Newcastle United and I have to say it’s impressive to see.

“There are people who like the idea of a big name in charge but I think Newcastle have been down that route before.”

Bigger names?:

“You don’t get bigger names in football than Ruud Gullit, Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish or Ossie Ardiles for example.

“I see where people are coming from in that perhaps John does not have the worldwide fame to attract player but he’s so passionate about the cub he can still sell the club to them and that makes up for it. One thing is for sure he fits in with what the club are looking for.”

John Carver ‘understands the rules’:

“He would work well with Lee Charnley and Graham Carr and I think three heads are better than one with transfers.

“JC already understands those rules and if he did get that top 10 place he would deserve a crack at the job on a full-time basis.”

There is little doubt that John Carver is passionate about the football club, as a lifelong fan you can’t argue with that.

However, the rest of us can also claim those credentials but it doesn’t necessarily mean we should be considered for the manager’s job at Newcastle United.

Obviously it is no surprise to see Bobby Moncur backing up the party line, as somebody who is a club insider and close to Mike Ashley it would be amazing to hear him say anything else.

To say ‘big names’ are a bad idea because of failed appointments such as Souness and Ardiles is ludicrous.

Newcastle’s best two managers by a country mile in the last 40 years have been Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson, two massive figures in World football.

The reason most supporters find it hard to see Carver as the ideal candidate, is the fact that he has achieved nothing as a manager and indeed only has a short spell in Toronto as his only manager’s job.

Interesting to see that Bobby Moncur claims that John Carver will deserve the job if Newcastle finish top ten this season, so does that mean if United finish eleventh or lower he DOESN’T deserve the job…?

  • dont believe the hype

    I’ve just read the article in the Chronicle ( and it is possibly one of the most sickening interviews I have read in the eight sad years of the Ashley era. No mention that Honest ‘Geordie’ John was more than happy to see players released or sold and that the injury crisis is largely down to a rigid transfer policy that sees us operate on the bones of our ar$es !!!

  • Steve Passmoor

    2 wins in 10, of course, give him the job, average of about 8 wins a season, just need to find 10- 15 draws to keep us safe every year #mug #happyclapper #delusional

  • Eric Saddler

    Ha ha ffs you couldn’t make it up …

  • Paul Soulsby

    Another Toon great pissing all over his reputation.

  • Batey147

    TeamToon is he pissed

  • Simon Sharp

    They’re all on the gravy train. Do they know something we don’t?

  • Toonbadger

    Moncur is nothing but an Ashley minion and deserves a slap for those comments
    Charver will never be good enough Geordie or not, why do the media up here keep going on about him? His record and his manner on the touchline tell me that he has not got a clue

  • partworntyres

    maybe moncur ‘s after a call up, he’s not south american is he? get’s his pies from the same shop as john ‘eat pies and at’em’ carver. tino geordie legend..

  • MilitantGeordie

    Just the latest edition of propaganda from one of Ashley’s boot lickers. It’s so transparent what they are doing. Chronical back under the thumb, Charnley statement praising John, Moncur the same. We even heard that the fat controller is ‘ delighted ‘ with Carver! Just don’t be fooled by the Clubs pretend scouring for a new head coach, it’s misdirection. John will get the job and there will be very little if anything spent on the squad. He’ll probably make a net profit by flogging a player or two. I’m just waiting for the official statement from the tea lady about how wondrful ‘ wor ‘ John is.

  • Billco

    How can you take this contrived bull*hit seriously ? Moncur must have Charnleys hand up his back working him like a puppet.

  • dude 1

    Mr Moncur as a young man i watched you pick up the Fairs Cup and i used to think what a gent , but my admeration for you has fallen to a new low How can you say Carver will be a great coach are you on Mike Ashleys wage bill 
    come on man Carver has not taken us forward if anything we are slowley going backwards surley you can see that, and as for getting into the top 10 sorry this will not happen, not this season anyway

  • PhilYare

    yeh and if we finish 14th they (including the media and other brainless football fans) will say “well thats only a few positions off a successful 10th place finish” “charver has done a great job in the circumstances” “well they lost their great manager pardew halfway through the season” blah blah blah

    all you hear about is masking the truth and excuses

    its a fact that charver being touted for the job fulltime is promoting the bog cleaner to put more change in ashleys pocket

    moncur is a legend but I feel his comments are made in order to ‘protect’ his relationship with the club

  • PhilYare

    MilitantGeordie the tealady is likely to have been promoted to reserve team coach

  • killyted

    Its like going to the pictures to see James bond and ending up watching laurel and hardy.Yes carver will get the job 17th and above will do

  • toontom68

    Bobs turn this week….presumably it will be Beardsley next week.
    Its so transparent,its frankly embarrassing.
    What it shows is that Ashley fully intends to give Carver the job in the summer….there would be no point Moncur saying this otherwise.
    My bet is that they will give Carver a rolling 12 month contract (so they can sack him cheaply WHEN it goes tits up).
    Anyone who continues to support this farce of a football club from this point on,I’m afraid gets what they deserve.

  • Demented_Man

    Even John Anderson, hardly the most outspoken critic of the regime, hesitates to give Carver full support, adding that he could do with winning a few games.  Moncur, on the other hand, goes for the full brown nose job.  Embarrassing and a bit sad.

  • KevinBrown11

    Sadly Bob your expectations have no foundations, carver has won only two games out of eleven, and they were both at the bottom, and we were lucky in doing that, no Bob carver does not deserve
    To be head coach, against top teams he just tells his team to lie down and let them walk all over us, the’res a difference in trying to compete the other is letting them sh*te all over us, I sadly say is exactly what carver has us like,

  • amacdee

    Demented_Man A BIT sad ???? Playing legend to retired lackey in one easy movement. Beardsley is another example of the depths these former hero’s can plumb just to curry favour with the Fatman.

  • amacdee

    toontom68 If you add “Newcastle United’s board have admitted that they are likely to continue selling their better players at a fans’ forum this week” into the equation then any NUFC fan still believing in this shower of shlte should be sectioned. 
    (Try saying that with your teeth out ?)

  • magpie9

    Bob as P.R. rep for N.U.F.C. you forgot to say Carver is cheap, crawls on his knees to Ashley & wins about 1 game a month, perfect for job?

  • amacdee

    dude 1 Moncur is an employee of the club. He works in “hospitality” among other things.

  • Alsteads

    Bob fxxk off!!

  • Chemical Dave

    Moncur posts on here as Newcastle 7 ? Similar lickspittle style no ?

  • Neil Robson

    Another article coming from the P.R. Machine in the NUFC offices. It’s so depressing that the probability is carver will keep the job and we will have another season of poor football!!

  • Philippines

    I am lost for words…. not at Bobby Moncur’s comments but at the vitriolic bile contained in most of the previous 25 comments on this article. Cor, talk about kick a guy!!!! For me, Carver is doing OK. Some of the losses and draws have been ‘knife edge’ matches that could have gone either way. How could ANY manager get instant results sufficient to please these commentators.