A table has been produced showing the average league placings for all clubs, including Newcastle and Sunderland.

The criteria being that to feature, all clubs had to have played at least one season in the top division (First Division in old money, Premier League as we know it now.

The Mail have produced the results and it is sure to cause decent debate, with the top 20 shown below.

newcastle and sunderland

Always nice to see Newcastle above Sunderland and just in case you were wondering, the placings obviously take into account the seasons spent outside the top division, not just where teams have been placed in the seasons they’ve spent at the top.

A lot of observations can be made, including the fact Manchester United don’t make the top three, a surprise to many modern day supporters.

Liverpool’s dominance of the 1970s & 80s, plus relative high placings since, means they overcome a steady but mainly unspectacular existence pre 1960s.

No doubt it is inevitable that Manchester City will shortly overtake Newcastle, unless something dramatic happens in terms of ownership of one or both clubs.

For north east football overall, you have to say that the two clubs being comfortably in the top ten highlights the disgaceful current state of the two clubs.

I often used to do a hypothetical top twenty clubs that should make up the top division, taking into account their overall profile and history.

For me, having these twenty clubs in the top division would make for a much better competition where Newcastle are concerned, although the fact that the table includes a lot more northern teams compared to Premier LEague reality, may play a part.

Great days out and/or rivalry against the likes of Leeds, Boro and the Sheffield clubs are a bit more meaningful, at least for more mature fans, than playing the likes of Hull, Palace, Stoke and Swansea.

  • No Brainer

    Wow everton must have been nearly very good for ages ast they have not been for a while, where leagues smaller in their inception?

  • wivawova

    I expect that the stats are warped. West Ham, for instance, missed the first 27 years worth of stats out. It looks as if they were given a “nil” entry for most of those, but had they been added as a Southern League club and given a position (as if they had been in,say, Division 3 South), then they wouldn’t have been anywhere near this high.  
    Clubs that were shite at times when there were 4 divisions (eg Wolves) have had their rubbish periods included, ex-Southern League clubs haven’t. I imagine that if this was all done more equitably bearing that in mind that the likes of Stoke, Preston, Burnley, Huddersfield might be in with a shout of the top 20. There again, so might Burton Swifts and Darwen……………

  • wivawova

    Just worked it out.  Darwen scores a disappointing  23.62. But on this basis, that’s probably still better than Palace, Fulham, Hull, QOR, Swansea etc.