Thought it would be interesting to see what our old friends the Aston Villa fans had to say about Newcastle and Saturday’s matchday.

I wasn’t disappointed, read the comments below and enjoy.

The comments from Aston Villa fans are via the top Villa fan site astonvilla.vitalfootball

‘Wishing all those making the trip up there a safe journey, I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration for each and every one of you. Without a doubt the best away support in the country.’

‘Hate our squad with a passion. A mate of mine’s mate or something know someone at VP and says he can get the team to sign a shirt for me, a few years ago I would have bitten his hand off, but now, I don’t honestly want them spoiling one of my shirts.’

‘Away fans loud as F***.’

‘Our away fans are the best, who puts up with rubbish football and still goes to away games.’

‘Ameobi’s a big bugger isn’t he?’


‘Newcastle are awful, just as Stoke were last week. If we lose to these we’re f***ed.’

‘Newcastle are complete pants.’

‘Actually me and all our lot quite enjoyed ourselves yesterday simply because we’re resigned to the fact we’re down, just can’t see where the next goal is coming from let alone the next point.We’re consoling ourselves with the fact that the Prem has become a bigger version of the SPL and that we will have a chance of winning the championship and we will have a great time watching it. For me f*** the league now, let’s go for the cup can’t wait for next Saturday, gonna be a blast.’

‘How the f*** is N’Zogbia getting a game? He’s a disgrace.’

‘We will lose both games against Albion. They’re playing a lot better than Stoke and Newcastle are at the moment, they were both sh**e against us but still won.’

‘Newcastle have been poor, but we’ve been poorer, although I must admit, we’ve been a bit unlucky…..’

‘We can’t score in 90 so I don’t know why Newcastle are worried about 6 minutes (injury time)!’

‘Newkie manager looks like he should be the drag act in ‘Benidorm’!’

‘N’Zogbia is so sh**e it beggars belief.’

‘They were there for the taking today, that sums us up.’

  • Munich Mag

    How did this utter tosh make its way onto the Mag website ?

  • dont believe the hype

    Apart from it being utter tosh it doesn’t even mention what. they think of us

  • Phil_R_Upp

    TeamToon “Friends” they stopped being thought of, after 2009

  • philk4

    Usual Mag crap these days – why have the articles plummeted so much ?
    So Villa fans are praising themselves – nothing unusual or surprising in that
    rather than make us think, it’s just made me think “Why is this an article ?”

  • philk4

    dont believe the hype Usual Villa fans. They think evryone thinks they’re wonderful. Scouseitis I think it’s called

  • Phil_R_Upp

    TeamToon Four posts praising themselves ISN’T “what they think of Newcastle”

  • SGM

    Absolute dross as usual Jackie. Please get a proper job, and stop bothering us.

  • Double Carpet

    Glad to see you’re keeping down to your usual low standards. Misleading headline backed up by nowt. At some point the penny will drop with your boss and your crayons will be taken away from you.
    If this is really the best you can do, then please find something else. You are infinitely worse at this than Pardew ever was as manager.