Newcastle striker Ayoze Perez has declared life is just wonderful as enjoys life on Tyneside in the Premier League.

The 21 year old also says that it is ‘too early’ to be thinking about moving on to another club after reported interest from elsewhere in the Premier League, whether you take that comment as a positive or a negative will depend on you own personal take on it.

After showing such promise after a giant leap from the Spanish second division, it would be devastating if Perez did disappear in the summer after being arguably the bargain buy of the season, both at Newcastle and arguably in the Premier League overall.

Supposedly one for the future, Ayoze Perez was thrown on Newcastle’s very first match of the season against Manchester City and has featured in a remarkable 27 of United’s 28 league games,

No wonder the forward can’t believe his luck, having also picked up the Tenerife male sports personality of the year for 2014, earlier this week.

Hard to believe that the player wasn’t even getting his game for Tenerife early last season, it was only into October when he got his real chance, only having started one game in the opening two months of their second division campaign.

Despite that, Perez ended up with 16 goals as an attacking midfielder/second striker, securing his move to England.

Ayoze Perez says that he is only thinking about repaying the trust shown in him – long may it continue.

“It would be a mistake to start thinking that now as it’s too early, I have been at Newcastle for a few months and I’m very happy.

“I continue to work as usual and I’m in no rush – I just think about helping the team and returning all the trust that the club has given me.”

From Spanish second tier sub to the Premier League;

“It’s wonderful how things have gone in no time and it has changed my life, going from almost not playing in Tenerife to playing in the Premier League, the jump has been great.

“I’ve assimilated so quickly and things have changed so much, 2014 was a great year for me and I just hope that 2015 follows the same line.”

  • jimblag

    Although i think he’s great, I think unless we become a more positive ball playing team, he should move on quickly ‘cos i think we’ll ruin him. We leave him isolated and frustrated too much of the time.
    Oh how I’d love for us to sign some players that complimented his style and play to his strengths, the kid can be a star.

  • wor monga

    Yes he mightn’t have been getting his game with them, and
    that’s why the writers, (and the vociferous minority) on here called him a joke
    signing, and questioned why we would want a Spanish waiter at the club…

    …but they /you were wrong…again…because the lad has remarkable
    football talent along with a determined will to succeed, and that’s what counts…

    …he’s been given the chance to show his abilities on the
    biggest stage there is, and been noticed, but he knows he has to go a fair bit
    further to go before he can walk into any CL side, and hold his place there…so
    let’s hope he is here for quite a few seasons to come!!

  • grahame49

    To score a goal and look up and see the gallowgate or leasers going mad meant nowt in the long term for ba Remy etc,hope it does for this young man. I went to see kings of Leon which was great but standing in front of the gallowgate looking up at block u row l were I sit gave me goose bumps and a tear to my eyes. Ayoze unconditional love awaits you by thousands grab it

  • Greggy164

    I thought they meant the song from Hurts.