Ayoze Perez has stated that sometimes a little bit of a rest does a player good.

The young Newcastle star coming to the defence of John Carver who had left him out of the starting line-up for a month.

Perez had last made the starting eleven in the five goal drubbing at Manchester City, before returning and looking sharp against Arsenal on Saturday.

“Sometimes a player needs a bit of a rest, I think it’s good and I don’t have a problem.

“I feel better and I feel fresh now, if he (John Carver) wants me to play then I am ready.”

Working hard for Sunderland:

“We must play all the games like we did in that second half against Arsenal, we need to keep training and working hard for the derby.

“Arsenal have got top players but in the second half we were stronger and we had a lot of chances.”

In all three matches where Ayoze Perez was left on the bench, he still ended up on the pitch.

Twice he replaced the ineffective Emmanuel Riviere and at Everton he replaced Obertan who was having a nightmare, along with most of his teammates.

Many Newcastle fans hadn’t been happy to see one of United’s bright spots this season left on the bench but in truth his performances had tailed off, little wonder with the general downward trend of the team displays and results.

Perez caused Arsenal’s defenders a lot of problems at the weekend and hopefully he will show similar against Sunderland’s lumbering centre-backs.

With no Papiss Cisse in the team there will be massive responsibility on the SPanish striker’s shoulders to try and get the goal(s) to win the match.

Perez played the full match at St. James’ Park in December against Sunderland and and had one of his least effective matches of the season.

He has shown he is no respecter of reputations and fingers crossed that Ayoze Perez thrives on his first visit to the dark side.

  • wor monga

    It’s amazing that the 21yr old Ayoze has managed to step up
    to the physical demands of the PL from the 2nd level of the Spanish
    league, and keep going the way he has had to…it was obvious that sometime during
    the season he would need to be rested, to stop him burning out.

    It was never going to be a good time for the team, when the
    time to rest him out arrived… because of the injuries / bans to Cisse, and Riviere’s
    apparent failure to adapt to the PL so far.

    …but it looks like it’s paid off, as he looked
    sharp again throughout the Arsenal game, which means he will look even sharper against the

  • jimblag

    Perez could have had 2 quality and similar goals against City on the first day of the season and on saturday against Arsenal. Fine margins in this game, but it shows that hopefully with a bit more experience he’ll be smashing in big goals in big games for us. Ayoze Ayoze!!

  • jimblag

    wor monga Even more so than a physical rest, I think he needed a rest in terms of the pressure being laid on him as our main hope for a goal after Cisse. He’s done amazingly well to step up as you say, he should be proud of himself. It’s quite unique what he’s achieving even if it’s not headline grabbing.