So we undeservedly lost 1-0 last night to the most boring Manchester United team in recent history, it could have have been any mundane Premier League team but this is the flamboyant Manchester United!

Aimless long balls, a £60 million superstar who quite frankly makes Gabrial Obertan look half decent, LVG is clearly using all his resources and management skills to bring them down to our level, their next manager will surely be ugly football specialist Tony Pulis.

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I don’t like Manchester United, I never have and I have to be guarded about what I say about them because I don’t want to attract the wrong sort of comments, but suffice to say up until a certain event in their history they were not even the biggest club in the North West, let alone the UK etc, the tragedy of that awful event changed them forever.

Of course the likes of Alex Ferguson and his on-field achievements accelerated them ahead of the rest of England’s finest from about 1990 onwards, but I am convinced that off the field the events of 1958 ensured they had a huge worldwide following from that day on.

Would they be the global phenomenon they are today if history had been different? Probably not.

Hartlepool reds, Herne Bay reds, Alnwick reds, were among the banners last night, and while hardly worldwide it does show their support does emanate from all over – shame on you for not following your local team.

I could go on, I could cite other reasons  why I dislike them, I actually dislike Bobby Charlton for example, he may have grown up as a kid from here but he does not ever make reference to his roots. Sorry if it upsets people but I detest Mr. Manchester United, simple as that, the north west is welcome to him!

So enough keyboarding about them, what about us – well to be honest did we deserve to lose? Not really, a little bit of composure in front of goal and we could have been out of sight last night and we also should have had 2 penalties.

Two…you may ask. Well one was nailed on when Rivière was tripped by Smalling and only the referee and his linesman failed to see this, apparently even the biased TV panel agreed. However, I thought Rivière may have been fouled when missing another gilt edge chance at the Leazes End in the first half, the fact he missed the ball completely suggests he was nudged when about to shoot when virtually one on one.

Second half saw both him and Cisse also miss absolute sitters as well.

In my eyes the best outfield player last night was Mehdi Abeid, until………. why did he not just hoof it? Why did Timmy not just hoof it? Could Timmy have picked up the ball? Question questions and still bothering me this morning.

Mehdi Abeid is becoming a really good player and hopefully can progress further next season.

Another question that is really bothering me this morning is why was a referee from GREATER  MANCHESTER appointed to officiate last night. I was certain premier league rules dictated that this was not allowed, if things have changed could mag fanatic Mark Clattenburg officiate when we play Sunderland in April?

So much to talk about, what about the spitting incident? clearly Johnny Evans spits at Cisse, clearly Cisse spits back, ban them both!  Hang on though, apparently Paul Scholes knows this Evans bloke, and says he is not that sort, so let’s just ban Cisse and give good old Jonny a pat on the back.

bobby charlton

So hands up, how many of you felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when Jonas got the call to come on last night, it was a moment that will stay with me forever, and if I’m honest from that moment on the result hardly mattered, fantastic heart rendering moment and if anyone deserves the ovation last night it is Jonas.

I watched at full-time and each and every one of the players on the pitch went to him as one to shake his hand, I did not hear his TV interview after the game but I saw it in the pub, and he had such a smile on his face, and why not, well done Jonas, you are a true adopted Geordie and will be loved by this tiny nation forever.

Of course unbiased Manchester based referee Anthony Taylor threatened to spoil things by handing out a quite harsh booking, leaving a sending off a real possibility, idiot of the highest order.

Well we have another weekend off because it’s FA cup weekend, and we don’t seem to bother, but  that does not matter as we can have a stress free weekend, however next weekend we have an intriguing fixture against the Scouse mackems!

Why intriguing? Well in the race for relegation Everton are coming up fast on the rails, and are looking threatening, each year a team normally mid-table and safe, plummets after Christmas straight into the mire. So if I can’t get my wish of Sunderland or Villa going down, then a laugh at Everton  would be a timely summer tonic if the unthinkable should happen to them, and they are finishing fast!

Would be good to go there and get a result and I believe we can, why you may ask? Simply because I go to every game with a degree of optimism and their recent results suggest they are not very good.

If John Carver can locate a cow’s arse and a banjo then put them to good use over the next ten days, who knows we might even score a goal or two. Carver will need to do something because Cisse may well not be available if BT have their way…

So in conclusion, I hate all things Manchester United, I also dislike Everton, sunderland and villa, the North West is welcome to Bobby Charlton,  Jonny Evans is a nice bloke cos Paul Scholes says so, and Manchester based and alleged Altrincham supporter Anthony Taylor is an idiot of the highest order!

At my bitterest best this morning.


  • Demented_Man

    Another thing people forget about Man U is that their fans were in the vanguard of the rise of hooliganism in the late 60s.  The ‘Red Army’ were looking for trouble before there really was any in the top football grounds.
    However, the major irritant is when the media react to a Man U defeat as if a day of national mourning should be declared.  They’re really not that important!

