John Carver has made bizarre claims ahead of the clash with Arsenal on Saturday.

The Newcastle Head Coach has said that nobody needs to be in any doubt as to just how ready his players will be to take on the Gunners.

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Carver talks as though United are in great form and that facing Arsenal is usualy anything other than a nightmare.

Maybe he has been given a self-help programme on positive thinking, or in other words – ignoring reality.

John Carver:

“You know what our group of players are like – they don’t need to be motivated for Arsenal at home.”

Returning to planet earth…Newcastle have won only three of their last sixteen matches, starting that run with a 4-1 hammering at…Arsenal.

Sadly we know all too much about our players, nobody doubts the commitment of all, or at least most, of them – but a small squad in terms of both numbers and quality are looking in real trouble.

I haven’t met a single person this weeek who doesn’t believe two things.

Firstly, that Newcastle are going to get beat.

Secondly, it will be by multiple goals.

That isn’t been pessimistic but looking at two clubs at opposite ends of the spectrum.

One full of flair, form and goals.

The other struggling to even put a defence out and creating chances looking ever less likely.

You always have a puncher’s chance in any match but for John Carver to come out and talk up his players in this over the top way is just setting them up for a fall.

Looking back over the actual record between the two clubs, Carver’s comments just look ever worse.

The last six meetings have seen six Arsenal wins and 18 goals conceded.

The last time Newcastle beat them; Andy Carroll scored the winner, Chris Hughton was manager, we’d never heard of Alan Pardew and John Carver was a coach at Sheffield United in the Championship….


  • Mal44

    Like the majority of toon supporters I’m no Carver fan but In fairness what do you expect him to say. The one sentence you quote is hardly outrageous and does it really require an article?

  • partworntyres

    what you lot don’t realise is that jc has had a delivery of special pies…. 
    a nod’s as good as a w.nk to a daft!

  • partworntyres

    Mal44 you seem a bit down mal44

  • Stephen McMenzie

    ‘Nobody doubts their commitment’ – I’d question that, I’d certainly the commitment of at least 5 if the first team.

  • DZA187

    The players didn’t seem to be motivated for Man united at home the other week, what’s going to be different with Arsenal ? JC is a broken man who needs to be replaced before it’s too late.

  • Mal44

    Probably thinking about where our next point is coming from. I’m going to nip out and buy one of those pies you mentioned. That’ll make me feel betterU0001f63a

  • StephenBowers

    Could be drug induced

  • Simon Sharp

    The man is a bigger joke than Pardew. Judas.

  • dude 1

    Well at least he didn’t mention Sir Bobby Robson in this interview

  • Double Carpet

    Look, everyone knows Carver is not the answer, but neither are stupid ‘articles’ like this. Pointless sh!t-stirring just to get your name in print.
    Find something interesting to write about, not the childish misinterpretation of every word the poor bloke utters. For the record, there is nothing bizarre in what he said, neither did he imply we were playing well. He merely said the team would be motivated for the Arsenal game.
    If he’d said we were rubbish you’d have slagged him off for that. Get a grip.

  • Paul Waller

    Will see how committed they are on April 5th…even though Carver has his excuse ready with ‘the new manager for them obviously has helped fire them up’ garbage. Dare I ask how many Pardew has won in last 11…more than 2 that’s for sure.

  • Special Z


  • Demented_Man

    1957 Don’t worry about Johnny boy.  He’s already a shoe-in for the job.  The club just need to get their propaganda right.

  • SGM

    Come back Alan. All is forgiven

  • tino o

    Sounds like we’ve finally replaced jfk he talks utter shite Ashley must have him there for entertainment of himself and his cronies something to laugh at. This could only be happening at one club. We are a total laughing stock and [email protected]#ck $ d under this regime! !!

  • amacdee

    know what our group of players are like – they don’t need to be
    motivated for Arsenal at home” 
    I’ve already mentioned elsewhere that if Carver thinks his players are already motivated because its Arsenal then he is a fool. These players, who looked like they were going through the motions (in flip flops) last Sunday, need a battle plan that only you, JC can provide.
    Let’s just hope its not the same shlte plan you came up with last week which went out of the window from minute one and proceeded to an embarrassment.
    We only have one hope against Arsenal and that is to disrupt their game, get in their faces from the KO, be first to every ball and dont let them settle into their passing game. If we do then the team will be as one with the crowd, watching from afar while we’re taken apart !

  • Corkyjohn

    Found at St James Park, deranged man going by the name of John Carver. If anyone knows John can they come & collect him. No I.D necessary, just take him please…anyone!

  • alreet

    And this tool wants the gig full time.. needs a checkup from the neck up. Geordie or not you havnt a sodding clue.
    We will be found out against gunners in the worst way even if we defend like demons which i doubt that we will there is very little i can see us stopping the heavy artillery and getting hit for at least 5.
    We need massive investment in defence and attack why the hell wont someone speak up. We have 1 fit “centre back” in willo and we might try to cobble together a playable defence to get monged.
    Janmaat willo satka haidara
    Abeid colback raylor sissoko
    Perez armstrong
    Would be my team

  • Double Carpet

    You’re right, we will be found out, horribly. That assumes mind that we haven’t already been found out. But your team is a great example of why fans should be nowhere near team selection.
    Against, on current form, the best team in the league ….
    Sissoko on the left wing?
    Two players with hardly a minute in the PL between them, one of whom has 0 minutes experience.
    And two players who are both injured and not available.
    Carver’s team will get well beaten. Yours would be taken to pieces.

  • amacdee

    Double Carpet He didnt say the team would be motivated he just said they dont need to be motivated. Most of us would argue that a decent coach could motivate these players by giving them confidence in the gameplan they were asked to adopt.
    The problem with both Pardwho and Carver is that neither of them have shown that they have enough to convince average players that they know what they’re doing. Carver seems to think that being one of the lads is enough to gain their respect ! WRONG.

    Getting players to respect you is about showing them you understand the game, can recognise problems, come up with a solution and have plans B & C if things go pear shaped

  • Double Carpet

    Fair enough. But his comments were still not bizarre as the plum who wrote the original piec suggests.
    It was nothing other than click-bait and mugs like us bit.
    The debate on this site is usually good, apart from the odd bumptious, but the articles are usually terrible. This was another example.

  • partworntyres

    alreet  what am i missing about armstrong, all i’ve seen him do is run around a lot?
    i’m ok with satka and i’d like to see heardman.

  • Nick NickPace

    We are as dead as Disco…..

  • magpie9

    Hit the bookies hard Arsenal to win by a shut out.  Captain of Titanic had more chance of coming out on top than Carver

  • nufcslf

    1957 Can’t come quick enough for a true fan. As for the sheep that go to matches they will get exactly what they deserve and that will be fatty giving Pisdew #2 the job. Hate everyone associated with this set up and that includes probably the best player I have seen in my 48 years for both The Vancouver Whitecaps and the toon…Peter Beardsley…Just hope this can’t go on forever, but not holding my breath.

  • Big Al 1967

    Giroud first scorer and Arsenal to win 6-0 is 350/1 with some bookies. Luckily not a betting man but if I was couldn’t bring myself to bet against us anyway