  • No Brainer

    I just hate them

  • Porciestreet

    I’m not afraid to say it…! theyv’e been on a sympathy vote since 1958. Thats why their so-called fans come from anywhere but Salford and are a bunch of arrogant ignorant gits. Ive found the true united supporters who are from Trafford, Denton etc are the proper fans and quite a likeable bunch.
    As for last night, they were the better team and we had the better chances…we could and, should have won that, and but for a glaringly obviously blatent piece of favouritism from what turns out to be a self confessed manure fan/referee, they would have been difinitely seccond best.
    I don’t like them and never will, infact if the cup final was between them and our unwashed neighbours,I probably would go and sit in the park, but even that’s difficult today if your a single man…………!

  • Rollyp

    Scholes also said that Cisse’s reaction was disgusting but not condemning Evans at all. Carver said, correctly, that spitting just isn’t on but he could at least have said, as the pundits and van Gaal did about Evans, that Cisse is a good bloke. Reminds me of when Remy was sent of at Norwich. Hughton stuck up for his guy but Pardew didn’t say anything in defence of Remy.

  • maginluton

    Another thing that I hate is the way they are called United by the media even though there were two Uniteds on the field last night. Ian Darke’s commentary last night was excruciatingly bad. Have BT Sport got an anti-NUFC agenda?

  • Brian Standen

    We were UNITED long before they were, Newton Heath until 1902 when they nearly went bankrupt and new investors came in and the name change occurred! It is shameful the way they are the darlings of the media and referred to as United
    As for their ignorant fans, the ones who rang amok everywhere in the 70s ( not quite everywhere the red army got well mullered up here circa 74/75), they are just irritating these days
    Chances are they will win the same as us this seasion…….nowt!

  • No Brainer

    Porciestreet you wrote ‘united supporters’ is that West Denton and where the **** is Trafford, there’s only one united

  • No Brainer

    maginluton Poor sod I used to live in Luton come home lad there’s nowt there really nowt there.

    as for the comment

    They are twa** but remember saintly shearer calls them that.

  • DavidDrape

    good read BS. also it was Bobby C who approach his relative Wor Jackie for advice about where to go. MUFC had shown first interest & a good offer & i think the book i read said NUFC then showed an interest so basically Wor Jackie gave his honest opinion and told Bobby that Newcastle at that time didn’t look after the kids (or give them a chance) so he went to MUFC. This scenario just keeps on occurring and no doubt other names could be added to (starting with Shearers) the list

  • Jarra MIck

    Brian sorry to break it to you but Abeid was absolute [email protected] last night, from the first minute when he nearly gifted them a goal till the last when he did. Hopefully he is one for the future but don’t kid yourself he was terrible last night.

  • Mal44

    I’m possibly in a minority of 1 amongst Toon fans but I think their global popularity is much more to do with their success on the field, helped along by major personalities such as Best and Beckham and the explosion of the Internet, social media etc. Their supporters outside of Manchester and surrounding areas (and especially abroad in areas such as the Far East) are mainly trophy hunters who wouldn’t have been around in 1958.
    If I’m honest I don’t think articles which hark back to a tragedy over 50 years ago as being the reason for the current global popularity of a team idoesn’t show us up in a very good light; just makes us sound bitter and twisted.
    I’m no lover of Man united but the article could just as easily made its point by starting at ‘Hartlepool Reds’.

  • shadsdad

    Heard BC discussing George Best with Dennis Law in a pub once. He said he hated the little b*****d and volleyed the ball at him on the wing instead of passing it, but the little b*****d controlled it in his stride beat 3 men and crossed it!
    George Best was the finest player I’ve ever seen by a country mile.

  • Brian Standen

    Fair comment for sure, it’s all about opinions, def can’t argue with it, it’s just how I viewed

  • Brian Standen

    Fair point, and I have to agree, I am definitely bitter and twisted! But the tragic events of 1958 did change them in the eyes of many,

  • Brian Standen

    Without doubt total genius! Maradona was astonishing, but George Best in his prime was better! However if Tony Green had played another 5 years just maybe…..

  • DavidDrape

    Brian Standen even a canny gang of south shields reds i bumped into gannon to london one day when they were heading to the charity shield in 1984 and all with north east accents

  • Porciestreet

    No Brainer 
    Gathered that…!

  • Porciestreet

    It’s all a load of sycophantic suckholing . Would guarentee that if they wern’t in the prem, you wouldnt hear of them.

  • newcastle7

    Bobby is a Manc and will never be a Geordie he gave that right up years ago Even think he fell out with his own brother and mother and they did not speak for long periods The biggest traitor to mankind since the second world war.

  • LeazesEnder

    No Brainer Porciestreet Manchester has a Denton and a Heaton.